Modo25 Saves Ad Spend & Time With Lunio

Modo25 is a digital marketing agency that provides technology and in-housing services to clients all over the world. They help businesses take their marketing in-house and smooth the transition from using an agency – something which can be a tricky process alone. 

21% increase

in traffic quality

£90,000 saving

per month

Modo25 recognized that click fraud was a problem for many of their paid search clients. But, they weren’t sure exactly how much fraud was costing each company or how best to stop it. With a lot of businesses to help, each with different capabilities, they needed a solution that would work for all of them.

Having looked at various click fraud platforms, Tom Pickard, Modo25’s Performance Marketing Manager said he chose Lunio because it offered an easy-to-manage system which gave great results. Tom told us “The fact it didn’t require any dev time to set up and the rules are fully automated made it ideal for our business.”

How Lunio Helped Modo25

Our team walked Tom through a demonstration and explained how the 2-week trial allowed Modo25 to see results without making any changes to their Google accounts. This lets customers see how much they could be saving without any commitments.

Tom recalls how he was initially skeptical about how much fraud would be affecting the campaigns: “You always assume the numbers are going to be a little exaggerated. But this wasn’t the case at all – even now our clients are still seeing big savings.”

Once Modo25 saw what they could be saving on just 10% of their client’s campaigns, they decided to roll it out across all their accounts.

Remarking on how simple this was, Tom shared his joy at how helpful the Lunio team are: “The implementation was super easy. Particularly for a start-up where we don’t have many team members, the speed was a lifesaver because we could get great results for our clients quickly and without a lot of work. Adam was always on-hand to answer any questions I had and got back to me straight away which really made a difference.”

“Based on the numbers, I don’t see how using Lunio couldn’t be good value. The fee is so modest compared to what you could be saving. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be doing it. It’s a no-brainer!”

Tom Pickard - Performance Marketing Manager

Modo25’s Bright Future

Finding the perfect click fraud solution has helped Modo25’s clients reach new heights with their marketing campaigns. Now that invalid clicks are no longer draining their budgets, they have more confidence when it comes to optimizing and scaling their ads. 

Tom says “I always advise clients who take up the top positions in the SERPs to use Lunio’s solution. Otherwise, we’ll just be wasting 10-20% of the budget straight away on fraudulent clicks. This gives us the reassurance we need to safely scale.”

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