SomProduct Gets The Most Out Of Their Paid Ads With Lunio

SomProduct is one of Romania’s leading online stores for home decor & furniture. They launched in 2008 with 5 products in their online store: 3 mattresses, 1 bed base and 1 sofa. Now SomProduct has more than 100,000 products on their e-commerce website, from bedroom and living room furniture and accessories to kitchen and outdoor products.

£9,500 saved

in ad spend per month

19% increase

in traffic quality

As an online retailer, SomProduct is a Google-facing business and relies heavily on PPC to drive website traffic and support lead generation. 

However, SomProduct’s Google campaigns are constantly changing. New products, regular sales, seasonal changes, and special offers mean it’s a dynamic process. 

Marketing Manager Roxana Mara Raţiu joined SomProduct in October 2020. During the Black Friday sales campaign, the team noticed a spike in suspicious activity.

Roxana acknowledges there is a perception that Google takes care of click fraud and refunds invalid clicks. However, she also said that she doesn’t completely trust Google’s algorithms and responsiveness to the problem. 

Concerned about illegitimate clicks, the business decided it needed invalid click protection. And Lunio was the preferred solution.

How Lunio Helped SomProduct

Lunio’s automated software identified 27% of SomProduct’s monthly clicks as invalid or suspicious. With such a high volume of traffic originating from non-genuine sources, SomProduct were essentially wasting over a quarter of their budget. As SomProduct runs such extensive ad campaigns, this totaled up to a lot of money being wasted. 

Since installing Lunio, SomProduct has seen a 19% increase in traffic quality. 

Now, SomProduct is not only saving an average of £9,500 per month, but their ad spend is going towards much better-qualified leads.

“Knowing we have Lunio installed helps us to not only focus on clicks and users, but also other objectives such as ROI, healthy traffic, and the overall customer journey. It makes everything else easier.”

Roxana Mara Raţiu - Marketing Manager

SomProduct’s Success Story

Now that SomProduct has clean traffic data to work from, their ad campaigns are not only more profitable, but their optimizations are a lot more accurate. Targeting more genuine leads and real prospects has boosted their ROI significantly – the money they’ve saved is just an added sweetener. 

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