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Over 50% of all online ads are never seen by a human. Whilst search engines & ad networks offer a first layer of defence, they don’t solve the problem of invalid traffic sources infecting your analytics, remarketing & acquistion funnels.

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Is Lunio Worth The Price?

Significant portions of advertising budgets are being swallowed up by ad platforms that no one can hold accountable. Lunio’s mission is to show advertisers exactly what their money is being spent on and arm them with all the data they need to take back control. 

One way we do this is by detecting and excluding invalid clicks from your ads, enabling advertisers to use previously wasted ad spend to optimize their ads based on clean click data. We don’t want you to spend more to get clean data, that’s why we base our pricing model on a small percentage of ad spend (much of which is spent on invalid traffic anyway). Our clients see clear ROI from this model, which is why most businesses and agencies decide to move forward with us when we’ve shown the true nature of their own traffic data to them. 

But how do you know your potential ROI from our platform? Your ad traffic is unique to your business, so we start by looking at your ad traffic data. All our clients begin with a Free Traffic Audit so we can monitor and analyze the quality of your ad traffic and show you how we can improve your performance and demonstrate ROI based on your traffic in real-time.

We categorize your ad clicks as either valid, suspicious, or illegitimate during your audit, using advanced behavioral analyses and machine learning. After two weeks, we’ll report back how much you could have saved by eliminating the invalid traffic we detected clicking on your ads. It’s then totally your choice whether to proceed to protection mode or not. Either way, we’ll give you all the click data from your audit, as there will be huge insights you can glean from this alone.

If you decide to begin protecting your campaigns with us, it’s a simple switch to prevent your ads from being displayed to any source we have detected as invalid. Our protection algorithm will continue to learn about the nature of your high-converting versus no-converting traffic and optimize ad protection as it learns, and provide a rolling count of how much you’re saving to reinvest in more optimized campaigns.

How Much Does Lunio Cost?

Our pricing is based on a percentage of the total financial impact invalid clicks have on your business. We take a small percentage of your ad spend, which is typically an amount far less than what would have been spent on the invalid clicks we exclude, leaving the remaining savings to be reinvested back into better-performing campaigns. 

Other vendors charge per click. We prefer to use a more value-based approach to our pricing model, one based on a small percentage of ad spend. That way we are focused on optimizing your ad spend, not billing you for every click as the ad network providers currently do. 

The actual amount we charge is dependent on your current and planned ad spend. We have three tiers available. 

Pro – Best-in-class paid acquisition protection and invalid traffic prevention for SMBs. 

Elite – Same great protection with additional insights and support to accelerate results for brands and enterprises. 

Agency – Protect your clients’ ad spend and increase performance through invalid traffic exclusion.

Can I Pay Monthly For Lunio?

Yes, you can pay monthly for your ad protection. However, the best rates are available to those who enjoy the stability of annual agreements. 

The nature of our platform means that you’ll see better results over time – the more data we have to work with, the more precise our analysis. Clients who allow the Lunio algorithm the time to deep dive into their accounts see more specific behavioural analyses to further optimise future campaigns. While you will instantly see an increase in your ROI by blocking bad traffic, protecting your PPC campaigns is a long-term investment for your business.

How Does Lunio’s Budget Allowance Work?

We’ll discuss with you what your budgets for the year ahead look like and put you on the plan that best suits the amount of ad protection you need. 

Don’t worry, if you go over your initial budget allowance, we won’t stop protecting your ads. Your protection will remain in place, and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss whether this is a one-off fluctuation or whether your protection plan needs changing.

What Value Does Lunio Bring To My Business?

We don’t just identify and exclude invalid traffic to save you money (although being able to re-invest that saving back into campaigns isn’t a bad thing!). More importantly, by identifying and excluding invalid traffic to your ads, you are constantly ensuring that the traffic coming to your ads is matched with high-converting behavior. This takes you closer to your ideal customer profile, which can impact all aspects of your business. Any invalid click that gets into your funnel creates more cost, effort, and mislead insights. We aim to stop that from happening, creating direct ad savings, and indirect revenue opportunities.

Doesn’t Google Take Care Of All This?

PPC Protect gives you full transparency when it comes to all your advertising data. We analyze multiple data points per click, such as the type of device used, location, screen resolution, VPN usage, and share it all with you – something Google doesn’t do. Google’s current system highlights the number of invalid clicks they’ve detected on your account (typically a fraction of the invalid clicks our platform detects) and how much they’ve determined you should be refunded. They do not exclude those invalid clicks from coming back to your ads, and could actually shape your ad behavior to optimize for this bad traffic, taking you further away from your ideal customer profile and creating more cost downstream.

What Reporting Is Available?

Your dashboard shows you how many clicks are being reported as good, bad, or suspicious in real-time and provides an indication of savings generated over a selected period. You can also receive click assessment reports daily, weekly, or monthly via email. If you need more data, your dedicated Client Success Manager will create detailed, high-level reports on your behalf. The reports will drill down into each level of your ads and highlight where the most invalid traffic is coming from, what needs your attention immediately and where improvements can be made.

Are There Any Extra Perks To Using Lunio?

As well as gaining a ton of advertising data and additional revenue, being part of Lunio means you get access to loads of great perks. We have a whole section dedicated to our unique offers in the dashboard. Here you will find exclusive deals worth over $3,241 for you to take advantage of to better your business.

Can I Speak With Lunio Clients As a Reference?

Yes, absolutely. We have agencies and businesses across the world who would be more than happy to speak to you about their experience using Lunio. If you’d like to talk to them, speak to one of our team, and we’ll put you in touch with someone who’s most closely aligned with your sector. We also have a huge range of success stories from current clients. Here's a snippet of what people have to say about us:

Epos Now saw a 10.4% increase in traffic quality and saved £44,000 a month:

“The platform is so easy to use and the ROI so beneficial that there’s no point in thinking about anyone else. To have one tool that is fully self-sustained is very rare.”

Carlos Barros, Marketing Director

Turners Cars reduced their CPAs by 56%:

“The campaign protected by Lunio showed much better results compared to Google data. Having Lunio on our campaigns strongly increases their performance!” 

Anton Borodatov, Digital Marketing Specialist

Mabo saved £32,700 in ad spend per month:

“Having Lunio in place a no-brainer. It’s great to have ad protection as part of our arsenal to improve results for clients.” 

Lee Mableson, Managing Director

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