Discovery Design Saves Ad Spend & Time With Lunio

Discovery Design are a web design and marketing agency based in Durham, UK that specialize in providing innovative digital marketing and design solutions for clients. Since implementing Lunio they've significantly reduced the amount of invalid traffic while also protecting client's budgets.

7.82% saved

per client campaign

6.16% improved

traffic quality

Located in Durham UK, Discovery Design are a web design and marketing agency that provide clients with a range of SEO, PPC, and eCommerce services. With several high spending pay per click clients, they are always looking for new ways to stretch their client's monthly ad spend and to improve their ROI. After discovering the problem of click fraud firsthand while managing client's accounts, Discovery Design quickly needed an automated click fraud protection system. Learn more about how director James Addison discovered Lunio and his experience of using the platform below.

When Did You Become Aware Of Click Fraud?

It started off with curiosity and suspicion after we noticed strange activity within an account. Shortly after that we started manually monitoring it and blocking it on smaller accounts using Google's IP exclusion list. This worked well in the early days, but it’s not sustainable once you reach a managed budget of our size.

What Has Been Your Experience of Working With Lunio?

The team at PPC protect are great, they are always on hand if there is an issue. With their live chat support, they usually get back to you within a couple of minutes. It’s also great to have someone else to reach out to if we’re puzzled by a weird pattern of clicks - and Lunio can assist in analysing the data with us.

“When you experience click fraud as an agency, you have to immediately address the problem for your clients. Engaging with Lunio got our clients protected quickly and effectively. Trust is vital in our business, and we trust the team at Lunio to have our back when it comes to click fraud.”

James Addison - CEO

What Made You Invest In Click Fraud Protection Software?

After experiencing click fraud and having to report back to client's unexpected campaign results, we knew we needed something automated to help tackle the growing problem. It started off just being small-scale with competitors continually clicking our client's ads, but it grew as a problem with bigger accounts - and in some cases, we've faced huge automated attacks.

Why Did You Choose Lunio?

I felt some of the other platforms didn’t look trustworthy which really put me off connecting my Google account to their system. I thought Lunio looked great, and I felt comfortable sharing data with them compared to the other platforms. In the end that was the main deciding factor.

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