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PPC Blogs That Every Paid Search Marketer Should Be Reading

October 22nd, 2020

As a PPC marketer, it’s your job to keep to date with the latest news and changes in the world of paid search. And with plenty of different PPC networks (Google Ads, Bing Ads…) out there, these changes are becoming more and more frequent now.

To help you keep up to date with the latest news and improve your PPC skills, we’re taking a look at the best PPC blogs. No matter if you’re a seasoned pay per click professional or a newcomer to the world of paid search, these PPC blogs are a great way to learn new tricks. Not only will they give you a heads up of any upcoming PPC platform changes, but they’ll also give you great advice and ideas to try on your own PPC ads and PPC campaigns.

So grab your pen and paper and get ready to start taking notes! Here are the best PPC blogs you’ll definitely want to bookmark.

The Best PPC Blogs To Follow

To help you in your quest to increase your ROI from PPC, we’ve scoured the web to find you the best PPC blogs full of great advice and ideas. The chances are you may have already heard of some, but hopefully, there are plenty of new ones you haven’t. Combine these with listening to PPC podcasts, and you should always be up to date in the world of paid search.

1. Google Ads Blog

google ppc blog

Top Blog Posts:

The first site on our PPC blog list should come as no surprise as its the official Google Ads blog. The largest PPC network out there, it’s crucial you keep up to date with what they’re changing. If you want the latest news and information on what Google is doing to improve Google Ads, then this is the blog you should read.

With official blog posts from Google full of news, tips, and information, this blog really has it all. Updated every week with fresh content, you won’t have to wait long for a new blog post.

Not that you won’t already be busy enough reading the hundreds upon hundreds of in-depth posts already listed.

To keep up to date with Google Ads and the exciting new and upcoming features, be sure to give this blog a regular read and save it to your bookmarks.

2. PPC Hero Blog

ppc hero blog

Top Blog Posts:

As the name suggests, PPC Hero is an excellent PPC blog full of all things related to Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, and other PPC Ads networks. If you need a hero to help boost your conversions and paid search ROI then good news, you’ve found him!

Ran by the PPC agency Hanapin marketing, PPC Hero has plenty of blog posts covering a range of topics from simple guides on PPC marketing to detailed PPC analysis. With several new blog posts posted every week, you’ll be impatiently bashing that refresh button to get the latest PPC management news.

If you do end up reading everything on the blog, then you should also check out their excellent resources page. The page is full of webinars, white papers, and industry reports, all relating to PPC of course!

3. WordStream Blog

wordstream ppc blog

Top Blog Posts:

The next from PPC blogs on our list is WordStream which offers a range of practical PPC marketing guides and tutorials to help improve your PPC campaigns across multiple platforms, including Google Ads. Having been in the PPC industry for many years and knowing what makes a successful campaign, WordStream has very kindly shared some of their awesome PPC knowledge.

Their blog is full of detailed, in-depth guides that will have even the most inexperienced PPC users up and running in no time. Updated almost daily from a range of different authors and contributors, this blog is definitely one to add to your bookmarks list.

If you take the time to study and implement the information in these guides, you’ll certainly see a noticeable improvement in your PPC campaigns.

4. HubSpot Blog

hubspot blog

Top Blog Posts:

One of the best websites for all things digital marketing industry, Hubspot is also known as one of the best PPC blogs. With a mixture of hands-on guides, infographics and surveys, this blog is a treasure cove of information for every marketer.

Featuring the work from a range of different authors and contributors, the blog might not get updated as regularly as the others, but that’s because they’re working on quality content.

If you get round to reading all the Google Ads and wider PPC blog posts, then don’t forget there are plenty of other digital marketing related posts. If you want some tips on how to improve your call to action or conversion rate, then be sure to check out those different sections.

5. Lunio Blog

ppc protect blog

Top Blog Posts:

You might think it’s a bit cheeky putting ourselves in this best PPC blogs list, but hear us out! Many PPC blogs will help you increase your clicks, conversions, and ROI by editing your ads and testing different variations.

However, what they don’t cover is how to battle one of the most common problems in PPC: Click fraud.

This huge problem affects almost everyone who uses pay per click marketing of any kind and no matter if you’re a small user or large agency, you’ll still feel the effects. To help you combat this, our blog is dedicated to helping you reduce click fraud on your PPC campaigns.

In addition to click fraud and cybersecurity articles, we also cover a range of general PPC topics including PPC campaigns, PP strategies, PPC marketing, PPC ads, Google Analytics, landing pages, Facebook Advertising, and of course, the popular Google Ads.

6. Search Engine Land

search engine land

Top Blog Posts:

Another website on our list of the best PPC blogs known for its authority articles and advice is Search Engine Land. The name might sound weird for a PPC blog, but that’s because it covers all aspects of digital and search engine marketing.

Divided into several categories, not only will you learn about how to improve your paid search campaigns, but you’ll also discover lots of helpful tips and tweaks.

Aside from the paid search section, Search Engine Land also has great Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) sections covering the latest changes in Google’s search engine. Since PPC and Google search are so closely related, keeping up to date on search engine updates is also really useful. With so many high-quality articles, Search Engine Land is definitely a great place to improve your knowledge on Google Ads and wider search marketing topics.

7. KlientBoost Blog

klientboost blog

Top Blog Posts:

When it comes to learning about new PPC strategies, nothing is better than learning from the pros. The performance marketing agency at KlientBoost manage hundreds of clients’ PPC accounts, ensuring they get the best results and return from their money across all platforms.

The best thing is, if you visit their Google Ads blog, they’ll give you plenty of PPC tips and tricks on how to improve your own PPC campaigns yourself through advanced bid management strategies. Full of articles ranging from Google Ads to Facebook Ads and more, this blog has plenty of original and well thought out content for everyone to enjoy.

With plenty of mega guides, digital marketing and search marketing advice, and how-to tutorials, the KlientBoost blog is an excellent resource for any digital marketer looking to up their game.

8. SEMrush Blog

semrush blog

Top Blog Posts:

If you work in digital marketing, then the chances are you’ve heard or even used SEMrush at some point in your career. Known for their digital marketing platform that helps with keyword research and competitor analysis, SEMrush also has its own blog full of hidden goodies.

As you’d expect, their blog contains plenty of articles in the form of guides and tutorials for search engine marketing, which cover the latest features across multiple PPC platforms, including Google Ads. A large number of their contributors are also experienced experts who manage large paid search agencies and have decades of experience running campaigns.

You might think that because it’s the blog of a PPC tool, all their articles are going to be about their tool. In fact, most of the articles on the blog cover plenty of free tools such as Google’s keyword planner, meaning it’s suitable for even non-SEMrush subscribers.

9. Neil Patel Blog

neil patel blog

Top Blog Posts:

Neil Patel is a very well known figure in the digital marketing industry. Primarily known for his website, Neil posts a range of articles on his blog that covers everything from digital marketing, through online advertising and social media ads, to pay per click marketing.

An excellent resource for any PPC marketing beginner, Neil’s website is packed with continually updated articles, guides and tutorials on how to improve your online marketing.

For anyone who doesn’t know their PPC from their PPV, then Neil’s website is a great starting point. With plenty of additional video content, his tutorials are sure to help anyone get a solid understanding of how the world of PPC campaigns works.

Hopefully, you’ve found plenty of latest PPC news websites and other PPC blogs to keep up to date on the latest paid search news, PPC tips, and changes. A key part of being a PPC manager is to keep up to date with all the new changes and the latest tricks. By spending some time reading these blogs, you should notice a significant improvement in your PPC knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there other digital advertising topics that complement PPC?

Yes, there are many other digital marketing topics that complement PPC. Some examples include:

  • Inbound marketing: This approach focuses on attracting and engaging customers through relevant and valuable content.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO): This strategy aims to improve a website’s visibility and ranking on search engine results pages (SERP) through various techniques.
  • Social media advertising: This approach uses platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote products or services.
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO): This strategy aims to improve the performance of a website by increasing the rate at which visitors take a desired action.
  • Email marketing: This approach uses email to promote products or services and build relationships with customers.
  • Marketing Automation: This approach focuses on automating repetitive tasks, such as email marketing, social media post, and analytics, among others.
  • Content marketing: This approach focuses on creating relevant content that is valuable to customers and can be used as a tool to inform and engage customers.

How can digital marketers stay up to date with the latest trends in PPC advertising other than following PPC blogs?

One way for digital marketers to stay informed about the latest trends in PPC advertising is to follow industry leaders and experts on social media and subscribe to relevant online publications. Joining PPC-related groups and communities can also be a great way to learn from other professionals in the field.

Are there any paid search blogs that can help improve my PPC advertising skills?

Yes, there are many paid search blogs that provide valuable information and insights for PPC advertisers. Some popular blogs include Search Engine Land and PPC Hero. These blogs offer tips and best practices for PPC management, search ads, and marketing analytics, as well as the latest industry news and trends.

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