Novi Digital Saves Ad Spend & Time With Lunio

Novi Digital is a digital marketing agency with offices in Lancaster, London, and experts working remotely across the UK and North America. They help clients get laser focused high-intent traffic to their websites via paid and organic marketing campaigns, then work with the client to ensure optimal conversion rates. Lunio helps Novi Digital ensure they get the best ROI from their paid search ads by detecting fraudulent ad clicks on their client’s campaigns and accounts.

2.5% traffic

quality improvement

£1,000+ saved

per month

Having been in the PPC industry for many years, Novi Digital already worked with a click fraud protection company but felt like they weren’t getting enough out of the service and relationship.

Aaron Crewe, the Managing Director of Novi Digital told us, “It was very much an on-off relationship because we weren’t gaining much value and clients would constantly be wanting to leave and resume the service”.

With little help and support offered, Novi Digital decided on finding a new click fraud prevention platform that would help them grow and provide even more value to clients.

How Lunio Helped

Having looked at various other platforms, Novi Digital met Lunio at a trade conference with a chance encounter and started testing the Lunio platform as part of a two-week trial.

Aaron recalls, “We signed up for the trial but we didn’t complete it due to existing client commitments. We emailed support and they said don’t worry about it, we’ll extend it for a further two weeks, and that’s when I knew it was going to be a strong partnership”.

After seeing significant improvement in traffic quality on their own websites as a pilot project, Novi Digital started to roll it out to their client’s accounts straight away.

“What we get with Lunio is a holistic view of all of our clients in one account. You just enable it and it’s ready to go. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get started. Unlike other platforms, for which we have had to do some manual work, with Lunio it just works seamlessly.”

Aaron Crewe - Managing Director

Novi Digital’s Success Story

Having been with Lunio for several years, Novi Digital now includes our platform with all of their paid search services at no extra cost.

Aaron explained, “We see it as a core fundamental because there’s a lot of savings that can be had. The benefit really for the clients is that they don’t always see that they’re saving money, so we foot the bill on the cost and don’t charge any extra. It’s just part and parcel of what we do in order to create exceptional customer care”.

Talking about his experience of using Lunio, Aaron told us “For me, it’s a simple message. What if you could save money from bad clicks and reinvest that money somewhere else? This is exactly what Lunio helps you do. Google wants you to spend as much money as possible on their platform and Lunio ensures you only spend it on legitimate clicks”.

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