Epos Now Says Goodbye To Invalid Clicks With Lunio

UK-based Epos Now provides cloud-based point of sale solutions to retail and hospitality businesses worldwide. The company operates in a highly specialized, niche sector. And when it comes to Google Ads and PPC, that’s a costly bidding space, so every penny counts.

£44,000 saved

in ad spend per month

10.4% increase

in traffic quality

15% decrease

in invalid clicks

As a young business, efficiency is a priority for Epos Now. Spending money on PPC ad clicks that have no possibility of conversion just wasn’t an option. Having expanded into new overseas territories, dealing with click fraud and maximizing ROI became an urgent problem. 

Marketing Director Carlos Barros has been in the PPC world long enough to know that click fraud and no-interest ad clicks are an increasing problem. He joined Epos Now just as COVID-19 hit and noticed that there were anomalies in conversion rates that weren’t adding up. 

"We were trying out Google Smart Display. We were hyper-targeted but were still getting leads from locales such as Iran where Google doesn’t even allow advertising," Carlos reports.

According to Carlos, expansion into new territories meant that the company was even more dependent on Google campaigns for lead generation. And as the pandemic’s economic impact began to bite, Epos Now looked to tackling illegitimate ad clicks as a quick way to achieve efficiencies. 

How Lunio Helped Epos Now

Carlos was introduced to Lunio through an industry colleague. According to Carlos, Lunio was the only tool they tested with a free traffic audit. And the numbers that came back were significant. Invalid clicks were around 15% which represented a substantial drain on tight budgets. 

It was a lightbulb moment for Carlos and the team. 

"It couldn’t be ignored," he declares. "We realized we really needed to reduce the number of invalid clicks. The pot is already small, and we were throwing away 10-15% of our budget even before going into the auction," Carlos explains. 

The plug in and leave nature of Lunio was a crucial deciding factor for Epos Now. 

"A big deal for us was the automation of Lunio. We can just plug it into the MCC and let it run. For smaller teams and businesses, the self-sustaining nature of Lunio is pivotal."

“We're really happy with Lunio. The platform is so easy to use and the ROI so beneficial that there’s no point in thinking about anyone else. We receive great treatment, support and execution from the Lunio team too.” “Now we’re on auto-drive with it. And to have one tool that is fully self-sustained is very rare.”

carlos epsos now marketing director

Carlos Barros - Marketing Director

Epos Now Success Story

The results speak for themselves. Since implementing Lunio, Epos Now has seen a 10.4% increase in traffic quality and the business is saving an average of £44,000 in ad spend per month. Epos Now can reinvest those savings in legitimate clicks and traffic. 

"The business case for Lunio is really simple," says Carlos. 

For a company that uses Google for lead generation to support expansion, tackling invalid activity has made all the difference.  

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