10 Best PPC Slack Groups To Join 2021

April 22nd, 2021

Need some help managing your paid social campaigns? We’ve rounded up the best PPC slack groups that every marketer should be in.

No matter if you need help with Facebook ads, Google ads, or any other type of paid search marketing, these slack groups have plenty of people ready to answer your questions.

In addition to help and advice, these groups are also a fantastic place to build new relationships, learn new PPC tips, and keep up to date with the latest industry news.

Discover the best PPC slack groups you should be joining below.

Accelerate By Lunio

accelerate ppc protect slack
  • 600+ members
  • Free
  • Big focus on Google Ads but all PPC chat welcome
  • 23 channels

Of course we had to include our own slack PPC group on this list! But that’s because we genuinely believe it is the best slack group for PPC professionals and all things paid search.

Currently our group has over 600 professionals from a range of backgrounds, including heads of paid search, CMO’s and marketing veterans with decades of experience.

Unlike other slack groups, all applications are vetted to ensure they are real professionals who work in-house or on a freelance basis. This makes it the best place to be if you’re a paid search professional who wants to discuss high-level PPC topics with other experts.

Although most of the chat is around Google Ads and other PPC platforms, there are also plenty of other channels to discuss agency life, jobs, and the latest PPC software.

/r/PPC/ Slack Community

reddit ppc slack
  • 1,200+ members
  • Free
  • General PPC chat including paid social
  • 11 channels

If you’ve been doing pay per click marketing for a while, then you’ve probably stumbled across the subreddit /r/PPC. One of the largest forums to discuss paid advertising, they also have their own PPC slack group.

Currently, the group has around 1,200 members, many of which also actively visit and post on the subreddit. Inside the group, participants regularly talk about all things PPC with the most popular discussions around Google and Facebook ads.

Unfortunately, joining the slack group isn’t easy, but it’s definitely worth it! You’ll have to get an invite from someone on the subreddit, so hanging around and engaging with other members is key.

BigSEO Slack Group

bigseo group
  • 6,000+ members
  • Free
  • Big focus on SEO but has PPC channels
  • 23 channels

Originally a subreddit for SEO discussion, BigSEO has grown to become one of the largest digital marketing slack groups that covers SEO, email marketing, and of course, PPC.

With over 6,000 members and growing, BigSEO is an excellent place for all your digital marketing and PPC questions. Members are happy to help out and respond fairly quickly across both EU and US time zones.

The group is also perfect for networking and general digital marketing chit-chat. With hundreds of active members and up-to-date discussions, this is a great slack group every marketer should join.

Online Geniuses

online geniuses
  • 22,000+ members
  • Free
  • General digital marketing talk with PPC channels
  • 71 channels

Arguably the largest digital marketing slack group in the world, Online Genuises has over 22,000 members from all over the world, including VPs, CMOs, consultants, and more.

As a general digital marketing group, the group also has dedicated pay per click channels where you can discuss all things PPC. In addition to the PPC channels, they also have channels for SEO, social media, and even recruitment.

With thousands of regularly active members, you won’t find it hard to strike up a conversation and get some help on your questions.

Marketers Chat

marketers chat
  • 3,000+ members
  • Free
  • General marketing talk with paid media channels
  • 24 channels

A slack group based on affiliate marketing, Marketers Chat currently has over 3,000 members from various marketing backgrounds. A favorite with affiliate marketers, many members are seasoned marketing professionals who make their money off promoting other people’s products and services using digital marketing strategies.

With a big focus on affiliate marketing via paid search, the group has plenty of dedicated paid search and media buying channels to discuss strategies or ask for help.

Other popular channels include news, events, tool recommendations, and promotion zone, making it a great community to share tips and stay one step ahead with your campaigns.

Native Ad Talks

native slack group
  • 300+ members
  • Free
  • Specifically focuses on native ads discussion
  • 14 channels

For pay per click marketers who specifically work with native advertising campaigns, this is the slack group for you!

Obviously, compared to regular PPC marketing, native ads are nowhere near as popular, so the community is relatively small compared to other groups on this list. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth joining.

With native ads experts from all over the world, you can keep up to date with all the latest strategies and network will fellow native ads managers. Channels include ad examples, native ad platforms, industry updates, and Facebook ads advice.

Demand Curve

demand curve group
  • 800+ members
  • Free
  • Growth talk around all areas of digital marketing
  • 15 channels

For any CMO or marketer working at a startup, this is a slack group that focuses heavily on growth hacking and generating leads. A community formed from the Demand Curve course that helps startups with paid search growth strategies, expect to find lots of talk around paid search.

Inside the group, senior marketing professionals often discuss new paid search platforms, acquisitions methods, and their marketing experiences. No matter if you’re a new marketer for a SaaS business or startup, you’re sure to find lots of discussion within this slack group.

Clever Ads

  • 250+ members
  • Free
  • All areas of paid search with a focus on Google Ads
  • 10 channels

One of the smallest groups on the list, don’t let the small number of members put you off joining. Highly focused on Google PPC ads, their PPC channel is the place to be in this slack group as it regularly receives the most messages and action.

Aside from their PPC channel, the group also has the regular channels you’d expect for an online community, including events, talent exchange, marketing resources, and random chat.

No matter if you’re looking for a new network of PPC experts or a place to relax with other like-minded marketers, you’re sure to find your place at home here.

CRO Growth Hacks

cro growth hacks
  • 3,000+ members
  • Free
  • General digital marketing talk with PPC channels
  • 13 channels

This slack group is dedicated to conversion rate optimization discussion and is appropriately named CRO growth hacks. Many PPC managers spend a lot of time managing their paid search campaigns and ads, but often neglect their landing pages where they could get more sign-ups.

Within the group, channels are split into areas such as CRO hacks, general, and the most important ad hacks. In this ad hacks channel, members discuss a range of paid marketing platforms, including Facebook and Google Ads, as well as retargeting and other paid media hacks.

If you’re looking to squeeze every bit out of your paid ads, then conversion rate optimization is something you should be looking into, and this channel is a great place to start.

Loganix Community

loganix slack community
  • 500+ members
  • Free
  • A mix of PPC, SEO, and general marketing channels
  • 13 channels

Loganix is an SEO and digital marketing agency that has been in the business for a long time. Having made a name for themselves, they’ve also opened their very own Loganix slack community to bring together employees, customers, and other marketing professionals.

Based on general online marketing, the group has dedicated channels for PPC discussion, and members are encouraged to share their tips and help out other members. They also have areas for job recruitment, the latest marketing memes, and more!

If you’re looking for some paid search advice from real PPC managers and marketing professionals, then this is a great community to join.

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