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The Best PPC Software For Digital Agencies

January 6th, 2021

It’s no secret that PPC advertising can be tedious and time-consuming. With so many ads to make, manage, and optimize, every PPC manager could do with a little helping hand.

Since the dawn of pay per click advertising, there have been countless tools and software created to help you improve your campaigns. From automated PPC management software to landing page builders, trackers and more, nowadays if you’re not using PPC software then you’re missing out.

Not only can these various programs make your life easier, but they can also speed up jobs that would take days if you are managing a large campaign.

To help you improve your PPC campaign results across all platforms, we’ve handpicked some of the best and most reliable PPC software to supercharge your campaigns. So no matter if you’re struggling to make sense of your PPC ads, or you’re wasting hours doing keyword research, these PPC tools are sure to save you lots of time and improve your results.

PPC Management Software

Managing an ad campaign in itself can be a challenging and difficult task, but managing multiple campaigns over multiple accounts can be almost impossible. Luckily, there is plenty of PPC management software out there that can give you a helping hand optimizing bids, finding new keywords, and even creating new ads. With AI only getting smarter and smarter, there’s never been a better time to utilize the power of automation in your campaigns.


adalysis ppc platform

If you’ve been a PPC marketer for long enough, having a helping hand with your daily PPC optimization tasks can be a huge help. Thankfully, this is exactly what Adalysis does and helps paid search agencies get the most out of their Google Ad campaigns at scale. Including a range of marketing automation features, Adalysis can help with the bid management and monitoring of ad accounts while also helping with reporting.

Not only is this PPC software designed specifically for in house enterprise teams and PPC agency clients, but this automation tool will help marketers massively cut down their workload by using the power of automation to improve their PPC strategy.



With so many things to continually check in Google Ads, a PPC manager’s daily routine can be often filled with tedious and repetitive tasks. Luckily, with Opteo, managing Google Ad accounts is super simple and efficient. Thanks to its algorithms, Opteo will automatically analyse performance data, search terms, keywords and bids to generate improvements back up by real data. This means less time messing around with spreadsheets and pivot tables and more time focusing on improving conversions.

The PPC software also helps PPC managers optimize their display campaigns, structure accounts correctly, detect landing page errors and test ad creatives effectively. As you can see, Opteo is made to do all the tedious work on your campaigns, while also getting the most out of your ad spend.


optmyzer ppc software platform

It’s no secret that there are multiple ways to improve the performance of your campaigns other than changing your bids. The guys at Optmyzr know this and have created an enterprise-grade platform that will help you take your PPC account to the next level with their machine learning algorithms.

The platform covers everything from setting up initial campaigns and ads based on keyword research, to helping you optimize them and delivering automated reports to clients. With over 50 performance improving tactics and features, Optmyzr will help anyone improve the performance of their Google Ads campaign while making their life much easier.

PPC Tracking Software

Understanding where your clicks are coming from is the most crucial information when it comes to managing PPC campaigns. Without knowing what keyword a successful conversion searched for makes it incredibly difficult to optimize your PPC campaign. And with Google Analytics only providing a fraction of the data you need, investing in a reliable 3rd party tracking is crucial to getting the critical data you can take action on.


callrail call tracking

Getting as much information as possible from who clicks your ads is one of the most important points for a PPC manager. Without knowing who’s clicking your ads, it makes it incredibly challenging to allocate your ad spend efficiently.

If you’re running call-only ads for a client, then CallRail is the go-to when it comes to call tracking and analytics. CallRail lets managers track their call only campaigns by using unique tracking numbers that record the call and let you know which keyword your conversions are coming from. With plenty of analytics data recorded for every user, you can go beyond Google Analytics and drill down to capture the full visitor journey before and after the call.

Ruler Analytics

ruler analytics

There’s nothing worse than not being able to find out why customers are converting on your ads. Did they convert after landing on your website for the first time, or did they come back after seeing a retargeting ad? What keyword did they search for, and what was the ad that convinced them to click?

Ruler Analytics helps you answer these important questions and more by tracking your conversions across multiple traffic sources. Not only does this give you a fantastic insight into your customer’s journey, but it also helps you see your most valuable ads and landing pages. To help you understand the data better, the software also compiles it into a range of charts and reports as well as integrating into Google Analytics.



Understanding which ads users are clicking is just one part of the puzzle when it comes to managing PPC campaigns. Once the user lands on the landing page, it can be extremely difficult to see how users are interacting with the page and where you might be losing out on conversions.

To see exactly how a user is interacting with a landing page, you’ll need special on-page tracking such as HotJar. This software collects data from every user who visits your page and turns it into a helpful heatmap that shows where users are clicking the most. If you want even more detail, then you can even view individual records to see how specific users are interacting and if they run into any problems.

Using this information you can finetune your landing pages to increase conversions and lower your average cost per acquisition.

PPC Landing Page Software

If you’ve been in the pay per click industry for long enough, then you should know how significant landing pages are and how much they can affect your quality score. So making sure your landing page is relevant and optimised is essential to your overall campaign’s success.

No matter if you’re a developer or not, there are plenty of PPC landing page software out there that will save you lots of time when building pages while also increasing conversions.


unbounce landing pages

One of the most popular landing page builders out there, Unbounce is incredibly easy to use and comes with hundreds of mobile-responsive landing page templates. Each template has been built by design and conversion experts to help you maximize your conversions with minimal effort.

In addition to helping you build sleek and professional landing pages, Unbounce also helps you build pop up pages and sticky bars to help you increase conversions even more. With no coding experience required, you can build landing pages as fast as you can think them up without waiting days for a developer to create them.



If your current landing pages aren’t performing as well as you’d hoped, then it’s time to invest in some new designs with Leadpages. As expected, Leadpages comes with a drag and drop page builder as well as hundreds of pre-built templates to choose from. This means you can spend more time optimizing your landing page for relevance, instead of spending hours working out how to code a contact form.

Leadpages also provide a range of helpful reports and an analytics dashboard to see how well your landing pages are performing. This gives you interesting insights into your landing pages and how they can be improved to boost your conversions even more.


landingi ppc

When it comes to PPC marketing, one thing’s for sure; you can never have enough landing page builders! Landingi is another fantastic landing page builder that allows you to drag and drop your way to beautiful landing pages without any programming experience. Not only does this save you time, but it will make your life much easier.

With integration into plenty of popular 3rd party apps including MailChimp, Salesforce and Hubspot, this allows you to automatically pass leads to any CRM tool you’re using. For agencies, they also have a useful landing page manager that allows you to organize your landing pages for specific clients, letting you stay organized when dealing with large campaigns.

PPC Reporting Software

When tracking your campaign management, it is crucial that you have an accurate and reliable PPC reporting tool to produce end of month reports. No matter if you’re an agency or in house team, PPC reporting is crucial for all organisations. No matter what paid search platform you use from Facebook to Bing & Microsoft Ads, everything has to be tracked to ensure you know where your ad budget is going and what kind of return you are getting.


swydo ppc reporting software

Swydo is the perfect reporting software for any PPC campaign no matter what ads network you are using. With integrations to Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, and all the popular paid search marketing platforms, any agency or enterprise marketer will love using it.

With the ability to track multiple KPIs and goals across several accounts, the software will also generate marketing reports in record time, saving anyone from messing about in Google Sheets or Excel. An essential time saver for marketers, it also comes with pre-built templates, custom integrations, report scheduling and even email templates.

Agency Analytics

agency analytics ppc software

Using multiple reporting software to create your PPC and SEO reports can be a frustrating and tedious process. For anyone who works in an agency that provides both PPC and SEO (search engine optimization) services, this PPC software is a must buy.

Including features such as white label reporting, the ability to report on all of your favorite marketing platforms in one place, and extensive metrics for paid search ads, this PPC software is ideal for any agency. After all, they do have agency in their name!

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