Reach Prospective Students, Not Fake Users

Stop paying for fake clicks and spam admission applications & concentrate 100% of your marketing budget on genuine prospective students.


Additional ROI in using Lunio


Ad spend saved annually


Increase in on-page conversion rate


Ad spend saved annually

Save Thousands on Higher Education Admissions Marketing


Slash Cost-Per-Enrollment

Save up to 20% across your higher ed advertising budget by removing fake users and worthless traffic.

Maximise Marketing Impact

Surpass your quarterly KPIs by extracting as much value as possible from your budget.

Build Accurate Audiences

Use first-party click data to improve your prospective student profiling without relying on third-party cookies.

Enhance Student Marketing Funnels

Stop fake applications and invalid traffic from contaminating your student acquisition funnels.

Make Decisions With Reliable Data

Prevent fake touchpoints from warping your analytics and confidently double down on what works.

Reduce Fake Account Creation

Significantly reduce the number of unwanted bot accounts created via paid acquisition channels.

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