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10 Best Google Ads Description Examples You Need to Study Right Now

March 17th, 2021

When it comes to Google Ads, you only have a limited amount of space to grab the searcher’s attention. With only 30 characters allowed in the ad headline, it can be hard to write a compelling advert. Yet some businesses crush it daily with their awesome ads. So just how do they do it? And how can you copy them?

Luckily we’ve got plenty of Google Ads description examples to show you.

When it comes to Google ad examples, there are plenty of good ones out there to choose from. Most large scale ad campaigns are run by huge pay per click agencies that have big budgets and a lot of resources to deliver incredible results.

They also have lots of experience running Google Ads and know a thing or two about how to create the perfect Google ad. So if you’re looking for some good Google Ads headlines and description examples, then we have plenty of them below.

Best Google Ads Description Examples 2023

We’ve hand-picked 10 of our favorite ad examples from various industries and have broken them down into easy to understand chunks. So grab your pen and get ready to make plenty of notes from these successful campaigns!

Here are our top 10 best Google ad copy examples.

1. Upwork: Tell Users Why You Rock

Key Points

  • Great call to action
  • Excellent second headline reinforcing the first
  • Uses sitelink extension

Upwork is an online freelancer marketplace that helps match freelancers with clients. This PPC ad campaign they’re running is an excellent way to get potential customers looking for freelancers to sign up.

Why It’s Great

The ad starts off with a great call to action, hire the BEST, not just anyone. It also reinforces it by calling them experts in their field, which also adds another level of trust. The description underneath goes into more detail about their service and the benefits it offers such as a “pool of professionals and agencies”. By convincing buyers they’ll get more work done for less than they’re paying now, this is a great way to get them interested. A call to action that strong will at least tickle some user’s interest and make them click. This is exactly what the ad is meant to do and why it’s a great example of a Google ad.

They’ve also used ad extensions to direct users to the most important pages such as “how does it work” and “browse freelance talent”. Not only do these site extensions improve the size of the ad, making it more noticeable, but they also greatly increase the click-through rate. With an ad like this at the top of Google, it’s very hard not to click it.

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2. Click: Give Users Confidence

Key Points

  • Clearly explained services
  • Builds trust
  • Simple and straight to the point
  • Includes pricing to deter unqualified leads

Our next ad is from Click, a UK company that specialises in SEO services. This PPC ad campaign they are running is a great example of how you can get across trust and reputation in an ad without having to use the reviews extension.

Why It’s Great

The ad headline clearly explains what they do which is very important. Their brand name on its own doesn’t really explain what they do, but the phrase “expert SEO services UK” clearly does. They also go on to include their trust factor which is that they were awarded the best SEO agency in 2019.

The ad description underneath only continues to expand the trust factor they mentioned in the headline. They also offer other reasons why they’re the best by mentioning their data-driven strategies and that they’re experts in search.

To increase the chances that they only get qualified leads clicking their ads, they also include the phrase “services from £3000 per month” to give users an idea of their prices. There’s no point letting anyone click the ad and then telling them the price after, as you’ve already paid for the click. Instead, by telling users the price before, they’re probably saving themselves a bit of monthly ad spend!

3. Fasthosts: Lure Users In With Deals

Key Points

  • Pushes USP (Price)
  • Builds trust with 3rd party reviews
  • Uses site ad extension

If you’ve ever needed hosting, then you’ve probably Googled web hosting and seen the thousands of identical search results that come back. With the industry being super competitive, businesses are constantly trying to differentiate themselves and make themselves stand out. Fasthosts, a large hosting company in the UK is just one example of a company that is doing just that.

Why It’s Great

The headline for the ad starts off with something attention-grabbing by listing their starting prices “from £2.50”. This alone is enough to get lots of people interested in clicking their ad, especially people looking for a cheap deal. The follow-up of “50% off all packages” is sufficient to lure in everyone else.

The advert also includes their Google review rating which ranks them 4.1 / 5. This is a good confidence booster as it shows they are reputable and have plenty of positive reviews (over 209). The ad description underneath the ad is fairly short but there really isn’t much more to be said. Their services include unlimited bandwidth, and they offer a range of freebies including a free domain.

Underneath the ad description, the ad also includes some quick links to areas on the website. These links also include a call to action such as “50% Off Web Hosting”. Combining all of these elements together, the ad is very convincing and does exactly what it is meant to do: get people clicking and buying.

4. Direct Line: Tell Users Why You’re Unique

Key Points

  • Easily recognisable
  • Encourages clicks
  • Lists benefits
  • Call to action ad extensions

Direct Line is a big company in the car insurance industry and has been around for many decades. Since they are not offered on any price comparison websites, Direct Line is often cheaper than other insurance providers found online. This gives them a unique selling point which they can push with their advertising.

Why It’s Great

The headline for their ad starts with their brand name and registered trademark symbol which is always a good idea to differentiate yourself from competitors. After that, the ad pushes their main selling point which is “we’re not on comparison sites”. This basically tells users that if they want to use Direct Line, they’ll need to visit their website. This is a great way to boost their click-through rate especially when there are lots of price comparison sites showing up in the search results.

The ad description continues with the unique selling point and reinforces the fact that you won’t find them anywhere else. Again, by telling the user they won’t find their quotes on any other website, it increases the chances that they will click. The description then goes on to list all the benefits of Direct Line including a 24/7 emergency phone line and 5-star Defaqto rating.

To get the user to click, the ad also includes two calls to action links at the bottom. The clear “get a car insurance quote” and “multi-car insurance” are great CTAs to get customers to click. Overall this ad is very well constructed and includes many trust factors, CTAs and reasons to buy from them.

5. Apple: Always Promote Yourself


Key Points

  • Protects their market share
  • Clearly listed benefits
  • Monthly pricing to seem cheaper
  • Call to action site extensions

If you’ve never heard of Apple, then you must be hiding under a rock. The biggest mobile phone producer out there, you might be surprised that Apple is even running ads in the first place.

Why It’s Great

Although Apple is a very well known and established brand, there are two main reasons why they run ads. The first reason is that people often forget about products no matter how big the company is. Second, if Apple don’t hold this spot then someone else will. By bidding for this keyword they are basically fending off competition. Unlike the other Google ad examples on this list, Apple are bidding on their own brand name.

The ad headline starts with the name of this latest mobile, the iPhone 11 as it has historically been Apple’s flagship product. The ad description of the ad starts off by drawing people in with a cheap price of “from £22.99 a month”. iPhones are often sold for £800+ so telling users they can pay monthly is always a good idea. As another incentive, the ad also tells users that they can get it cheaper if they trade in their existing phone.

The ad then goes on to highlight all the key benefits of the iPhone 11 such as all-day battery life, new colours, and the new “slofie”.

Finally, after listing all the benefits and features, the ad finishes off with five call to action buttons. These buttons range from “buy iPhone” to “from £559 with trade-in”. These are great as although they mean buy now, they aren’t worded in the same way. “From £559 with trade-in” is a great call to action to convince people to buy who might not have enough money to buy one outright.

6. Injury Lawyers 4 U: Differentiate Yourself From The Competition

Key Points

  • Builds on brand
  • Clear description
  • Clearly listed services
  • Call to action ad extensions

Next up on our list of Google ad examples is Injury Lawyers 4 U. Having been in the industry for a long time, Injury Lawyers 4 U are a very well known brand in the UK. Not only have they ran multiple TV ads to increase exposure, but they now run Google ads.

Why It’s Great

The main headline of their ad starts with their brand name which makes them easily recognisable. The chances are people have already heard of them before which catches their attention. The headline then follows up with “expert legal advice” which helps convey trust to the reader.

The description of the ad gets straight to work in listing the benefits of their service. “Claim with confidence” is a big incentive that many lawyers push nowadays and InjuryLawyers4U also take advantage of it. They also go on to talk about how they deal with all of the claims themselves and don’t pass them on to other companies or middlemen. This again gives a trust factor that you’re getting a genuine service and professional results.

To get readers even more interested, the ad also displays the type of claims they cover including accidents at work, road traffic accidents, slips and medical claims. Finally, at the bottom of the ad, there are 4 call to action buttons which help increase the chances of readers clicking. By giving them direct links to their services page, readers can click on whichever page interests them the most which is likely to increase the ads CTR.

With their service’s benefits clearly outlined and numerous trust factors, this ad answers every question a user might have about their company. It’s also an excellent example of an attention-grabbing ad which is why it’s on our list of Google ad examples.

7. JBL: Use Ratings To Boost User Confidence

Key Points

  • Makes use of brand name
  • Live pricing extension
  • Call to action ad extensions

JBL are an electronics company that has produced headphones and speakers for decades. Known for its high-quality products, JBL has a lot of competition from other brands such as Dr Dre Beats, Sennheiser and Sony. To distinguish themselves from their competition they offer exclusive offers with their official JBL shop.

Why It’s Great

The ad’s headline starts off with a brand name and the keyword which always grabs the users attention (earphones in this case). It also goes on to list the address of the website which is great at catching user’s eyes.

The description of the ad starts with “Immerse yourself in music no matter where you are with JBL headphones” which again is great for people who have never heard of JBL before. The first few words of the ad explain what they sell and why they’re a popular brand. The description then goes on to explain the many benefits of shopping at the JBL store such as free shipping. This is a good incentive that will often win over customers and stop them from going elsewhere.

Finally, at the bottom of the advert, the ad includes calls to action links which takes users directly to product categories. To show customers that they don’t just sell headphones, the ad also includes a link to other products they sell. This takes users to their sale section where they can see items with up to 40% off. The only thing we would change here is probably adding more categories such as speakers and soundbars but nevertheless, it’s still a great ad.

8. Juniqe: Reinforce Your Reputation

Key Points

  • Shows success
  • Short and to the point
  • Builds trust with reviews
  • Uses ad extensions

Juniqe is an online shop that specialises in selling posters and prints. Having been around for several years, they primarily rely on Google ads to drive traffic to their website.

Why It’s Great

The headline for the ad includes their brand name and domain URL which is a great way to differentiate themselves from other shops. To grab readers attention they use the registered trademark symbol on their brand name to show they’re not just a small dropshipping store. If you’re looking for a poster then the chances are you’ll find it here.

The ad also includes a Google star rating underneath the headline which also grabs reader’s attention with their score of 4.7 / 5. This adds a good trust factor to the company as users generally react positively to high score ratings. This makes customers much more likely to click on the ad and ultimately make a purchase.

Like many good Google ad examples, the description of the ad is fairly short but gets straight to the point. “Find the perfect wall art for your home” indicates that they have a huge selection of posters that will please everyone. The description then follows up with “printed just for you here in Europe” which is another good trust factor as it will be coming from somewhere nearby and not China. This gives potential customers, even more, confidence to shop with them.

At the bottom of the ad, they list several styles of posters that they sell including animals, florals, maps & cities, as well as typography. Although these are not site extension links, they still give the user a good idea of what products they offer.

Combining the various trust factors and high rating, this search ad is an excellent example of how to get users to convert.

9. Argos: Confront Any User’s Suspicions

Key Points

  • Strong headline
  • Description builds trust
  • Solid reviews

Argos is one of the UK’s largest retailers that sell a variety of items and goods from fridges to TV’s. Traditionally an offline retailer, Argos has now moved online and offers users the ability to order goods to their house. This example of one of their many ads is focused on 4K TVs which have become very popular recently.

Why It’s Great

The headline of the ad grabs readers attention with the mention of 4K TVs and the ability to pick up instore. The description gives more detail on the offer by telling readers “check online and reserve items at your local store”. With over 700 stores nationwide, this makes it super convenient for customers who can’t wait indoors all day for delivery.

Just below the headline, the ad also includes a review extension that shows their rating of 4.6 stars from 35,372 reviews. A good indication for anyone looking to buy from Argos as it shows off their impressive 3rd party reviews. The ad also displays their returns policy which is listed as 30+ on most items. This helps build trust by letting users know they can return items if they don’t like them within 30 days.

The only thing this Google ad is really missing is the local store extension that automatically displays the nearest store based on the user’s location. Although Argos do use it on other ads, for whatever reason they haven’t decided to use it on this one (or Google has just not decided to display it). Which is a shame because the entire ad’s angle is based around local stores and collecting in store. Hopefully, after reading this they might decide to include it!

10. Beds: Always Promote Your Sales

Key Points

  • Sale announcement in the headline
  • Concise and clear
  • Lists products
  • Makes the buying process easier

The last ad on our list of Google Ads examples is a killer ad by Beds are a UK company that just happens to sell beds. With an exact match domain, they pretty much have the ideal brand when it comes to selling beds. But that’s not all, Beds also have plenty of offers for customers to take advantage of.

Why It’s Great

The headline for this Google ad is very strong and instantly gets readers interested. Everyone loves a sale, and if you’re looking for a bed then you’re probably going to be interested in what they have to offer.

The description of the ads gets straight down to the key points of why you should buy from beds and lists the various benefits. The current sale they are running gives readers rock bottom prices, great service and free next day delivery. The second line on the description basically repeats and reinforces the benefits but also adds that they offer hassle-free returns just in case you don’t like what you’ve ordered.

The ad also lists the different types of beds they sell including leather, metal, bunk beds, wooden and fabric. At the end of the ad, it gives users several calls to action buttons which include specific bed categories. This stops users having to search for the product and takes 1 step out of the whole conversion process. Overall this ad is an excellent example of how using the right extensions can completely supercharge your click-through and conversion rate.

We hope you enjoyed our list of excellent Google Ads examples. Hopefully, you can pick up some useful tips and tricks to add to your current PPC ads which will turn them into conversion monsters. If you want to take your ads to the next level, then be sure to check out our 101 Google Ads scripts that are sure to save you time and improve your results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some examples of Google Ads?

Google Ads examples include search ads, video ads, shopping ads, and text ads.

How can I create an effective ad copy for my Google Ads campaign?

To create effective ad copy for your Google search ads, use relevant keywords and highlight the benefits of your product or service. Use social proof and a clear call to action.

How can I use Google Maps in my ad campaigns?

You can use it in your ad campaigns by using location extensions to show your business location and hours on your ads. You can also use it in your ad takes to encourage searchers to visit your store or location.

What are some tips for creating successful Google Ads campaigns?

Some tips for creating successful Google Ads campaigns include using the right keywords, having a clear call to action, optimising your landing pages, and using ad extensions such as sitelink extensions and call extensions.

How can I use star ratings in my search ads?

You can use star ratings in your search ads by including them in your ad copy or as a part of your ad’s design. Star ratings can be used to give social proof and encourage searchers to click on your ad.

How can I use a phone number in my Google Ads?

You can use a phone number in your Google Ads by including it in your ad copy or as a part of your ad’s design. You can also use call extensions to make it easy for searchers to call your business directly from the ad.

How can I target a specific audience with my Google Ads?

You can target a specific audience with your Google Ads by using demographic targeting options such as age, gender, and location. You can also use keyword targeting to reach people searching for specific terms related to your product or service.

How can I use different ad options to make my ads stand out?

Smart campaigns are a useful ad option that can make your ads stand out by automatically adjusting bids and targeting to help you get more conversions at the lowest possible cost.

How can I use blog post and PPC campaign for my ad?

You can use a blog post as an ad by including links to your website or landing pages in your blog post. You can also use PPC campaigns to drive traffic to your blog post and increase visibility for your brand.

How can I use search engine results and search terms to improve my ad stand?

You can use search engine results and search terms to improve your ad stand by researching the keywords and phrases that your target audience is searching for. This will allow you to use the right keywords in your ad copy and targeting options, and encourage searchers to click on your ad.

What are some Google Ads tips for creating a successful landing page?

Some Google Ads tips for creating a successful landing page include making sure it is relevant to the ad and keyword phrase, addressing any pain points the target audience may have, and including specific keywords. It’s also important to include a clear call to action and social proof.

How can I use different ads to focus on different aspects of my real estate business?

You can use different ads to focus on different aspects of your real estate business, such as text ads to highlight specific properties, video ads to showcase a virtual tour of a property, and display ads to promote open houses.

How can I use keyword phrases to improve my ad stands?

You can use keyword phrases to improve your ad stands by researching the keywords and phrases that your target audience is searching for and including them in your ad copy and targeting options. This will encourage searchers to click on your ad.

How can I use ad highlights and ad focuses to increase my click-through rate?

You can use ad highlights and ad focuses to increase your click-through rate by emphasizing the most important aspects of your product or service in your ad copy and design. This can be done by using bold text, bullet points, or images to draw attention to the key benefits of your product or service.

How can I use a free plan to attract new customers?

You can use a free plan to attract new customers by offering a free trial or a limited version of your product or service. This allows potential customers to try your product or service before making a purchase, which can increase their trust in your brand and encourage them to become paying customers.

How can I use additional links to drive more traffic to my website?

You can use additional links to drive more traffic to your website by including them in your ad copy, such as sitelink extensions, call extensions, or location extensions. You can also use additional links in your blog post or PPC campaign to increase visibility for your brand and drive more traffic to your website.

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