102 Google Ads Scripts to Improve Your PPC Ads Performance

April 28th, 2021

It’s no secret that to achieve a high-quality score you need to be continually optimizing your ads. However, most people don’t know there are free Google Ads scripts for your Google Ads campaigns that will make your life easier.

These Google Ads scripts do various things to your ads that would otherwise require you to do them manually. By utilising these scripts, you can spend less time doing the boring stuff and more time on the changes that will get you results. (Also check out these Google tracking templates).

But before we look at the best Google Ads scripts, what exactly are they and how do they work?

What Are Google Ads Scripts?

For those that haven’t come into contact with Google Ads scripts before, these scripts can sound confusing and sometimes scary. But rest assured, these scripts won’t do anything harmful to your ads if you use them correctly, in fact, they’ll actually improve your campaigns and save you time.

At a basic level, the scripts are just code that can be easily pasted into Google Ads and do a range of helpful things.

This can be anything from pausing ads with low click-through rates to increasing bids on cheap conversion keywords.

Anyone can create own custom scripts in a script editor; you just need some programming knowledge and an idea of what you want the Google Ads script to do. Because of this, there are literally hundreds of free Google Ads scripts available online with new ones being made all the time.

The chances are if you have a task that you want automated, then someone has probably already made a script for it.

Now you understand what a Google Ads script does, what do they look like and how do you make one?

Google Ads Scripts Examples

If you’ve never seen a Google Ads script before then don’t worry, they’re not as scary as they sound.

To understand how these scripts work, here’s an example of a script code that you can paste into your Google Ads account right now.

function main() {
    var kw_iter = AdWordsApp.keywords()
        .withCondition("Status = ENABLED")
    while (kw_iter.hasNext()) {
        var kw = kw_iter.next();
        var kw_stats = kw.getStatsFor("LAST_30_DAYS");
        var cost = kw_stats.getCost();
        var conversions = kw_stats.getConversions();
        if (conversions == 0) {
            if (THE_VALUE_OF_ONE_CONVERSION * 5 > cost) {
            } else if (THE_VALUE_OF_ONE_CONVERSION * 2 > cost) {
                kw.setMaxCpc(kw.getMaxCpc() * (1 - DECREASE_BIDS_BY_PERCENTAGE));
        } else {
            //no conversions on this keyword
            //we will deal with that later

If you don’t have any programming experience, then this probably looks pretty confusing, but don’t worry, you don’t need to understand what every line does. This script actually pauses keywords that are underperforming based on certain metrics which in this case is the value of one conversion. If the value of one conversion multiplied by 5 is greater than the cost then the ad is paused.

Now you’ve got a good idea of what a Google Ads script looks like, here are some of our favorites from around the web.

Best Google Ads Scripts Library

Bonus Scripts: Performance Max

Before we get into the full list of 102 Google Ad scripts below, we first wanted to highlight two super-useful bonus scripts specifically for Performance Max campaigns. Compared to traditional campaign types, PMax removes a lot of insights and analytics, making it harder to determine what’s going on behind the scenes. The two scripts below are designed to help you gain additional insight into your PMax campaigns to identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement.

Search Term-Level Impressions, Clicks, Conversions by Mike Rhodes

With the latest update to Google Ads API you can now generate a search term report specifically for PMax campaigns. There are certain combinations of assets and metrics that won’t be retrievable, and unfortunately, cost information is absent. However, you can still access valuable data like clicks, impressions, conversions, and conversion value. This script creates a spreadsheet with search terms from the past 30 days for a single PMax campaign.

PMax Spend Allocation Script by Mike Rhodes

One of the biggest downsides of PMax is you can’t see how your budget is being split across Search, Display, Discovery, YouTube and Shopping. And that’s a huge missing piece. Thankfully, Mike Rhodes from AgencySavvy built an amazing script that creates graphs and tables that visualise PMax spend across Shopping, Video, Display, and Search. After setting up the script in your account you should analyse the data at least once per week to quickly take action on any new insights it gives you.

Ad Management Scripts

ad management scripts

1. Remove Underperforming Ads by Frederick Vallaeys

When optimizing your campaigns, making sure you have the best performing ads running is crucial to maximizing your PPC budget. This script helps you ensure only the best performing ad variations are running in your Google Ads account and removes the underperforming ones.

Although Google will try to show your best performing ads the most, it’s always a good idea to audit your account and remove the underperforming ads.

2. Dynamic Ad Extensions by Daniel Gilbert

For experienced PPC managers out there, callouts and site links can provide users with a lot more information that is relevant to their search. But with regular site changes and pages being made and deleted, these site links might change over time. This script helps keep those site links up to date and ensure they are pointing to the correct page.

3. Pause Keywords With Low Quality Score by Frederick Vallaeys

Finding the weak spots in your campaigns is crucial if you want to improve the performance of your campaigns and save money. This script generates a list of all the active keywords in your Google Ads account has a quality score lower than a predefined quality score of your choice. It also gives you the option to pause these keywords so you can optimize them and stop wasting money.

4. Limit AdWords Overdelivery to Any Amount by FreeAdwordsScripts.com

If you’ve been running campaigns on daily budgets for a while, then you should know how Google allows ads to overspend by up to 100% to make up for low traffic days. However, understandably many advertisers want a lot more control over their budgets which is exactly what this script does. To stick to your daily budgets, you can change the overspend value to 0% up to a maximum of 100%.

5. Copy Google Ads Extensions by Daniel Gilbert

Google Ads extensions are crucial at improving your ads click-through rates. If you haven’t used them before and just recently added them, then you’re bound to see positive results. Although these ad extensions are very useful, they can be a pain to copy over to every campaign, that’s where this script comes in handy.

6. Automatically Pause Ads with Low CTR by Russell Savage

When running a Google Ads campaign, it’s fairly common to create a number of different ads and let Google automatically select which are the best. The problem that arises is the underperforming ads are usually never paused or deleted. Luckily this script does the boring work for you and will only pause ads with the lowest click-through rates.

7. Pause Ad Groups With No Active Keywords by Russell Savage

When it comes to managing large Google Ads accounts, it’s completely understandable that some accounts can become unmanageable. This script helps you do some house cleaning by pausing any ad groups that don’t have any active keywords. By doing this, it might be able to help you identify what ad groups you can get rid of which aren’t used anymore.

8. Delete All Disapproved Ads by Russell Savage

When dealing with large Google Ads accounts it can be common for some ads to get disapproved. Depending on the size of the account, going through them all and deleting or editing them is often too time-consuming. Thankfully, this Google Ads script saves a lot of time by deleting all the disapproved ads for you in one simple click.

9. Foreign Exchange Rate Bid Adjuster by Wesley Parker

In some industries, the exchange rate of certain currencies can have a huge impact on the demand for goods and services. For example, when the Pound is strong against the Euro it makes the cost of booking a holiday to Euro cheaper. This is a fantastic time for advertisers to take advantage of this opportunity and to increase their bids. This script helps automate the process by monitoring the exchange rate and adjust bids as required.

10. Goodbye Low-Quality Score by Daniel Gilbert

Are low-quality score keywords wasting your precious ad budget? Maximize your ROI and fix them with this incredibly useful script. The script will automatically find out where they are in your Google Ads account so you can easily locate them and spend your time fixing them instead. You can also set up the script to run periodically so you’ll always be alerted when there is a problem.

11. Disable Ads For Out Of Stock Items by Russell Savage

Many e-commerce stores will often run paid ads for their most popular and profitable items, but if you don’t manage your ads correctly then you might be running ads when they are out of stock! To stop this from happening, this script automatically checks your stock levels and disables ads when you are out of stock to save money and disappointment.

12. Managed Ads Based On Airport Delays by Russell Savage

APIs can be incredibly powerful when it comes to optimising your ad campaigns. This script takes advantage of an airport status API that allows you to enable and pause ads based on airport delays and cancellations. If you own a business or have a client near an airport, then this could be helpful for optimising and displaying new ads when there are delays.

13. Weather Based Campaign Management by Google

There are plenty of products and services out there that are very weather dependant. When it rains, people don’t want to buy them, but when it’s sunny, they just can’t get enough. To get the most out of those sunny days, this weather-based script uses an external API that will increase bids when it’s sunny and lower them when it’s wet.

14. Dynamic Stock Quotes by Russell Savage

The price of certain stocks can have a huge impact on a customer’s decision to buy a product. Thanks to APIs it’s actually possible to integrate livestock prices into ads to help grab the attention of users. This script uses financial stock data from the Yahoo finance API to integrate live quotes into your ads.

15. Dynamic Sale Countdown Timer by Google

Have you ever seen a PPC advert with a countdown that changes every hour? Is someone updating their adverts every single hour? Of course not! It’s all down to a special script. This script by Google will update your ads every hour to display a countdown timer without having to wait for your ads to get reviewed each time.

16. Sales Countdown Calendar by Google

Sales often happen in a lot of businesses, especially e-commerce stores. This sales countdown calendar gives you maximum control over your ads by allowing you to use it on multiple ads and events. By using a Google calendar, you can set specific sale days of certain products making this script extremely useful and powerful.

17. Audience Assistant by Google

As Google Ads accounts evolve and get bigger, keeping a campaign in line with an audience setup is a repetitive task for many advertisers. This script allows you to add your favorite remarketing lists and similar audiences within an account to the campaigns missing them. Not only is this a huge time-saver, but it will also stop you pulling out (what’s left) of your hair.

18. Pause Low Inventory Items by Magnus Dahlquist

When managing an eCommerce store, there’s no point running ads to products with low inventory. Depending on how popular a website and product is, these products could be sold in a matter of minutes, leaving you paying for traffic that will be going to an out of stock page. This script pauses campaigns with low inventory ensuring you don’t waste money.

19. Fix Capitalization Errors by Russell Savage

Having Capitalization Errors in your ads can often have a big effect on your click-through rate which in turn affects your quality score and other metrics. This script goes through all of your ads and ensures there are no capitalization errors on your disproved ads which could be causing issues.

20. Add Value Tracking Templates by Digishuffle

Tagging URLs with value tracking parameters can be very tedious if you have to do them all manually. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add CampaignName and AdgroupName tagging to URLs, then this script will save you lots of time and frustration.

21. Bulk Radius Targeting by Ahmed Ali

Radius targeting is an extremely useful feature in Google Ads and can help get the most out of your ads when used correctly. Unfortunately, adding radius targeting is a very manual process and can be very frustrating when you want to do it for lots of campaigns. This script will set radius targeting based on the long and latitude from a Google sheet saving you lots of time.

22. Pause Ads When Your Prices Aren’t Competitive by Ahmed Ali

When it comes to managing eCommerce websites, price wars are always inevitable from competitors who want to gain more market share. With some prices being pushed so low it often doesn’t make sense to run ads when you simply can’t compete. This script tracks competitor’s prices and pauses them if the price difference is too large, thus saving you money.

23. Adding Structured Data To Ads by Nathan Byloff

Adding structured data to ads can result in a massive CTR boost and more engagement. Structured data is especially useful when it comes to advertising eCommerce products as it can help provide the user with additional relevant information that is likely to result in a click. This script pulls data from an API to automatically add it to your ads, saving you precious time.

Account Management Scripts

account management scripts

24. Make Sure The Date & Time Zone Are Correct by Rankhammer

Time zones in Google Ads can cause a lot of problems when it comes to managing campaigns. This script makes sure that your scripts are running based on the time zone your account is set to and not the time zone in the data center. This is very helpful when running campaigns in different time zones that might need to be paused at a certain time that’s not the same time as your account.

25. Create Ads From A Spreadsheet by Frederick Vallaeys

Using the Google Ad’s editor can sometimes be incredibly slow and glitchy. Thankfully, it is actually possible to create ads using nothing more than a spreadsheet (Google Sheets or Excel). This script allows you to convert any spreadsheet template into ad groups, ad text, keywords and labels, based on the spreadsheet data. With the ability to easily modify the code, it is incredibly customizable and flexible.

26. Automate Account Management With Trello by Wesley Parker

Keeping on top of your PPC campaigns can often be a challenging task. With so much to do, how can you keep up to date and on track with managing your campaigns? This script helps you keep on track of what you need to do by creating a checklist for you in the popular teamwork management tool Trello.

27. Auto Ad Variant Creator by Charles Bannister

A/B testing is a very important part of PPC management and can help you improve your ROI by picking the best performing ad. This script takes your existing ad content and mixes up the headlines and descriptions to create new ad variations. By swapping the order of your headlines, you’d be surprised at what improvements it can make.

Analysis Scripts

analysis scripts section

28. Machine Learning With Google Ads & Prediction API by Russell Savage

Machine learning certainly has its benefits and using it in Google Ads is one of them. This script by Russell Savage allows you to model and predict the impact of certain factors that might affect your ads. There is so much you can do with this script it’s definitely worth your time to check it out and have a play around.

29. Do You Know How Much You’re Bidding? By Frederick Vallaeys

It’s no secret that costs per click on Google Ads can vary dramatically depending on numerous factors, but with so many factors do you really how much you’re bidding? You might have an idea, but do you know the actual number? This script gives you the answers by providing you with the actual min and max values based on your various bid modifiers.

30. Pull Information From Landing Pages by Russell Savage

Getting information off landing pages can be very useful when generating keyword lists to optimise your ads. This script uses the power of IBM Watson to generate keyword information from landing pages that you can use to your advantage. Similar to Google keyword planner, this script is a lot more advanced and we think it produces better results.

31. Google Display Network Placement Analysis by Derek Martin

Analyse your Google Display Network placements with this helpful Google Ads script. By default, the script checks display placements that are converting at less than $40, placements that have cost more than $50 but have 0 conversions, and placements that have 5k impressions and less than a 0.1% CTR. These metrics can also be changed in the code if you know what you’re doing.

32. Evaluate Google Ads Quality Score Factors by Jacob Fairclough

Having a low-quality score in your account is not the end of the world as it can always be fixed. But finding out why you have a low-quality score in the first place can be very confusing. Luckily, this script gives you a breakdown of all the quality score factors that you might be lacking on and gives you actionable insights on what you should change.

33. Google Display Network Placement Metric Analyzer by Derek Martin

Sometimes websites in the Google display network are low quality and not worth spending money on. This Google Ads script uses Moz data to bring back the page authority, domain authority, number of backlinks and age of site for websites that have had over $20 spent on them. Any website that has very low or questionable metrics should be excluded from campaigns.

34. Google Ads Error Checker by Daniel Gilbert

When managing large campaigns, it’s only a matter of time before you make an error. Whether it’s pushing bids too far or forgetting to apply location targeting, any mistake in Google Ads can be pretty expensive. This Google Ads script will save you lots of time by double-checking everything for you. Simply enter your email and you’ll receive a report at the end of the day flagging and potential issues.

35. Broken URL Checker by Google

As a website grows and evolves it’s only natural that links get changed and sometimes broken. Pointing your ads to 404 pages is a big waste of money as advertisers end up paying money for sending someone to a blank or empty page. This script automatically checks all of your ads and ensures the URLs do not produce “Page not found” or other errors.

36. Check for HTTP to HTTPS Redirects by Nils Rooijmans

HTTPS is often the bane of many website owner’s lives, and with Google becoming more and more strict on people using it, it’s essential for a good quality score rating. This script does all the checking for you by ensuring all of your ads are using HTTPs and that they don’t accidentally redirect to any weird HTTP version.

37. Are Your Ads Pointing To The Right Domain? by Daniel Gilbert

No matter how long you have been running and managing PPC ads, human error is almost inevitable, especially when you’re working with countless accounts and campaigns. When typing or copying and pasting so fast it’s entirely possible to accidentally make a typo in your ad settings which can have drastic consequences. Luckily, this script checks that you haven’t accidentally spelt your domain wrong and your ads are being pointed to the right domain.

38. Single Account Auditor by Google

Organizing and structuring your Google Ads account is crucial to keeping your ads in order. Without structure, many accounts can get pretty hectic and be all over the place. However, ensuring your account stays consistent in structure can require a lot of tedious and time-consuming work. This script helps speed the process up by verifying the structure of your existing account.

39. Advanced Daily Quality Score Tracker by Wesley Parker

Quality score is by far one of the most important metrics in Google Ads as it has a direct correlation on how much you pay. A good quality score can save you a hefty amount, while a bad quality score will force you to pay more. This script checks your optimisations on a daily basis and allows you to track the important quality score metric.

40. Ad Counter by Charles Bannister

Counting how many ads there are per ad group can be a long and tedious task that nobody wants to waste their time doing. Don’t waste any of your precious time with this fantastic ad counter script that will automatically let you know how many ads each ad group has.

41. Find Poor Performing Ads by Karooya

Not all ads are created equal and sometimes for whatever reason, they just don’t perform as well as you’d expect. These ads can often waste your money and drag your overall performance down in a number of ways. To save you time, this script checks your Google Ads account and recommends which ads should be paused that aren’t performing well.

42. Landing Page Checker by Brainlabs

Making sure your landing page is up to scratch is one of the most important things after having well-written ads. With so many things you can easily miss that can have a big impact on your quality score and metrics, checking your landing pages for these errors can help boost your performance significantly.

43. Identify Duplicated Ads by Brainlabs

Duplicating ads is a quick and easy way to create a lot of ad creatives that can be changed quickly to match a certain ad group. But sometimes, you can make too many duplicates and forget that you have them in your account. This Google Ads script checks all of your ads to ensure you don’t have any stray duplicates hiding in your account.

44. Advanced Broken URL Checker by Dmytro Tonkikh

Broken URLs on your ads can be a massive waste of time and money which can leave lots of customers feeling frustrated and angry. This script will automatically check all of your ads to ensure there are no broken URLs that could be costing you money.

45. SEO Keyword Labelling by Brainlabs

Dealing with SEO and PPC can often be a constant battle. Which keywords should you spend money on? Should you be spending money on keywords with strong organic rankings as well? Unfortunately, we can’t answer those questions, but this script will help you keep tracking of your organic keywords and how well they are ranking.

46. Associated Phrases Analysis by Brainlabs

Keywords are the foundation of any successful campaign, but the words associated with those keywords is taking it to the next level. Using this script, you can easily find out what associated keywords users are searching for and incorporate them into your ads and targeting settings.

47. Pause Suspicious Ads by hoofay

Keeping an eye on your ads and what clicks they are getting is the key to good PPC management. This script monitors all of your campaigns and checks for campaigns that have a high level of invalid clicks. A high number of invalid clicks could mean you’re under attack by fraudulent bots so its probably worth pausing them for the time being.

48. Compare ETAs 3 Headlines vs 2 by Karooya

Expanded text ads have recently received an overhaul and now have the option of an additional headline and description. The chances are that you’re probably running some ads with 2 headlines and some with 3, but which are better? This script helps work out all the key performance metrics so you can compare the differences.

49. Google Ad Grants by Vincent Hsu

A few years ago, Google made a big change to their grants program policy for non-profit organisations. This script will review your ads and ensure they comply with the new Google grants policy. All the info is stored in a Google spreadsheet for easy access and you’ll also get an email that summarizes the report’s content.

50. Account Health Check by Daniel-c05

If you’re just taking over a Google Ads account from another agency or freelancer, then it’s a good idea to run a health check to see what are the important areas that need reviewing. This excellent script will run a full health check on an account to see if there are any major problems that need fixing asap.

51. Rotating Ad Copy by Brianlabs

Testing is an important task when it comes to PPC management and will often get you the best results. This script identifies the best ad in your A/B testing experiment and shows you how much better your account would be performing if you paused all the not as good ads in the group.

Alert Scripts

alert scripts section
google alert scripts

52. Send Text Messages To Your Phone From AdWords Scripts by FreeAdwordsScripts.com

When you’re not in the office it can be useful to keep up to date with your ads and campaigns to ensure they are running as expected. Although it’s easy to get an email and slack notifications, what if you happen to have a poor internet connection or even run out of internet data? This script uses the Twilio API to notify you via SMS when there is an alert on your ads. At least with this method, you can get the notification and ring someone up to fix it.

53. Get Notified Of Google Ads Account Anomalies by Frederick Vallaeys

When there’s something wrong with your Google Ads, you need to diagnose and identify the problem as soon as possible. This highly customizable script by Frederick Vallaeys allows PPC managers to detect anomalies in their account before they turn into serious issues. An improved version of Google’s own anomaly detector script, this script will save you a lot of time troubleshooting your ads and campaigns.

54. High CPC Bid Alert by Nils Rooijmans

Google Ads is known for its crazy CPC prices which can vary depending on a range of different factors. In some industries, the cost per click can get ridiculous and often affect the profitability of a campaign. To make sure you’re not paying a ridiculous price per click, this script automatically sends you an alert when you have a high CPC bid on your campaigns.

55. Daily Overdelivery Alerts by Nils Rooijmans

Making Google Ads stick to your daily budget has become quite a challenge in recent years, but luckily there are several scripts that can help. Here’s a script that will alert you if the latest daily budget change by Google will cause Google to overdeliver and spend more money than your daily budget.

56. Hourly Email Updates by Brainlabs

When it comes to budget management, keeping your eye on expenses and PPC cost is crucial. Ever since Google introduced its over delivery feature, many campaigns often end up going over their set daily budget much to some people’s surprise. To help you monitor your spending, this script emails your hourly with the cost/performance of the day.

Bid Management Scripts

bid management gavel

57. Automatically Apply Bid Modifiers by Daniel Gilbert

It’s no exaggeration when we say this script will literally save hours of your time. This incredibly helpful script will automatically apply modifiers for device, location, in-market and remarketing audiences based on performance. You can set campaign filters, decide which types of modifiers you want to adjust, set minimum impressions, conversions and cost filters. As we said, we weren’t lying about this script saving your hours.

58. Calculate & Set Mobile Bid Modifiers by Frederick Vallaeys

Ever since the introduction of enhanced campaigns in Google Ads, it is no longer possible to have a completely separate campaign for mobile devices. Instead, mobile campaigns are now part of regular campaigns and are controlled via the bid multiplier modifier. This script helps bring campaign performance on mobile devices in line with performance on desktop campaigns using the bid modifiers.

59. TV Schedule Bid Coordination by Google

To get the most out of your campaigns, sometimes it can be effective to change your bid modifiers throughout the day. Instead of doing it all manually, this script by Google will let you define a set schedule on when bid modifiers should be adjusted. By populating a spreadsheet with the dates and times of the schedule, your ad’s bids will change accordingly throughout the day.

60. Unique Bidding Rules For Each Campaign by Russell Savage

Usually, the more complex pay per click management is, the more work required. Imagine you want to set different bidding rules for each campaign, this definitely means a lot more work! To stop you from losing your mind, this Google Ads script lets you set unique bidding rules for each campaign, saving you lots of precious time.

61. Bid Testing by Google

When determining the best bid for your keywords, it can be effective to try different levels of bidding to see what works best. Doing this manually is obviously very time consuming, but luckily, there is a handy script that will help you find the sweet spot with minimal effort. This script will adjust your keywords bids based on specific multipliers and record the results of each change.

62. Advanced Budget Management In Google Ads by Frederick Vallaeys

Managing your budgets in Google Ads is one of the most essential ways to maximize your ROI. Using this Google Ads script, you can get the most out of your ads by controlling how much you spend. Maintain your own advanced budgets by setting budgets for campaigns, ad groups, keywords, or ad text on monthly, weekly or daily basis.

63. Optimize Bids Every Hours Of The Day by Daniel Gilbert

Want to keep updating your bids throughout the day? Then you’ll definitely need this script. Currently, Google only allows 6 bidding windows per day, which means if you want to update your means more than that then you’ll need a walk around. Luckily this script allows you to update your bids 24 times per day or once every hour for those hardcore optimizers.

64. Budgets By Zip Code by Optmyzr

With Google Ad’s advanced targeting options, there are lots of cool things you can do to ensure you target the most relevant audience. One of those features is zip code targeting where you can set a different bid modifier for each area. This script gives you more control over this powerful targeting feature to ensure you get the best results.

65. Google Shopping Bid Optimizer by Derek Martin

Take the guesswork out of Google Shopping optimization with this fantastic Google Shopping optimization script. Ideal for getting the most out of your ad spend, simply enter your metrics, run it, and watch it work its magic. Not only will it save you a good amount of time, but you’ll also be surprised at the useful changes it makes.

Display Network Scripts

display network scripts section pic

66. Automatically Exclude Placements With a Particular Domain by FreeAdwordsScripts.com

The Google Display Network (GDN) is a large network with millions of 3rd party websites that can display your ads. To get the most out of your budget you’ll probably want to exclude certain websites from displaying your ads that aren’t relevant. Although Google does have some targeting options at the moment, this script makes it much easier to exclude certain extension domains such as .pl or .jp allowing to maximize your budget.

67. Automatic Placement Exclusion by Google

Sometimes there are videos which have a different target audience than your ads, but you might not know that until you start accruing stats. Once you see that a specific placement just isn’t performing the way you want, you can eliminate it from your targeting. This script allows you to identify and exclude placements that aren’t performing and getting the view you would expect.

68. Display Excluder by Bas Baudoin

Managing what websites your ads show up on the Google display network can be a real challenge. With lots of low-quality websites and incorrect placements happening regularly, this script will give you more control over your placement quality. The script will remove placements that do not meet your criteria every hour.

69. Automatic Negative Placements by Dawson Reid

Do you spend a lot of time reviewing placement data for your Google display ads? Unfortunately, it’s a necessary task if you want to maximize your budget and ROI. This script will help save you lots of time by automatically matching any negative TLD you don’t want your ads displayed on.

70. Full GDN URLs Report by Kevin Adams

Getting the most out of your money on the Google Display Network can be very challenging, especially when there are so many websites to review. If you want to review your GDN placements yourself then this script will pull all the full URLs making it super easy for you to examine them.

71. GDN Placement Cleaner by artakulov

Ensuring your ads are only placed on the highest quality Google display network sites can be a constant challenge. If you don’t have the time to exclude and purge the bad websites then don’t worry, this script will automatically remove placements relating to serials, online games, and other irrelevant sites.

Reporting Scripts

reporting scripts section

72. Google Ads Spellcheck by Russell Savage

There’s nothing more embarrassing than having a typo or spelling error in your ads. Not only does it look unprofessional, but if a client or boss sees it then you’re probably going to be in trouble! Luckily, this handy spell check script will save you the embarrassment and wrath by letting you mass spell check your ads using the Bing Spell Check API.

73. Landing Page Watch Dog by Frederick Vallaeys

Ensuring your landing pages are working as intended is crucial if you’re going to be sending paid traffic to them. A broken or 404 landing page can result in a lot of money wasted! This script creates an excel report of all the landing pages in your account and returns their status code as well as if the page contains any text such as “not found”.

74. Quality Score Tracker by PPC Epiphany

As a PPC manager, tracking your quality score should be one of the most important things in your daily tasks. With quality score having such a big impact on how much you pay per click, it makes sense to track it right? Luckily, this advanced quality score tracker keeps track of an account’s quality scores on a daily basis.

75. Track Google Ads Competitors Over Time by BrainLabsDigital.com

Keeping an eye on your competitors and what they are doing is the key to pay per click marketing success. Although there are various paid PPC tools out there that can help keep track of your PPC competitors, this handy script will help you do it for free. Using Google Sheets, you’ll get a nice graph that shows a range of important and helpful metrics.

76. Enhanced Script Anomaly Detector by Frederick Vallaeys

Detecting Google Ads anomalies on a large scale can be a tricky task, unless you have a script! This enhanced Google Ads script is an adaptation of Google’s own anomaly detection script but has been modified to work with MCC accounts. All outputs are sent to a single Google sheet and include a color coded dashboard for reference.

77. Track Return On Ad Spend by Wesley Parker

Return on ad spend is a crucial metric that many PPC managers monitor, especially for e-commerce campaigns. Although this can be done manually using spreadsheets it is very time-consuming and often tedious. To help make your life easier and to give you the important information you need to know, this script automatically creates a ROAS graph that will answer all of your questions.

78. Ad Performance Report by Google

Monitoring the performance of your ads is crucial, and the chances are your superiors will want to know what type of return you’re getting. Although there are plenty of tools that produce fancy reports, they often cost a lot of money. Save time and money with this handy ad performance script that creates a range of helpful and informative graphs.

79. Mobile Analysis Insights by Google

Ensuring a positive experience for mobile users when they visit landing pages requires that sites are built with mobile and speed in mind. If your landing pages aren’t mobile-friendly, then it could cost you more per click as well as lower conversions overall. To ensure your pages are up to scratch, this script by Google provides speed and usability insights to make sure your landing pages are mobile-friendly.

80. Declining Ad Groups Report by Google

When managing PPC campaigns, it’s important to keep an eye out for any ad groups that are underperforming. To do this manually, you’ll have to pull the metrics and analyze them yourself in a spreadsheet. However, this script can easily detect which ad groups are declining and need some attention when compared to other ad groups.

81. Report Campaigns Without Impressions by Tibbe van Asten

When managing multiple accounts, it can be incredibly tedious to check the metrics of every campaign and ad on a daily basis to check they are still active. Sometimes, campaigns may stop temporarily for a number of unexpected reasons, and with large accounts, these can sometimes go unnoticed. This script automatically alerts you via email if a campaign has not generated any impressions for the day before.

82. MCC Ad Spend Report by Corey Jansen

Keeping on top of your Google Ads spending is crucial for all agencies and managers. With so many bidding options and the chance of over-delivery, knowing exactly how much you have spent on Google Ads is very important. This script runs an entire MCC report to see how much your entire account has spent.

83. Create Google Slides With Ad Data by Frederick Vallaeys

End of month reporting can be a nightmare when you have lots of accounts, especially when you need to create a slideshow for your managers. This Google Ads script should help you save some time by automating the Google slides creation by integrating directly with Google Ads.

84. Google Sheets Reporting by Kumo Digital

When monitoring the performance of your account, it can be difficult to get the information you need together to be able to make decisions and changes. Thankfully, this can be made easier by creating a range of reports with important data that you can take action on. This handy script by Kumo Digital will do all of that and more to make your life easier.

85. Heatmap Creation Tool by Brainlabs

Heatmaps are a great way to help visualize data instead of looking at big graphs. This Google Ads script takes your account data and converts it into a handy heatmap in Google sheets. It also makes suggested bid adjustments based on the conversion rate and other metrics.

86. Advanced Google Ads Forecasting Script by Wesley Parker

Creating accurate projections for future months in Google Ads can be really important when it comes to budgeting and planning. The problem is, however, it takes a really long time to produce these reports which takes time away from the important stuff of managing campaigns. This script automatically creates a forecast for the next 12 months in just a few simple clicks!

Keyword Scripts

keywords scripts section

87. Check Close Variants Your Ads Are Showing For by FreeAdwordsScripts.com

Since Google may now show your ads on keywords that aren’t the exact keyword you provide, it’s always useful to see what your ads are actually showing up for. This script will show all keywords that Google considers to be a “close variant” of your keywords. If something doesn’t look right, then be sure to add it to your negative keywords list.

88. Leverage Google Autocomplete To Find Keyword Opportunities by Derek Martin

Google’s autocompleting feature can often provide an excellent list of potential new keyword opportunities as well as negative keywords. This script takes advantage of Google’s autocompleting feature by running your target keyword through the autocomplete feature and emailing you the results.

89. Identify Duplicate Keywords and Close Variants by Karooya

Duplicate keywords and close variants can be a big problem when trying to optimise Google Ad campaigns. This script allows you to identify duplicate keyword issues using a process called stemming. Simply run the script and it will identify the duplicates within the same keyword match type. You can then decide if the keywords are too similar and if you should be removing them.

90. Find Your Best And Worst Search Queries by Daniel Gilbert

Optimising your search keywords doesn’t have to be time consuming and boring anymore. Using the power of n-grams, this script helps you split up your queries and finds your best and worst-performing search queries. Using clicks, impressions, cost and converted clicks data, each query is given a value and arranged from highest to lowest.

91. Keyword Association Analysis by Daniel Gilbert

As a PPC manager, you should always be on the lookout for new keywords. But even with keyword research tools, the process can be very time consuming and boring. This script can definitely help speed up the process of keyword research by creating a fantastic word association chart from account data. Simply run it and it will spit out plenty of new phrases and keywords to take a look at.

92. Negative Keyword Conflicts by Google

Negative keywords are a great way to optimize your ads and get the most out of your ad spend. However, in some circumstances, these negative keywords can sometimes block normal keywords from triggering relative search queries. This script checks whether the negative keywords in an account block any normal keywords and alerts you if so.

93. Exclude Queries With High CPA by Tibbe van Asten

Removing expensive keywords is a sure-fire way to help get the most out of your ad spend and stop wasting money on low converting keywords. This script takes a look at all search terms in campaigns and ensures any overpriced search terms are excluded. The desired CPA can be defined for each campaign within the script to make it more flexible.

94. Search Term Trends by Karooya

Finding those underperforming search terms in Google Ads can be a time-consuming process. This script by Karooya helps identify search terms that are losing impressions, clicks and conversions. At the same time, it can also help identify over-performing search terms which are gaining impressions and clicks. These can then be analyzed and passed onto your SEO team.

95. Broad Match to Modified Broad Match by Aleksander Vucenovic

Switching the match settings of your keywords in Google Ads can be a long and tedious process, especially if you have a large account and lots of ad groups. This handy script will change all of your broad match keywords to modified broad match keywords in just a few minutes saving you lots of time.

96. Pause / Remove Low Volume Keywords by Ahmed Ali

Search terms with low search volume will often be flagged as “inactive” and not trigger your ads until the number of search queries has increased. This useful script checks all of your keywords and pauses / removes any that have been flagged as inactive, helping to clean up your dashboard.

97. New Shopping Search Term Suggestions by Jörn-Heiko Raußendorff

Google shopping ads are becoming extremely popular with users and a lot of their information can help with traditional text ads. These valuable search queries from Google shopping can be used to profitably develop new text campaigns. This entire process does take a while to complete, so thankfully there is a script to help speed up the process.

Miscellaneous Scripts

miscellaneous scripts section

98. JavaScript AdWords Modules by jafaircl

Building your own Google Ads scripts can sound very challenging when there is so much code to learn. Thankfully, this script will help you create functional Google Ads scripts while taking advantage of JavaScript’s ES6 & ES2015 features to make your Google scripts coding just that little bit easier.

99. AdScripter by crealytics

Maintaining and storing your Google Ads scripts can be tricky without a proper storage system. Luckily, this special script will give you a nice HTML based editor that will also store your scripts on GitHub for future reference. Simply download it and extract it to a local or remote server to get it working.

100. Salesforce Integration by ryanpraski

Salesforce is a powerful CRM tool that allows you to collect lots of information about your clients and customers. This script helps collect even more information about your customer’s journey by capturing the Google Ads GCLID which can be used to understand their journey even better.

101. Timer Management by Norisk Marketing

Running automated scripts can be tricky when it comes to Google Ads. Some scripts allow you to complete a task every so often, e.g. hour, but running the script itself at a set internal can be hard. Luckily this helpful tool allows you to manage your entire script library via a configurable timer.

102. Remove Unused Labels by Gscripts

Labels are a great way to organize your account, but if you don’t use any then they can actually clutter up the account and make it difficult to understand. This script checks your shared library to ensure that no labels are not being used. If there are any that haven’t been linked to a campaign, then this script will delete them and make the account easier to use.

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