LearnWorlds Boost User Acquisition by Enhancing Lead Quality with Lunio

LearnWorlds, a leading online course creation platform, faced challenges with fake leads impacting their paid campaigns. By partnering with Lunio, they eliminated invalid traffic, resulting in improved lead quality and reduced cost-per-acquisition (CPA).

16% saved

in ad spend per month

29.08% reduction

in invalid traffic in 30 days

LearnWorlds is a leading education-focused platform that empowers individuals and organisations to create and expand their online courses, schools, and academies.

With an intuitive drag-and-drop landing page builder, interactive video modules, and assessment tools it gives creators everything they need to deliver effective and engaging learning experiences at scale.

Tetiana Stuzhna, Performance Marketing Lead at LearnWorlds, is responsible for maintaining the performance of the company's paid channels. Her focus centres on driving growth through consistent conversion rates, especially for lead acquisition and trials to customers.

Prior to working with Lunio, Tetiana noticed a consistent pattern of fake leads coming through paid campaigns on both Google and Meta. Many of the fake leads were from target regions and campaigns that performed well historically. So switching off the campaigns completely, or excluding entire regions was not a viable option. 

Investigating Solutions

When researching potential solutions, Tetiana discovered Lunio through Google. She also came across other invalid traffic and click fraud solutions, but ultimately decided to go with Lunio based on extensive multi-channel support.

Legacy solutions tend to either focus exclusively on Google Search, while others offer expanded protection covering Meta as well. Lunio goes far beyond the digital advertising duopoly of Google and Meta to cover all other major channels including LinkedIn, TikTok, X (formerly Twitter), Pinterest, Bing, and many more.

To dig into the problem, Tetiana started a free 14-day traffic audit to analyse LearnWorlds paid traffic data across Google and Meta, as these are the channels where they were investing the lion’s share of their budget.

When we look at the money we save and reallocate on legitimate prospects, Lunio is a no-brainer from a financial perspective. And the increase in lead quality has enabled us to deliver stable and predictable growth across our more important marketing channels.

Tetiana Stuzhna - Performance Marketing Lead

The Results 

After integrating Lunio all clicks coming from LearnWorlds’ Google and Meta campaigns were analysed and 33.97% were marked as invalid. Campaigns generating the highest volumes of fake leads correlated with the highest rates of invalid traffic.

With Lunio continually analysing and filtering traffic, LearnWorlds invalid traffic rate dropped to 4.89% after just the first 30 days, and continued to decrease steadily thereafter. With higher quality traffic, the revenue-boosting benefits became clear in key performance metrics. A significant increase in lead quality was the most noticeable change.

LearnWorlds now regularly export data from Lunio’s click log to create quarterly reports highlighting the impact of decreasing invalid traffic rates on metrics such as cost-per-acquisition (CPA) and average lead score.

Lastly, given the increased performance on Google and Meta, Tetiana is set to connect more ad platforms to Lunio in the near future, creating comprehensive protection across all channels.

  • 16% saved in ad spend per month
  • 29.08% invalid traffic reduction in first month

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