Laithwaites Maximise Branded Campaign Revenue with Lunio

Laithwaites are a family run wine merchants with over 50 years of experience. They were experiencing high levels of fake touchpoints on their branded keywords before implementing Lunio to block all invalid traffic and boost conversion rates by 5%.

5% increase

in conversion rates

7% increase

in revenue

Laithwaites are a family run wine merchants with over 50 years of experience. The business deals directly with producers to guarantee the authenticity of every bottle. 

Recently, increased inflation and competition (CPCs) have eaten into advertising budgets more than ever before, alongside concerns about platform transparency and traffic quality. 

Laithwaites, working with Lunio’s partner Incubeta, were looking for ways to spend more efficiently whilst still driving in-market users to their site. So they decided to add an additional layer of protection to their paid campaigns to block invalid traffic and convert the ad spend that would have been wasted into revenue. 

A/B Testing 

Firstly, Incubeta used Lunio to monitor all traffic coming through PPC ads to the Laithwaites site for 4 weeks in order to determine which campaigns were receiving the most fraudulent clicks. It quickly became clear that the majority of click fraud came from branded keywords.

On this basis, Incubeta set up a 50:50 cookie-based split A/B test on Laithwaites branded campaign. The control campaign would be run as normal, with the test campaign being protected by Lunio with any fake touchpoints being blocked. To ensure fairness all other aspects of the campaigns were kept the same over the test period (budgets, ad copy, targeting).

The hypothesis being tested was that if Lunio blocks traffic that would not be converting then the conversion rate should increase. And the results soon proved evident, with conversion rates increasing for the test campaign with a 99% significance.

Lunio has been a great asset to our PPC campaigns at Laithwaites! Having the ability to monitor fraudulent clicks and block any suspicious activity, gives us the ability to reinvest that saving into reaching genuine customers who are looking for wine. For our branded campaigns we have seen a nice uplift in CR and revenue, I couldn’t recommend Lunio enough.

Sean Walsh - Marketing Campaign Manager

The Results 

Once Lunio was up and running, the downstream benefits of the added layer of protection started to become clear in Laithwaites PPC performance. They had a very strong Q4 in 2022, as attested by the improvements listed below. This was due to the money saved from click fraud being automatically re-allocated to their top campaigns every month.

  • +5% increase in conversion rate
  • +6% increase in ROAS
  • +6% uplift in sales
  • +7% increase in revenue

Based on the savings and performance improvements on their branded campaign, Incubeta are now in the process of rolling out Lunio across all Laithwaites paid search campaigns. 

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