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CPC Advertising: The Sure-Fire Way to Make Money

April 21st, 2019

Digital marketing is a huge market with plenty of different companies and techniques out there. From digital banners to pop-ups – if you want to improve your business’s online presence, there are plenty of ways to do it. However, some are definitely better than others.

If you’ve been in digital marketing for long enough, then you’ve probably stumbled upon CPC advertising. Also known as cost per click advertising and pay per click advertising, this type of digital marketing blows everything out of the water.

With so many different techniques out there, what makes CPC advertising stand out from the rest? To answer this question, we must first explore the other methods of digital marketing and compare them. By doing this, you’ll quickly see why CPC advertising is the best. Let’s begin.

Why Is CPC Advertising So Good?

cpc advertising

Now you’re probably thinking: Why would you use CPC advertising over other methods such as banners and SEO? Well, there are several ways in which CPC advertising excels over every other type of advertising. Here are just a few key points to get started:

Benefits of CPC Advertising

  • It’s cheaper than you think
  • Instant results
  • Easily scalable
  • Pay per click, not impression
  • Can rank number 1 for any keyword

The first advantage of CPC advertising is the cost. A lot of people often think CPC advertising is expensive, but they are wrong. For the price you pay, you get exceptionally high-quality traffic that is a lot more likely to convert compared to general traffic.

You might pay a website $500 a month to display your banner or ad, but how many people are going to click it? 3%, 4%? The point is that CPC advertising gives you much higher quality traffic that is related to the product or service you are trying to sell. If you are bidding on the keyword “mobile phones”, then anyone who clicks your advert is most likely going to be interested in mobile phones.

Compare this to the banner advert we mentioned earlier, and people are a lot less likely to click – it’s more luck if they do. If you spent that $500 on CPC advertising instead, not only would you get more clicks, but you’re also likely to get more conversions.

Another great benefit of CPC advertising is the ability to get instant results. Within a few minutes of setting up your campaign, you can have visitors clicking your ads and going to your website. This is also great if you need a scalable campaign.

By simply increasing your daily spend or number of keywords you can dramatically increase the amount of clicks you receive. It’s like having a turbo button you can press if you want to supercharge your campaigns. You might play around the with adverts and keywords beforehand, but as soon as you’ve got a winning PPC formula, you can just turn up the dials.

As you can see there are numerous benefits of using CPC, but how do they hold up against other popular methods of digital marketing?

CPC Advertising vs CPM

cpm vs cpc

Another popular form of advertising in the digital marketing world is CPM. Often referred to as cost per thousand impressions, but technically cost per mile, this system is a lot different from CPC.

Unlike CPC, you are charged per click, you are charged per thousand impressions. A lot of people often fall the low prices thinking they will get lots of clicks; this is a poor decision. There is absolutely no guarantee that you will even get a single click on your advert yet you will still have to pay. Take a look at the example below.

cpm example

The example above shows that for a daily budget of £10 a day you can get around 261 clicks averaging 4p per click. As you can see, your ad would receive nearly 14,000 impressions but only 1.9% of people will actually click it (CTR). Compare this to CPM and you would probably be looking at around £1 per 1,000 views if you’re lucky.

Straight away, you should notice that it would cost £14 a day to get the same results assuming the CTR was the same. Since CPM advertising is mainly offered on other websites and not Google, the is a high chance your CTR will be even lower than this.

Not only would you end up paying more money but not as many people would click through and ultimately less people would convert. Round 1 to CPC advertising.

CPC Advertising vs SEO

cpc vs seo

The next contender on the list is SEO. Also known as search engine optimisation, SEO consists of optimising your website in order to rank higher on Google. The first problem with SEO is that it takes time. In order to see results and move up on Google, it literally takes months of hard work.

Compare this to CPC, and you can jump above the organic results within minutes after setting up a campaign. Not to mention like you saw earlier, if it costs 4p to get placed above organic search, then it’s probably cheaper in the long term too.

Why spend hundreds or thousands a month to try and get rank 1 when you can just bid 4p a click and only pay for every visitor on your website. After all, you might spend hundreds a month on SEO but there is no guarantee anyone will actually click your website.

Compare this to CPC; you only click when a visitor comes to your site. Round 2 is a clear win to CPC – not only does it require less money and effort to get to the first page, but it’s also pretty much instant.

Now that you know why CPC advertising is the best form of online marketing, it’s time to start your own campaign. However, before you do, make sure you have protection from click fraud.

Businesses lose thousands, if not millions a year due to fraudulent clicks. Unfortunately, there is very little Google can do as it is such a large problem and after all, Google still gets paid per click!

Lunio is state of the art software that can detect when your ads are being fraudulently clicked. Once detected, Lunio will block the user from ever clicking your ads again. Wave bye bye to click fraud and increase the ROI of your CPC campaigns!

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