What The World’s Best Invalid Click Prevention Platform Looks Like

September 27th, 2021

Our new, updated dashboard is here and ready to make invalid click prevention more effortless than ever. We’ve introduced some long-awaited features which will make a huge difference to users. Here are the biggest ones and how they will impact your Lunio experience.

Pin-Point Accurate Threat Levels

A big focus of this update has been bringing you laser-focused grading of the threat level of each of your ads. Our new gauge makes it easy to see the threat level of each of your keywords, campaigns, and match types, as well as IP addresses and heat maps.

This 30-point scale gives an unprecedented level of accuracy with insights into not only the source of the threat but intelligence around which campaigns, match types, and placements need your attention. These insights are automatically fed back into your Google account to further optimize your ads.

Sophisticated Algorithms & Conversion Tracking

Our algorithms get smarter and smarter every day as they monitor and evaluate billions of clicks. Right now, the platform is more powerful than it ever has been, meaning your ads get elite protection from any online threat they may face. Our upgrades mean we now track even more behavioral data to ensure the chance of false positives is minimal.

We use data from millions of successful conversions to identify the behaviors of users who are most likely to make a purchase and use it to make better future decisions.

A Simplified UX

Click prevention is not your everyday job; we understand that. So, when you come to use our platform, you want to be able to log in, get the information you need, and leave as efficiently as possible. That’s why industry-leading designers have created our brand-new interface with simplicity in mind.

Rather than overwhelm you with complex dials and switches, we’ve left the complexity in the back-end and focused on giving you an intuitive way of navigating the dashboard. Now, you can see exactly what your current ad traffic quality is with just a glance.

Unrivaled Performance

Even with so many clicks being analyzed every second, the Lunio platform keeps things cool, calm and collected. Performance-wise, our software is quick off the mark and loads your data easily and efficiently. With some of the world’s largest brands and agencies as clients, we needed a platform capable of enterprise-class performance that can deal with huge scale – and that’s exactly what we’ve created.

Fully Transparent Log Level Analysis

Our dashboard makes it super easy to see your performance. However, if you wanted to deep dive into your click data or use it for further analysis, you’re free to export every click we’ve monitored and blocked. We strive for full transparency with every click decision we make, so we’ve made it possible to access this data at the click of a button.

Coming Soon

Potential Revenue Uplift

In the next few weeks, you’ll be able to take a look into the future with our additional revenue predictor. We’ll use your existing data of what’s converting to predict what we anticipate your future revenue uplift to be. Our platform can say “if you continue to increase the quality of your traffic at the rate you are, then you can expect X% more revenue” – which we think is pretty cool. This gives you complete transparency surrounding how your current ad spend is working for you and what the future holds.

Our aim isn’t to simply save you money: we strive to generate more revenue for your business and get more out of your ad spend.

Facebook Ad Protection

We’re constantly looking at ways to improve our product, and a lot of customers have mentioned that they’re concerned about low-quality clicks in their Facebook ad campaigns. So whilst we’ve a long list of upcoming features and improvements (including more reporting!) the one we’re most excited about launching is Facebook Ad Protection.

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