Driva Boosts Conversion Rates with Lunio

Driva is an Australian FinTech company that delivers personalised, pre-approved car loans from over 30+ lenders in as little as 60 seconds. Before they doubled their PPC spend in 2021, they put Lunio in place as a preventive measure to eliminate zero-value clicks and reinvest cost savings back into their top-performing campaigns.

6.5% saved

in ad spend per month

2.39% increase

in conversions

By late 2021, Declan Flaherty, Digital Marketing Manager at Driva, had established several high-performing Google Ad campaigns which were delivering positive results month over month.

So the next logical step was to accelerate revenue growth by doubling ad spend. But before doing so, Declan knew there was some due diligence to be done.

Operating in a high cost-per-click (CPC) industry, Driva were paying upwards of $20 a click on some of their higher value keywords. So before increasing spend, Declan conducted some research on best practices to maximise returns and minimise waste.

That’s when he first discovered the extent of the risks posed by click fraud. By bumping up Driva’s PPC spend without protection in place, Declan knew he’d inevitably waste significantly more money on fake clicks, especially given the high CPC. At that point, he went looking for solutions. 

Why Driva Chose Lunio 

Declan evaluated four click fraud protection providers before deciding to go with Lunio (formerly PPC Protect). He made the choice based on competitive pricing, previous case studies, and most importantly, word of mouth. When speaking to friends in the PPC space about click fraud, Lunio / PPC Protect’s name kept coming up.

With the decision made, getting started was easy. Declan got on a call with his account manager from Lunio who guided him through the Google Ads setup process in less than an hour. He also got a data-backed estimate of the savings Driva could expect based on current ad spend, as well a run through of every feature on the dashboard. 

“The two things I really love on the dashboard are the Re-Allocated Budget tracking, and the Traffic Health Uplift score. When I combined those metrics with the recorded cost savings from blocking invalid clicks, it was easy to demonstrate value and get buy-in from the C-suite. The savings we were making each month far exceeded the cost of the subscription, so it was a no-brainer to stick with it”

Declan Flaherty - Digital Marketing Manager

The Results

Once Lunio was up and running, the downstream benefits of the added layer of protection started to become clear in Driva’s PPC campaign performance.

Driva had a very strong first quarter in 2022, with their search ad conversion rate increasing by 2.39%. This was in part due to the money saved from click fraud being automatically re-allocated to their top campaigns every month.

By detecting bad clicks and filtering out fake traffic, Driva’s search and display ad campaigns were further optimised on positive buying signals from real customers with genuine conversion potential. And that was reflected in the uplift they saw.

Based on the savings and performance improvements on their Google accounts, Declan recently rolled Lunio out across Driva’s Meta campaigns as well.

“I’ve witnessed the bot problem on Meta first hand based on the number of friend requests I get from fake users, and spam comments popping up everywhere on Facebook and Instagram” said Declan.

Lastly, with ongoing experiments to validate return on ad spend (ROAS) on Microsoft and TikTok, Driva is set to connect more ad platforms to Lunio in the near future, creating comprehensive protection across the board. 

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