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Lunio’s Great Big Brand Campaign Study 2021

February 23rd, 2021

Branded PPC campaigns, you either hate them or you love them.

Some advertisers rage at the sight of seeing their competitors running ads on their brand name, while others revel in the competition.

But for many advertisers, branded PPC campaigns are an essential part of any PPC strategy and are crucial to gaining market share and stealing competitor’s customers.

So what do you need to know about this type of campaign?

To help answer the most common questions about branded PPC campaigns, we’ve done our own research into how agencies and PPC managers are using them.

In this 29 page report, we cover everything from how much pay per click agencies allocate to these campaigns, to if they think they are good value for money.

Be sure to download the full report here. Or read on for a sneak peek and to see what’s covered inside.

About The Study

branded ppc campaign study

At Lunio, we love data! And even more so if it’s original first-hand data we’ve collected ourselves.

To answer those burning questions everyone has about branded PPC campaigns, we surveyed over 100 PPC managers from agencies to get their thoughts on branded campaigns.

Combining a range of first-hand data and interviews from PPC experts, this study tackles the important question: are branded PPC campaigns worth it?

Key Report Findings

  • 93% of agencies run branded PPC campaigns
  • More than 66% of advertisers spend a maximum of 30% of their budget on branded campaigns
  • 85% of agencies use exact match targeting for their branded PPC campaigns

To give you an overview of the report, here are the key report findings from our data.

The keyword findings from our report show that PPC managers and agencies LOVE branded PPC campaigns. With 93% of agencies running them for clients, the numbers speak for themselves.

In addition to lots of agencies running branded campaigns, they also spend a considerable amount of them. Another key statistic from the report was that over 66% of advertisers surveyed spent a maximum of 30% of their monthly budget on this type of campaign. With some of these monthly budgets going into the millions of dollars, that’s a considerable budget allocation.

When it comes to targeting and running these branded campaigns, 85% of agencies use exact match targeting to ensure they get the best results. With Google continually removing and tweaking targeting settings, it’s clear advertisers don’t trust their targeting options anymore and rely solely on exact match keywords.

What’s Inside?

Aside from those key report findings we just covered, we’ve also packed plenty of other useful information into this report.

The report contains 29 pages of PPC marketing insights from our first-hand survey data presented in a range of charts and visuals.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • How much do agencies spend on branded PPC campaigns?
  • What percentage of budgets do agencies allocate to PPC campaigns?
  • Average CPC of branded campaigns
  • The most common match type in branded campaigns
  • Are branded campaigns good value for money?

In addition to plenty of original survey data and charts, the study also includes a range of interviews with PPC managers and PPC agency owners, including:

Nick Hadley

nick hadley fluid ecommerce

Nick is a PPC specialist at Fluid Commerce, a Manchester PPC agency that works with brands to build and grow successful ecommerce stores. With over 10 years of ecommerce experience, we help high-growth retailers succeed online.

Ryan Scollon

ryan scollon freelance ppc consultant

A freelance PPC consultant with over 7 years of experience in digital marketing, across 250+ projects in both B2C and B2B. Ryan currently offers PPC support for small to medium-sized businesses and white label support for marketing and PR agencies.

Rory Young

rory young clean digital

Rory is the managing director at Clean Digital, a specialist PPC agency based in Edinburgh, and has over 12 years of experience in paid media. We are passionate about maximising Profit from all PPC activity, ensuring campaigns are not constrained by online-only metrics such as ROI or CPA.

Tom Sangers

tom sangers metric hub

Tom Sangers is the managing director at Metric Hub and has over 15 years of PPC experience. Metric Hub’s mission is to make search better. We link the client to the search and the agency to the client. We believe in building dedicated relationships for long term sustainable growth.

Eliot Shiner

eliot shiner bind media

Eliot Shiner is a PPC specialist and co-founder at Bind Media, an independent, specialist biddable media agency based in Bath, UK. Working with ambitious brands to make more money with PPC, landing pages, CRO, and analytics.

Read The Full Report

Hopefully by now, this summary has intrigued you enough to want to read the full version and get access to all the charts, data, and interviews.

For just your email address in return, you can get access to all these helpful insights and discover what the pros think about branded PPC campaigns.

Download the full version of the great big brand campaign study below.

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