Pure Energie Saves Ad Spend & Time With Lunio

Based in the Netherlands, Pure Energie is a green energy supplier. The company provides wind and solar-generated electricity to domestic and commercial customers nationwide.  Although they have been in business for more than 25 years, Pure Energie is a relative newcomer to digital marketing. In 2018 they developed a new marketing strategy with an emphasis on Google Ads. 

Over 5% ad spend

saved per month

4.5% increase

in traffic quality

Pure Energie initially noticed an issue with their Google Ads display campaigns. Google Ads Specialist Peter Brouwer, explains, “I saw a lot of clicks but not enough conversions. There was strange website traffic, low session duration, and high bounce rates”.

However, Peter was unaware of the full extent of click fraud and didn’t know software was available to tackle the problem. By chance, Peter heard about a software solution through a LinkedIn connection and began to do some research. 

Pure Energie then signed up for a free traffic audit with Lunio and began looking through the data.

For Peter, the results were an eye-opener. “I was overwhelmed,” he says, “by the fraud, the clicks from Bots, IP addresses, and so on. After only a few days, I became convinced PPC protection was essential.”

How Lunio Helped Pure Energie

According to Peter, the decision to select Lunio’s solution was an easy one. 

"I looked at Lunio’s interface and the positive service we received from Dan. Plus, the results have been quite amazing," he says.

Since signing up with Lunio, Pure Energie’s conversion rates have increased along with click-through rates. 

"I’m now more confident to use display ads again," declares a happy Peter. And while the business welcomes the reduced spend on Google Ads, of more importance to Pure Energie is clean data.  

"We didn’t sign up with Lunio just to save money," says Peter. "It’s more about getting the clean data, showing my ads to real people, and improving our brand and products."

"The results with Lunio have been amazing, and I’m more confident using display ads again. I highly recommend Lunio’s anti-click fraud solution."

Peter Brouwer - Google Ads Specialist

Pure Energie’s Success Story

Peter has no hesitation in recommending click fraud protection software. The results speak for themselves, with traffic quality improvement of 4.5% per month and a monthly saving of 5% of monthly ad spend, equating to over $4000 per month saved.

He says Pure Energie’s Google Account Manager offered no tangible solutions to the problem of invalid clicks, whether fraudulent or accidental. 

"For Google, it’s just about the clicks and the euros, pounds or dollars," says Peter. 

However, he stresses that click fraud is something that can impact any business, large or small. Lunio has helped Pure Energie to eliminate invalid activity and improve PPC performance with more genuine leads.

Thanks to Lunio, Pure Energie’s optimization campaign is now based on pure data and real prospects.  

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