Clickoo Saves Ad Spend & Time With Lunio

Clickoo is a multilingual PPC agency in Manchester, UK, and Los Angeles, USA, that specializes in paid media across 30+ markets globally. Lunio helps Clickoo detect illegitimate clicks across its client accounts to protect ad budget and maximize the full potential of their client's campaigns.

8% clicks

shown to be illegitimate

£16k ad budget

saved in one quarter

Clickoo didn’t realize the full extent of the global ad fraud crisis, which costs the advertising industry billions of dollars every year.  

The agency’s Partnerships Manager, Natalie McKenzie-Buksh, told us, “We were always aware of click fraud, but never realized the scale of the problem.”

And because of illegitimate ad clicks, Clickoo’s clients were missing out on customers and wasting their budget.  So, Clickoo wanted to stop malicious activity to maximize campaign potential for all of its clients. 

How Lunio Helped

After starting a two-week trial period, Clickoo immediately saw the effects of click fraud on its clients’ accounts. 

Natalie told us, “We did a free trial and immediately realized this was a problem.”

And so Clickoo decided to move to full protection. With Lunio now monitoring the agency’s client accounts, malicious activity is detected, blocked, and blacklisted in real-time. 

The agency can now focus on client projects without having to worry about whether clicks are real or not. 

Natalie said, “We have confidence in the quality of the data and we’re able to make campaigns more efficient. We do lots with PPC automation, so Lunio fits into our strategy to make the machine do as much as possible first so we can be more creative.”

"Before Lunio, we could only mention click fraud. Now I know we have enough data to say, ‘It could be up to 8% of your traffic that’s affected.’ So we’ve decided to offer Lunio to all new clients."

Natalie McKenzie-Buksh - Partnerships Manager

Clickoo’s Success Story

Clickoo has increased traffic quality to their clients’ ads by over 8%, which has resulted in big savings in ad spend across its client base. 

The agency also now has the confidence to talk about illegitimate ad clicks with its clients. 

It even uses Lunio as a differentiator in its services, highlighting how it’s dealing with the ad fraud problem. All while other agencies don’t fight back, losing clients money in the process. 

Natalie told us, “Before Lunio, we could only mention click fraud. Now I know we have enough data to say, ‘It could be up to 8% of your traffic that's affected.’ So we've decided to offer Lunio to all new clients.”

With full protection from illegitimate click activity, Clickoo can continue to grow its clients’ brands unaffected by bad clicks. 

The agency has total confidence in optimizing client campaigns, safe in the knowledge the initial click is clean.

Natalie said, “We use Lunio for cost-saving, but also now our client data isn’t being skewed by click fraud it’s easier for us to optimize our paid campaigns.”

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