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lunio product dashboard
lunio product dashboard

Stop Fake Traffic on all Ad Platforms

It's time to stop paying for clicks that will never convert. Automatically eliminate bots and fake users across Google Ads, Meta, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, and more.

Eliminate Waste to Improve the Metrics That Matter

Return on Investment


Conversion Rate


Drive Marketing Efficiency

End wasted spend, break through revenue plateaus, and make faster progress towards your goals.

Advertise To Humans, Not Bots

Lunio stops fake users and invalid traffic clicking on your ads and wasting your budget.

Make Decisions with Crystal Clear Data

Understand the true performance of every channel, campaign, and ad by stopping fake interactions warping your analytics.

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42% of internet traffic comes from bots and fake users[1]. For every $5 spent on digital ads $1 is lost to ad fraud[2]. Bad data costs businesses more than $3 trillion every year[3]. And global ad fraud losses exceeded $68 billion in 2022[4].


Go Beyond Your Target ROAS

Slash your CPAs and maximise performance by concentrating 100% of your ad spend on genuine buyers. Use Lunio to make every engagement count by eliminating fake clicks across Shopping Ads, Performance Max, Display and Search campaigns.

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We make the internet a more transparent and predictable place for driving revenue growth.

Driva Boosts Conversion Rates with Lunio

Driva delivers personalised, pre-approved car loans from over 30+ lenders in as little as 60 seconds.

“The two things I really love on the dashboard are the Re-Allocated Budget tracking, and the Traffic Health Uplift score. When I combined those metrics with the recorded cost savings from blocking invalid clicks, it was easy to demonstrate value. The savings we were making each month far exceeded the cost of the subscription.”‍

Declan Flaherty

Declan Flaherty

Digital Marketing Manager

Rated a G2 Leader. Again.