Empowering Data-Driven Marketing [Webinar]

February 1st, 2022

We recently joined forces with the guys at Whatagraph to bring both sides of the story when it comes to data-driven marketing. The 20-minute webinar was recorded and is ready and waiting for you below.

If you need a little more persuasion as to whether this topic is for you, listen up! 

Click Fraud Prevention <3’s Campaign Performance Analysis 

Whatagraph’s focus is all about powering up your performance monitoring and reporting flow, and we’re all about making sure the data you’re looking at is worth it’s salt.

After all, if your marketing funnel is bursting with invalid and fraudulent traffic, your efforts will be working to attract more of the same – and nobody wants that. 

Combined, they provide an unbeatable, holistic view into the impact of excluding invalid traffic from your campaigns. 

What The Webinar Includes

With significant opportunities and benefits on offer, understanding why these two solutions are so insightful isn’t something you can afford to miss.

You will learn:

  • What’s happening in the world of click fraud prevention right now
  • How cleaning your ad traffic correlates to increased conversion rates and reach
  • How to monitor the downstream impact of click fraud across all paid acquisition channels
  • How this intelligence helps you to make better commercial decisions

Who’s It For?

Digital Marketers, Paid Media Executives and Digital Advertising Managers… Anyone who manages Digital Advertising. 

The webinar is short and sweet – we all know how needlessly long some webinars can be. At Lunio, we’ll always get straight to the point, let you know what’s in it for you, and then answer any of your questions. We’re not here to be salesy; it’s all about thought leadership.

If you’d like to hear some actionable insights into why click fraud prevention and acquisition analysis is such a winning combination, click play below!

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