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Hit Your ROAS Targets Out of the Park

Every single click matters when you’ve got a limited PPC budget. Filter out bad traffic before it hits your site to boost conversion rates and revenue.

Gain Full Visibility Of All Your Data.

Unlock Hidden Insights.

Focus on quality leads by excluding low-quality, invalid, and fraudulent clicks from your PPC funnel. Once you have a strong understanding of what isn't valuable to your business, you can ensure your budget is being spent on the right clicks and increase your conversions. 

Ad networks don't tell you exactly what types of clicks you're paying for – we do. By having all the information at your fingertips, such as a click's classification and audit trail, you can make smarter decisions and take back control.

See What's Good. Exclude What Isn't.

What's in a Click?

Low quality clicks

Low-Quality Clicks

Analyze the behavior of all traffic to your ads and automatically exclude low-quality clicks, to target higher quality segments with greater conversion potential.

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Invalid Clicks

Exclude all sources of non-fraudulent but no-value clicks from your funnel, shaping your campaigns to your ideal customer profile.

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Click Fraud

Automatically filter all types of click fraud from your PPC campaigns including bots, web scrapers, competitor activity, malicious devices, and more.

cyber security and data analytics

Merging Cybersecurity & Data Analytics.

A New Approach.

Invalid and low quality traffic infects all areas of your user acquisition, and it requires a multi-faceted approach to protect against. Detect invalid traffic with a powerful cybersecurity toolkit whilst relying on world-class data anlaytics from billions of click profiles to proactively identify and prevent low quality traffic acquisition.

If It's Not Private, It's Not Worth It.

Privacy At Our Core.

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What Clicks Are You Really Paying For?

Free 2-Week Traffic Audit

Actionable Reports

2 Minute Setup

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Revenue Through Exclusion.

More Revenue. Same Budgets.

Make automated PPC bidding and targeting strategies more effective by excluding optimization signals generated from invalid users.


Decrease In Bot Clicks

Across 1.65bn clicks


Decrease In Wasted Spend

Across 1.65bn clicks


Increase In Traffic Quality

Across 1.65bn clicks

What Businesses Say About Us.

Why We’re Trusted By 5,000+ Businesses.

Norwegian Airlines

“Lunio identified and blocked $27,484 of fraudulent traffic on Norwegian’s paid search campaigns within the first two months of usage.”


“Europcar achieved an 824% return on investment in month one with Lunio and 14.4% uplift in traffic quality.”

Stop All Advertising Fraud in Seconds