Marmalade Stop Fraudulent Clicks With Lunio

Marmalade is the UK's best-known insurance provider for young drivers, providing affordable insurance to 17-24-year-olds. Competing against brands with bigger advertising budgets, Marmalade needed to reduce as much wasted spend in their paid campaigns as possible.

35.71% decrease

in invalid activity

Saved £2,018

in the first month

Invalid traffic is becoming an increasingly hot topic with insurance companies, which isn't a surprise when considering the ever-rising CPC costs. Even a few wasted clicks can prove costly and eat up the precious PPC budget.

Marmalade wanted to use the Lunio free Traffic Audit to establish what level of invalid traffic they were experiencing, beyond what Google already identified. They discovered the invalid activity during the monitoring period (March 25th – April 25th) was at 1.68%. Now they knew where their invalid clicks were originating from, it was time to put a stop to them. 

How Lunio Helped

Since Lunio has been protecting their campaigns, Marmalade has seen a steady decline in invalid activity (May 3rd – June 2nd), reducing to 1.08% and continuing to fall. 

At present, Marmalade has seen a 35.71% decrease in invalid activity in the first month. Financially, this equates to a £2,018 saving in the first month since protection has been live. 

Amongst the bad traffic we saw, this included clicks from a very high fraud risk IP in Macedonia: Further to this, we saw a bot targeting search campaigns – originating in a data center in Dallas, which has been targeting a lot of other enterprise accounts: Blocking this invalid traffic caused Marmalade to see a significant uplift in their traffic quality, and ensured their future campaigns were protected.

Talking about why Marmalade chose Lunio, Digital Marketing Manager Matthew Erskine told us "We looked at a few other invalid click prevention software providers; however, Lunio was the only one our Data Protection Officer was happy to sign off. Not only do they offer a more sophisticated interface and automated prevention system, but the way they handle personal data is fully compliant with GDPR and data protection laws."

"Advertising in a competitive space means that we have to get the most out of every pound we spend on advertising. We spent hours optimizing our ads account and believed it was running with little fraud. For Lunio to show us how much of our ad spend was being wasted on invalid traffic was staggering."

Matthew Erskine - Digital Marketing Manager

Marmalade’s Future

Now that they have increased the transparency and accuracy of their PPC data, Marmalade can continue to adopt an agile strategy with better insights and smarter decision making. Marmalade is more comfortable scaling budgets as demand increases, safe in the knowledge that they are responding to genuine, intent-driven clicks.

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