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Lunio and IAS Partner to Offer Comprehensive IVT Measurement & Protection

June 11th, 2024

We’re proud to announce our partnership with IAS – a leading global media measurement and optimization platform.

The represents a first-to-market partnership that enables brands to detect invalid traffic (IVT) throughout the entire media buying cycle – from impressions through to clicks and conversions. 

Detecting Invalid Traffic at Every Stage

Fake traffic is more prevalent than ever, with 1 in 12 paid ad clicks being identified as invalid. That translates into almost $205 billion in lost revenue opportunities this year alone.

Source: Lunio’s Wasted Ad Spend Report 2024

By teaming up with IAS, we’re making it easier for customers to protect the entire media buying cycle from IVT and benefit from the most comprehensive IVT protection on the market.  

IAS is dedicated to safeguarding brands throughout the entire media buying cycle. Our partnership with Lunio makes us the first media measurement and optimization platform to provide insight into fraudulent clicks, empowering marketers with the most actionable invalid traffic data.

Jim Egan Ias Headshot

Jim Egan

SVP, Business Development at IAS

Our Partnership with IAS

IAS provides industry-leading pre-click fraud measurement and protection, using a three pillar approach:

  • Rules-based detection uses automated rule checks to identify ad impression behavioral anomalies 
  • AI/Machine Learning uses big data to detect hidden or uncommon patterns in impression delivery, traffic sources, and page interactions and more
  • IAS Threat Lab uses malware analysis and reverse engineering to uncover emerging threats before they arise

Combined with Lunio’s best-in-class IVT detection and prevention software, the partnership allows us to stop more bots than ever before, without over-blocking real human clicks. 

In short, Lunio gives performance marketers a competitive advantage in these 3 areas: 

  1. Transparency: Deep dive into ad traffic and click data to pinpoint where invalid visits are damaging campaign performance.
  2. Empowerment: Proactively optimize audience and placement targeting using click data and traffic quality signals you can’t get elsewhere.
  3. Quality: Prevent invalid traffic from wasting your ad spend and contaminating your data, for laser focused targeting of genuine prospects. 

This partnership marks a crucial step forward in providing marketers with the most effective invalid and junk traffic data possible. We’re proud to partner with IAS in a joint commitment to giving marketers reliable analytics and protection that drive quality and — most importantly — business results.

Neil Andrew

Neil Andrew

CEO at Lunio

We’re excited to continue tackling the ever-growing invalid traffic problem head-on, as our partnership with IAS arms marketers with the ability to block IVT at a scale never seen before. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Lunio’s partnership with IAS, and to see our invalid traffic detection in action across your own campaigns, contact us to book a demo. 

Minimize IVT, Maximize ROAS

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