Mind-Blowing Video Marketing Statistics 2023

1 in 4 mobile ads delivered in the United States is video

(Statista, 2020)

18.9% of tablet users watch video content at least once a week, and 9.5% watch videos nearly every day.

(Speaking Human, 2021) 

Video Represents 69% of Mobile Data Traffic, Growing to 79% by 2027

(RapidTVNews, 2022)

Video Marketing Statistics 2023

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Video advertising has taken off in the last few years. You can hardly watch a YouTube video, scroll down Facebook, open Snapchat, or simply browse Reddit, without having some form of video advertising thrown your way.


That being said, just how effective is this form of advertising? Here’s some key video marketing statistics that measure the impact of video advertising on conversion, engagement, and customer experience.

Mobile Video Marketing Statistics

 (eMarketer, 2014)

77% of all tablet users watch video on their device at least once a month. This will increase to 87% in 2018.

(OnlineVideo.net, 2013)

Mobile shoppers are 3x as likely to view a video than desktop shoppers.

(Econsultancy, 2014)

1 in 10 mobile ads delivered in the United States is video.

(Invodo, 2014)

For commerce, smartphones and tablets account for 38% of all video viewing.

(Citrix, 2014)

Video accounts for 52% of all mobile traffic.

(eMarketer, 2014)

On average, the engagement rate for rich media ads is 16.85%, in comparison to 2.14% for standard banners and 1.62% for mobile.

(Cisco, 2014)

Mobile traffic will grow 14x by 2018.

(Virtuets, 2018)

92 percent of mobile video viewers share videos with others.

(Google, 2014)

Video viewing on smartphones, computers and tablets peaks between 12-5pm in respondent’s respective time zones.

(eMarketer, 2013)

72.1 million US smartphone users watched video on their devices at least monthly in 2013. This is expected to rise to 86.8 million, more than a quarter of the US population, in 2014.

Video Marketing Statistics

(Animoto, 2014)

96% of shoppers find videos helpful when making purchase decisions online.

(eMarketer, 2014)

B2B buyers name video among the Top 3 most useful types of content for making work purchases.

(eMarketer, 2013)

Marketers who use video in email cite increased clickthrough rates, increased time spent reading the email, increased sharing and forwarding, increased conversion rates, and increased dollars generated as the top benefits.

(Google, 2014)

1 in 4 shoppers say they’ve used YouTube to search for a video related to a product they’re considering while in store.

(Ericsson, 2014)

Online video viewing is almost on par with TV viewing. In 2014, 75% of people watched streamed video several times per week, versus 77% who watched traditional TV.

(Digiday, 2014)

The number of digital video consumers in the US is expected to increase from 194.5 million this year to 212.5 million in 2018. That’s nearly 2/3 of the population!

(Animoto, 2014)

42% of shoppers would like to see more product description and service demonstration videos, such as 360-degree product views.

(Insivia, 2018)

51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.

(eMarketer, 2013)

93% of marketers used video for online marketing in 2013.


of people watch videos online every day. (MWP, 2016)


of Facebook videos are watched without sound. (Digiday, 2017)


increased conversion rate for landing pages with videos. (Visually, 2016)


of the message is retained from a video, compared to 10% in text. (Insivia, 2016)

General Video Marketing Statistics

Let us blow your mind with more Video Marketing Statistics

Ecommerce Video Marketing Statistics

(WordStream, 2017)

46% of users act after viewing an ad.

(eMarketer, 2013)

Over half of 25-54 year olds share video online.

(Animoto, 2014)

93% of consumers find video helpful for comparison shopping.

(Retail TouchPoints & Invodo, 2014)

47% of retail executives name video as a Top 3 marketing priority.

(Animoto, 2014)

93% of consumers find video helpful for post-purchase instructions.

(Animoto, 2014)

96% of shoppers find videos helpful when making purchase decisions online.

(Animoto, 2014)

73% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching videos that explain a product or service.

(MediaPost, 2013)

Online media influences more than 50% of in-store sales, making cross-channel campaigns for the omnichannel shopper more critical than ever. That number is expected to rise to 60% by 2017.

(MediaPost, 2014)

On average, 12% of visitors to an e-commerce web page view a video when one is available.

Content Video Marketing Statistics

(Forbes, 2017)

Every second, a million minutes (17,000 hours) of video content will cross global IP networks by 2021, according to Cisco.

(Insivia, 2016)

More video content is uploaded in 14 days than the major U.S. television networks have created in 30 years.

(Forbes, 2017)

Over 500 million (half a BILLION) people are watching video on Facebook every day.

(Insivia, 2016)

72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every 60 seconds.

(Invodo, 2014)

Over 2/3 of online shoppers who played a video in 2014 watched to at least 80% completion.

(Content Marketing Institute & MarketingProfs, 2015)

74% of B2C marketers and 92% of B2B marketers use video in their marketing efforts.

(Internet Retailer, 2010)

Online retailer Living Direct found that videos boosted conversion as well as increasing time on site by 9%.

(eMarketer, 2013)

51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide cite video as the type of content with the best ROI.

Consumer Video Marketing Statistics

Not convinced by the marketing department? Here’s some statistics regarding consumers.

(Hubspot, 2018)

95% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.

(Vidyard, 2017)

Over one-third of large companies produce more than 100 marketing videos annually.

(Hubspot, 2018)

69% of people have been convinced to buy a piece of software or application by watching a video.

(Forbes, 2017)

64% of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it.

(Google, 2017)

40% of millennials trust YouTube for content; and 60% say videos they’ve watched have changed their world view.

(Wyzowl, 2017)

79% of consumers prefer watching video to reading about a product.

(Reach Engine, 2014)

59% of consumers are likely to watch video on a website with brand content.

(Animoto, 2014)

58% of shoppers consider companies that produce video content to be trustworthy.

(Invodo, 2015)

Video viewers are 1.7x more likely to purchase than non-viewers.

(MediaPost, 2013)

90% of consumers watch online video.

(Internet Retailer, 2011)

Internet Retailer reports that shoppers who viewed video on Stacks and Stacks product pages were 144% more likely to add to cart than other shoppers.

(MediaPost, 2012)

Mediapost reports that product videos play a key role in consumer purchase decisions, citing a 9x increase in retail video views at the start of the 2011 holiday season.

(Retail Touchpoints Channel Innovation Awards, 2012)

According to Retail Touchpoints, the Step2 Company found that shoppers who viewed video were 174% more likely to purchase than viewers who did not.

(Website Magazine, 2011)

Consumer video usage on retail and brand sites hit record numbers on retail and brand sites during the 2011 holiday season. Cyber Monday video views across the Invodo network were 897% higher than 2010, and Black Friday video views showed a 337% increase.

Video Marketing Traffic Statistics

(Cisco, 2015)

Globally, video will represent 79% of all traffic by 2018.

(SocialMedia Today, 2013)

Retention rate for visual information can reach 65% vs. 10% for text-based information.

(Cisco, 2013)

Internet video traffic will be 69% of all global consumer Internet traffic in 2017.

(Comscore, 2013)

188.2 million people in the US watched 52.4 billion online content videos in December 2013. The average American spent more than 19 hours watching online video.

(MediaPost, 2013)

57% of consumers say that product videos make them more confident in a purchase and less likely to return an item, up from 52% a year ago.

(STORES Magazine, July 2012)

Online retailer Bizchair.com told STORES Magazine that video viewing had a powerful impact on sales, citing data showing that 33% of online sales came from the 13% of site visitors who viewed video.

(eMarketer, 2011)

The eTailing Group found that 73% of online retailers used video on product pages in 2010, up from 55% in 2009 and only 20% in 2005.

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