PixelRush Easily Acquires New Clients With Lunio

PixelRush is a digital agency based in Melbourne Australia, that specializes in paid media, SEO, and conversion rate optimization. Since implementing Lunio, they've saved thousands of dollars and used the service in their sales pitch to acquire new clients.

67% improvement

in click quality

11% of

ad budget saved

Located in Melbourne Australia, PixelRush is a digital marketing agency helping clients with all things paid media, SEO, and CRO. With plenty of eCommerce clients running ads across Google Shopping and search ads, PixelRush is always looking for new ways to get the most out of client's ad spend. After discovering the threat of click fraud, PixelRush quickly searched the market for a solution before finally deciding on Lunio. Learn more about how managing director Byron Trzeciak uses Lunio to acquire new clients and differentiate PixelRush from the competition.

When Did You Become Aware Of Click Fraud?

I became aware of Click Fraud when I started working in trade-related industries such as Plumbing and Pest Control. My client mentioned a competition fraud product and that he was going to be using it and that’s basically where it started. 

From there it kind of triggered the thought that it would be a great value add for all PixelRush customers. Performance has always been so important to maintaining long term relationships with customers, so we wanted to make sure there wasn’t an outside impact affecting the performance of our campaigns.

What Has Been Your Experience of Working With Lunio?

Since day one my experience has been brilliant!

The big difference between Lunio and other click fraud solutions is they are actively building partnerships with their customers. It’s the touch-points, conversations, and other incentives like the perks and agency portals that just make it feel like we’re more than just a number in a rapidly growing company.

We were originally with another click fraud detection provider, but after reviewing the Lunio platform with Neil and Adam, with all of their insight when it comes to comparing the two products, we made the decision to switch after trialing it for a selection of customers.

Overall onboarding was incredibly simple and the configuration could literally be done with anybody even if you’re not technically minded.

"I think from agency results and in terms of onboarding new clients, Lunio has definitely assisted in our sales process and has helped convince new businesses to work with us."

Byron Trzeciak - CEO

What Made You Invest In Click Fraud Protection Software?

We decided to invest because the performance of our campaigns is incredibly important. We didn’t want any outside influence impacting our results or the relationships with our customers. If there’s any foul play then we want to be aware and know that we have protection in place to block that traffic in the future.

We’re currently not aware of any other agencies that offer it as part of their agency services, so for us, we feel like it’s a value-add for our customers and we’re often able to not only save them money with their own subscription cost, but also save them money from a click fraud perspective. For some industries, the fraud can be significant and it can be the difference between a profitable campaign and unprofitable campaign.

Why Did You Choose Lunio?

We tested the solution and found that it was simple to use and we felt there was more accuracy in the detection. Rather than blocking based on the number of clicks, we felt there was more analysis of the click before the block occurred, meaning less false positives and more trust when something was actually blocked.

We felt that Lunio was more secure because we didn’t have to give access to an MCC account as with competing products.

Lunio was easier to install because you simply configure the tracking template rather than needing to accept MCC access as you do with competing products. Needing this was often time consuming and required the client to assist us with it. With Lunio, setup is simpler and much more streamlined and the client doesn't need to be involved.

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