10 Google Display Ads Examples To Inspire Your Next Display Campaign

July 13th, 2021

The Google display network is undoubtedly the largest display network out there. Since 2003, Google Ads has grown exponentially and now boasts over 2,000,000 sites in its network.

With the ability to target over 90% of online traffic, many advertisers have turned to display networks in the hopes of boosting their sales.

But making a successful display ad campaign in Google Ads isn’t as easy as it looks.

No matter if you’ve never run a display campaign before, or if you’re just looking for some inspiration, we’ve handpicked the best display ad examples to help.

By the end of this article, you’ll have an idea of what all the pros are doing, and why their ads are so successful. Hopefully, you’ll pick up plenty of tips and tricks to use in your own ads too!

Google Display Ad Examples To Inspire You

To give you inspiration and ideas for your next display ads campaign in Google Ads, we’ve trawled through thousands of display ads to find these excellent examples.

For each one, we’ll be breaking down what’s so good about them, why they work, and the important points to take away and implement in your own ads.

1. SEMrush

semrush display ad banner

Key Points

  • A clear call to action
  • Excellent value proposition
  • Stand out colors

If you’ve been in the digital marketing industry for a while, then you’ve more than likely heard of SEMrush, or at least seen their ads. In this display ad example, SEMrush uses a range of techniques and strategies to entice users into clicking their ad.

The first is the value proposition the ad gets across to the user. The starting price for SEMrush is $99.95 a month. To give away a month for free, that alone will often be enough to get users interested in what they have to offer. Many ads offer “free trials”, but with a value of $99.95, it’s a great touch to mention the value within the ad itself.

To increase the chances users click their ad, they also have a big and bold call to action button at the bottom. In a bright orange that really stands out from the rest of the ad, the contrasting colors help grab the user’s attention and guide them on where to click.

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2. Disney+

disney plus display example

Key Points

  • Familiar character faces
  • Well known brand logos
  • A clear call to action button

Disney is one of the largest brands on the planet and has been for over 90 years, but that doesn’t stop them from running display ads. To celebrate the launch of their new Disney+ streaming service, Disney launched a range of excellent display ads to get the message out.

To grab the attention of users, this ad has some of Disney’s most popular and well-known characters on the top. And for those eagle-eyed readers, although they didn’t make Star Wars or Captain America, they still own the rights to them. All of which are available to watch on their new streaming service.

In addition to showing off the characters, the ad also includes several well-known logos of brands to give users an idea of what is included on the platform.

To encourage users to take action, they’ve also included a big call to action at the bottom. Our only critique would be that the button doesn’t stand out enough due to its color. (An orange or green would be much more eye-catching).


hirmer google display ad example

Key Points

  • Excellent imagery
  • Clearly describes what they sell
  • A strong call to action

You might not have heard of HIRMER, as they only target a specific audience. But this plus size clothing brand has run plenty of great display ad campaigns in the past. A slightly different banner format than the other ones we have seen so far, display ads don’t always have to be square.

The attention-grabbing part of this ad has to be the beautiful imagery. They could have just shown some t-shirts or clothes, but we’re glad they didn’t. This awesome background works really well and is sure to get them noticed no matter what website it’s displayed on.

For users who have never heard of HIRMER before, the copy does a great job of telling them what they do. From the “big & tall” text and “new arrivals” it’s clear that they’re a clothes shop. Without that copy, people might actually think they sell holidays or trips.

To get users to take action on their ad, they also have a button at the bottom. Instead of just saying “learn more” the call to action clearly says “shop now”, which is a subtle yet powerful difference.

4. SE Ranking

se ranking display example

Key Points

  • Relevant copy & headlines
  • Lists the main features of their software
  • Huge call to action button

Another digital marketing tool, SE Ranking specializes in rank tracking and helping marketers understand how well their SEO efforts are going. A rival to many other big names, SE Ranking has really helped improve their brand awareness with display ads.

The first thing to notice on this ad is the headline and how it tells users exactly what they do. They could have just gone with “keyword rank tracker” but the fact they included “100% accurate” really grabs the user’s attention. After all, that’s what users who use these tools really want.

Following on from the main headline, it also lists all the main features of their software, which marketers will be most interested in. Almost every rank tracker will work on Google, but not all of them will work on Yahoo, Bing or YouTube, so mentioning this is a great way to get users to click.

The final key element of this ad is the call to action button at the bottom, which offers users a free trial for 14 days. If they liked the headline and features, then this button will be enough to convert them into a sign-up.

5. Fiverr

fiverr google display ad

Key Points

  • Bright colors that stand out
  • Clear branding
  • Contrasting color of the call to action button

The chances are you need no introduction to Fiverr. Having been around for several years, Fiverr has extensive advertising campaigns on various search engines and display networks. If you’re looking for any kind of online freelancer, then the chances are you can find them on Fiverr.

Of course, explaining what Fiverr is to people who haven’t used it can be tricky. But this ad helps anyone get the gist of what they do. In this display ad, it specifically focuses on e-commerce development experts, but it’s likely they have different variations of the ad depending on the site it’s being shown on.

The thing that makes this ad really good is the colors. The bright orange really stands out no matter what website it’s displayed on. In addition to that, the call to action button is a contrasting green which also makes it stand out from the orange background. The call to action “find yours now” works well with the overall ad copy and content too.

6. Harry’s

harrys razors display

Key Points

  • Minimalist design
  • Excellent for remarketing
  • Shows off the product

Harry’s are a razor subscription service that delivers premium quality blades to your house every month without you having to visit the shop. Their main competitors are the likes of Gilette and Wilkinson Sword who already have big established brands. By running display ads, they can efficiently target their audience while their competitors waste millions on non-targeted TV ads.

This ad might look very simple on the surface, but just because its minimalist doesn’t make it any less effective.

This type of ad most likely isn’t something they would use as a brand awareness campaign. Instead, it’s much more suited to a remarketing campaign. Seeing this ad for the first time might leave users thinking “who are they?” or “what do they do?”. But if the user has already visited their website, this is a great follow up ad that reminds users of what they sell.

Getting someone to sign up for a free trial is always a better option than just sending someone to a store and hoping they buy something. That’s why this orange redeem trial button has a much stronger call to action than just “shop now”.

7. Tails.com

tails tailored dog food ad display

Key Points

  • Big discount in the headline
  • Cute dog picture
  • Discount trial offer call to action

Tails.com is an online dog subscription service for dog food that gets delivered directly to your home. Each pack is custom-tailored to your dog’s breed and age, making them more nutritional than the ones found in usual stores.

This ads starts by grabbing the user’s attention with a bold discount in their headline. The chances are if you’re going to switch dog food and try a premium option for the first time, you don’t want to pay full price. This 60% off discount should be enough to convince anyone to at least give them a try.

The cute dog picture in the ad is also a great addition as users will picture their own dog being just as happy when they get their dog food!

Finally, the call to action button at the bottom reinforces the headline of their free trial and discount with “try now” instead of “buy now”. The contrasting color also makes it stand out from the background, so users instantly notice it and are more likely to click it.

8. Honey

honey coupon google display

Key Points

  • A headline that grabs anyone’s attention
  • Vague enough to target anyone
  • Features influencer Mr Beast

Honey is an online plugin that helps anyone find the best discount coupon or code for any store. With a click of a button, it will test various coupons to help you get the lowest price. To improve their brand awareness and get more people to download and use their plugin, Honey has a range of display ad campaigns.

The best thing about this ad is that it’s so vague it can be displayed on practically any website. With the headline “need a coupon?” that could be referring to literally any website. Sure a specific website would be better, but the targeting would be a nightmare, so going for something vaguer like this is a great alternative.

Honey has worked with YouTube superstar Mr Beast on many occasions, and he’s a big reason for their recent growth. The chances are if you’ve heard of Honey then it’s probably because of him. Using his image on this ad is a great way to jog people’s memory about where they might have heard of Honey before.

And on the other hand, if you’ve never heard of Mr Beast, his fingers pointing at you definitely grab the user’s attention and gets people interested.

9. Watchfinder & Co

watchfinder co google ad

Key Points

  • Clear headline
  • Large watch image to grab attention
  • Bold and contrasting call to action button

Watchfinder & Co are a pre-owned watch specialist group who deal with luxury watch brands including Rolex and Breitling. Part of their business is to buy pre-owned watches of individuals so they can resell them later for a profit. In this display ad example, their ads are specifically focused on acquiring watches from individuals.

The clear headline tells users that they can get a part exchange and a quote on their watch today. The “today” lets users know just how quickly they can get things moving and that they won’t be expected to book an appointment and wait a week.

The ad also showcases a large luxury watch which is precisely the type of watch they are trying to purchase and acquire off users. Anyone who owns a luxury watch is sure to recognize the brand and will find the ad more relatable.

At the bottom of the ad, it clearly states what Watchfinder & Co do with the tagline “the pre-owned watch specialist” and a standout call to action button.

10. Bluehost

bluehost web hosting google display ad

Key Points

  • Showcases their low price in the headline
  • Lists all the important features
  • Capitalized words to get important messages across

Bluehost is a web host that has been around since 2003 and hosts over 2 million websites. As web hosting is very competitive in the search results, Bluehost have decided to use display ad campaigns in addition to their other marketing strategies.

The headline on this ad is a clear message that tells users they’re “professional” while also being cheap “from $4.95”. This is the largest part of the ad as it’s the most eye-catching.

Once users have noticed the ad, it also lists their main features beneath the headline including “unlimited space & transfer”. These features help Bluehost show off their services and tell users why they are so good.

Finally, the ad also makes uses of bolded words to highlight their important messages. The “FREE set-up” and “FREE domain” are sure to interest the user even further, making them even more likely to click the CTA button “sign up”.

Google Display Ad Examples Conclusion

Now you’ve seen a variety of different Google display ad examples, hopefully, you have the inspiration to go off and create your own.

The key points to take away from good display ads are:

  • Grab the user’s attention with imagery or big headlines
  • Include your main features and benefits
  • Always include your branding and logo
  • Always use contrasting colors for call to action buttons
  • Mix up the sizes – more formats lead to better coverage and more views

Frequently Asked Questions

How can display advertisers drive traffic?

Display advertisers attract attention by using targeted audiences and particular placement of their advertisements around the web. By changing up the visuals used within their ads such as using different sizes or types of images, they can make sure their ads stand out amongst competition and draw more attention from potential customers. Additionally, using proven designs such as those found in Google Ads or Gmail Ads is often a no-brainer because these platforms give you access to targeting options based off prior consumer behaviors that allow you to position directly in front of your most likely consumers while avoiding wasting time with less likely ones who may fall victim to banner blindness due lack of interest in what your offering them at any given moment in time.

How can mobile devices be used for effective display ads?

Mobile devices offer a great platform for displaying ads. They provide flexibility and convenience, enabling advertisers to reach consumers and be in them with constant contact even when they are on the go. Ad copy should be kept short and simple for mobile users, as smaller screens make it difficult to read long-form content. Additionally, video ads are an effective way to draw attention quickly on mobile devices.

What makes an ad extremely effective?

An extremely effective ad combines both visually appealing design and specific audience targeting in order to attract potential customers and drive conversions. Positioning directly in front of the right target audience is key – as well as making sure the ad does not fall victim to clutter or waste time due to ineffective designs or too much text. By following proven designs – responsive ads with multiple images yet minimal text, combined with targeting options that put the ad in front of a specific audience, will ensure maximum effectiveness of any digital age advertisement campaign.

What is a responsive display ad?

Responsive Display Ads are a type of ad created by Google that adapts to the size, look, and feel of the website or app in which they are being seen. The ads automatically adjust their size, appearance, and format to fit available ad spaces so they provide a better experience for users and more visibility for advertisers.

How can I use Google display ad targeting?

Google display ad targeting enables you to reach customers based on factors such as age, gender and interests. You can also target people who have visited your site previously or similar sites using remarketing tools or target people in specific locations with local targeting options.

Can I create my own Google display ads?

Yes, you can create your own Google display ads using the Adwords platform. You will need to set up an account, create an ad group and then choose the type of ad format you want to use including image ads, text-only ads or video ads. You will then be able to customize your ad by adding images, text and video content.

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