Boost Your ROAS And Try New Platforms With Less Risk

December 30th, 2021

Now Christmas is over, it’s time to rip off the festive onesie, step awaaaay from the remaining Quality Street (the orange creams have been left for a reason), and pick up what we previously abandoned with an “I’ll deal with that in January.”

Let’s work out how to smash 2020 out of the park. Oh wait, 2021. Actually, 2022?! 

Who Is Clicking On Your Ads?

Even with all the smoothies, gym memberships, and positive thinking in the world, effective ad strategies always come down to the same things: solid planning, flexibility, and relying on data.

But if your data is flooded with invalid clicks, it’ll be painting an incorrect picture of how your audience behaves.

The impact of this is that you can sit down with all the motivation and plans in the world, yet you could be steering the ship in the wrong direction if your traffic isn’t 100% clean.

We all know how short-lived our newfound enthusiasm can be, so focus on something that will give you continuous long-term wins – sorting out your data streams. 

The few minutes you spend reading about how proactively excluding invalid audiences from your ads could make all the difference as to whether your new PPC campaigns sink or swim. 

Maximize ROAS With Audience Exclusion

What would you say if we could guarantee that every click you pay for on the new ad platform you test was 100% genuine and valuable?

It would make testing new networks and campaigns risk-free and beneficial, whether it turns out to be your new star-performing platform or just something you experimented with. 

This is how it works.

Our invalid click protection technology is built to prevent illegitimate traffic from ever hitting your ads. As a result, we have extensive data and lists of bad IP addresses detailing exactly who you don’t want to see your ads, whatever the platform.

This means, as part of your protection, we can build custom invalid audiences and apply them to new campaigns. By proactively setting exclusions, you can not only guarantee that all your clicks will be genuine but ensure that your campaigns are highly targeted. 

It’s a little like our Display Exclusions list but on a much grander scale. Here, we’ve given you over 60,000 display placement exclusions for free to give your PPC campaigns an instant boost. 

With proactive audience exclusion, you can essentially skip the testing stage of running new campaigns. Gone are the days of slowly making tweaks depending on the type of traffic that hits your ads. Instead, you can set up campaigns and know that you’ll only pay for genuine clicks because you’ve already blocked anything fraudulent, non-human, and invalid. 

When it comes to venturing into new territories, such as smaller ad networks, having this kind of knowledge in your back pocket can be a game-changer. 

Why Multi-Channel Advertising Is Essential

If you’re not sure whether smaller ad networks are worth your time, here are three reasons why you should give them a go in 2022.

1. Analyze One, Optimize All

Whether your new campaign is a roaring success or as disastrous as that first remake of Sonic the Hedgehog, you’ll learn loads. And these insights can then feed your other marketing campaigns. 

Lunio doesn’t just monitor your ad clicks on each platform and keep that data siloed – that wouldn’t make sense. Instead, we use a cross-platform approach that shares insights across networks. So, it doesn’t matter where your ads are running, all your click data is collected and centralized in one data pool. 

This gives you a more holistic view of how your marketing campaigns are performing, enables you to make more strategic decisions, and exponentially increases the effect of any optimizations you make.

Better yet, your protection levels increase the more networks you use. For example, we can detect an invalid click on Facebook and proactively block that user from your Reddit, Twitter, and Snapchat campaigns. 

2. Find winning niche markets 

Expanding your PPC remit away from the big players like Google and Facebook opens up a whole new market and world of opportunity. 

For example, Snapchat, Pinterest, Quora, and Reddit offer more niche audiences. While they won’t all work for your industry, if you find the right Subreddit or network your ICPs regularly visit, you won’t look back.

3. Beat your competition in the advertising game

Smaller ad platforms are also worth exploring because of your competition. For example, you may discover that your competitors are already on a particular Subreddit putting their biased POVs over, and you’re not even in the conversation.

Or you might be the first on there, in which case you’ve beat everyone to it and can break new ground. 

Test New Ad Networks in 2022, Without Risk 

You can’t truly know whether an ad platform will work for your audience unless you give it a try. That’s why the testing phase can feel like a bit of a gamble and too much hassle. 

But, with Lunio’s protection backing you up, you have nothing to lose and lots of leads to gain. See it in action with a free demo. 

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