Click Fraud Software: The Risks Of Over Blocking

January 6th, 2022

When looking for a click fraud solution, an obvious concern is missing out on genuine customers. 

How can you be sure real clicks won’t accidentally be blocked?

After all, sometimes people behave like a bot, but they’re actually human. Clicking wildly around, accidentally on ads, and at random times of the night – and that’s just my Mum who doesn’t know how to use computers.

So how does our technology make sure every potential customer can see your ad, and what are the risks of those that are over-aggressive? Let’s explore. 

Over-Aggressive Detection In Legacy Click Fraud Solutions

Over-aggressive click fraud solutions can seriously damage your PPC campaigns. There’s a balancing act between blocking any click that shows fraudulent or invalid characteristics and not being heavy-handed.

For example, solutions that use manual rules fall victim to this. Manual rules are easily bypassed by sophisticated bots as they can learn what triggers the system and work around it. 

A legacy platform that relies on manual rules is often unprepared for new, unexpected occurrences. If it meets something it has not encountered before, it will apply an ill-suited rule. 

Often, aggressive click fraud solutions will choose to block a click rather than risk it being from an invalid source. 

This may be comforting for some marketers, but things become problematic when you scale this action to hundreds of clicks every day.

For example, a manual rule solution could block an IP address just because they have over X clicks in Y amount of time. But, if that IP has 500+ mobile users behind it, then that decision isn’t in the best interests of your company. 

Being sure of the decisions the solutions you rely on is imperative. Otherwise, the tool that is supposed to save you time and money will be doing the opposite. 

A Unique Approach To Click Fraud Prevention

The Lunio platform works differently. We don’t rely on manual rules.

Instead, we take a multi-dimensional approach to detecting and blocking illegitimate traffic. We’ve built up in-depth profiles as to how invalid users behave through the analysis of billions of ad clicks. 

We then use machine learning to match these characteristics to clicks in real-time. This enables us to instantaneously identify bad traffic and block it from ever seeing your ads. 

Invalid click protection is just the start when it comes to amplifying your ad campaigns. With our automated solution, you now have access to all the click data typically hidden from you by the ad networks, allowing you to be much more informed about what’s happening with your marketing efforts.

If you’re looking to use click fraud technology to provide you with 100% clean traffic, but the one you choose is only achieving this by deleting half of your clicks, that’s not what we’d call an effective solution.

But how does a machine learning approach to click fraud prevention guarantee that nothing valuable is unable to reach your ads? 

We Block Bots, Not Humans

Firstly, if we don’t have enough information to confidently say that something’s invalid, we’ll flag and monitor instead.

This isn’t to say that we don’t give you excellent levels of protection because we do. In fact, our false positive rate is extremely low – less than 0.01% (the best in the industry).

But our experience shows that false positives are another thing that legacy ad fraud solutions struggle with. Outdated click fraud technology often tries to force decisions. 

Lunio strives for transparency. So, we keep it under review rather than blindly determining the nature of a click based on wishy-washy information.

Our algorithm doesn’t see things in black and white and categorize things as simply valid or invalid. Instead, we have a third ‘suspicious’ category where we monitor any clicks that we cannot 100% determine as one or the other. You have access to this ‘suspicious’ traffic data at any time.

This system allows us to keep an eye on anything that has the potential to be problematic without blocking it outright. By taking the time to verify the data, we can ensure nothing that could ever convert gets blocked. 

Powerful, Self-Learning Protection 

If you’re on the lookout for a click fraud solution, be sure to research the way they monitor your ad traffic. Beware of over-aggressive tools that could do more harm than good. 

Opt for invalid click protection that is dynamic in its approach and adapts itself to your business, rather than the other way around. 

The fundamentals of Lunio’s technology guarantee action is taken against clicks that need it, and those that will be fruitful to your business, now or in the future, will still see your ads. 

Interested in seeing the Lunio platform in action? Book a demo today. 

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