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Click Fraud Infographic: The Problem of Click Fraud

June 29th, 2019

When it comes to click fraud, it’s all about numbers and figures. Is click fraud increasing or decreasing? Which industries are the most affected? How much does it cost businesses?

We understand that not everyone is great with statistics and working with them can sometimes be confusing. To help you visually understand the problem of click fraud and how it affects businesses, we’ve put together a detailed click fraud infographic.

Click Fraud Infographic

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Now you understand the dangers of click fraud, protect yourself! Our groundbreaking click fraud detection software helps stop robots and fraudsters in their tracks, saving you lots of money.

By using our huge database of blacklisted IP addresses and real-time monitoring technology, we can identify when a click is genuine and when it’s fraud. Those fraudsters are then banned from ever seeing your adverts again, saving you money.

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