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Regain Control of the Traffic You’re Paying For

Lunio automatically filters out fake traffic, creates full data transparency, and maximises your return on ad spend.

Work Smarter With Clean Data.

Be More Transparent.

Turn unproductive ad spend into client revenue by removing invalid clicks from their funnel. You instantly generate a better ROI and deliver quality results based on legitimate click data.

With clean data, you can automatically shape clients' traffic to best suit their business, showing them how you optimize ad spend and increase conversions. 

Why Agencies Choose Lunio.

Creating Long-Lasting Relationships.

Acquire More Clients.

Use Lunio to differentiate. Agencies who include low-quality, invalid, and fraudulent click prevention in their client pitches win 37% more business.

Generate More Revenue.

Sign up to our Agency Partners Program and create an additional revenue stream alongside your standard management fees.

Increased Client Retention.

Ensuring your clients only receive genuine ad clicks makes them a whopping 63% less likely to churn. Build longer-term, more profitable client relationships by putting transparency front and center.

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If It's Not Private, It's Not Worth It.

Privacy At Our Core.

Extend Your PPC Team.

A Fully Managed Service.

We're not just a tech company, we know agency life. So, you can think of our dedicated Customer Success Team as an extension of your own. These highly experienced PPC strategists are focused on helping you reduce your clients’ invalid traffic and anything else PPC-related.

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What Clicks Are Your Clients Really Paying For?

Free 2-Week Traffic Check

Actionable Reports

2 Minute Setup

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Revenue Through Exclusion.

More Revenue. Same Budgets.

Make automated PPC bidding and targeting strategies more effective by excluding optimization signals generated from clients' invalid users.


Win More Pitches

Agencies using Lunio have a 37% increased pitch win rate.


Less Client Churn

Deploying Lunio to clients reduces churn rate by up to 63%.


Love Us

98% of agencies using Lunio rate us ‘Excellent’ or ‘Outstanding’.

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Lunio Gets Results.

We're The Gold Standard.

Rated #1 for ease of use, ease of setup, quality of support, and threat detection, Lunio is the gold standard for agencies looking to reduce their clients’ exposure to low-quality, invalid and fraudulent clicks.

See What Agencies Are Saying.

Lauren May Kelley - DMT

“We love the fact that it runs in the background on its own, helps save our clients money, and ensures all our PPC marketing data is accurate.”

Ahmed Chopdat – Circus

"We always recommend Lunio to our clients because of the huge difference it can make. It’s a really responsive service, and all our clients are very happy."

Stop All Advertising Fraud in Seconds