PPC Protect Becomes Lunio

July 1st, 2022

Click fraud. That’s what we prevent, right? Well, it was. It still is, too, but now new things are beginning… 

Over the last six years we’ve had an amazing journey. From a humble four person team with a mission to stop click fraud on Google Ads (solving a problem we faced for years) to protecting the full traffic acquisition stack against all invalid traffic. We went from AdWords, to Google Ads, to sixteen different ad network integrations (and counting), moving beyond our original mission, and the basis of our name: pay per click protection.

These changes, combined with our exciting future plans, catalyzed the sense that it was time to change things up.

Our brand identity continues to focus on shared success, celebrates the fantastic community we’re proud to work within, and acknowledges our heritage whilst supporting your personal & professional growth plans.

After quite literally thousands of hours of research, design, planning, customer interviews, and a little bit of, stress, we’re hyped to be able to say:

Welcome to Lunio.

The New Us

When we named our company back in 2016, Obama was the president, Pokémon Go took over the streets, and Leonardo DiCaprio finally won that oscar. Things were a little bit different.

We’ve changed too. At the time PPC Protect, a mouthful of alliteration, made sense. It’s what we did, Protect PPC (no prizes for guessing how we came up with the name).

Now though, it’s unrepresentative of who we’ve become. To some we’re known for our award-winning customer service, others value the excellent industry knowledge we freely share. Whatever the relationship with us, we wanted our new name to not only carry that mantle but live for it.

So we took a step back and asked ourselves ‘what makes us …us?’

We’re an adventurous,  data-driven, technologically focused bunch with a wide range of scientific and cultural backgrounds. We aspire to create a better online commercial experience where everyone can grow with curiosity as we guide you through the unknown digital world. We feel our new name, Lunio, does exactly this.

The most obvious inspiration? Space, of which the moon is an unmistakable element. As a fun side fact did you know the Vikings used it for navigation? How’s that for full circle!

Lunio Logo with Background

With a new name, comes a new logo, something that might have (ironically given its inspiration of the moon) given us many sleepless nights.

The keen-eyed amongst you might notice the satellite feel of the second dot, and that’s inspired by both the movement of a natural orbit around a larger object, and the clarity of organization.  Additionally as a quick nod to our technological origins, the ‘io’ takes inspiration from binary – the 1’s and 0’s that underpin the world of code.

Whatever you see, we’re excited to have captured our celestial inspiration into a simple, yet beautiful logo we’re proud to represent us.

From Vikings to Red Pandas

When we started with protection, Vikings made sense – warriors, fighting for their cause, but as we started adding discovery, data transparency, and trust to our core product, Vikings didn’t feel like they represent us anymore, especially given they weren’t known for being trustworthy.

Moreso our brand isn’t just representative of us, it represents the future we want to create, and it represents you, the user, but how can we capture this?

Red Pandas.

Lunio PPC Protect Panda

Hear us out…

To be more inclusive, optimistic, and a little less loot plundering, the move from Vikings to a red panda scientist felt like a natural choice… as I’m sure you can agree.

It’s a physical embodiment of the things we think the internet should celebrate, and what we as a business celebrate: Honesty, Collaboration, Creativity, and Innovation.

This also means we can explore illustration ideas, themes, and concepts that aren’t bound to Vikings and castle scenery. We’re excited to start putting our product front and centre for all to see!

Protecting against IVT doesn’t have to be boring

Lunio Colour Scheme

We’ve carried this optimism into the rest of our brand, through our new playful typeface choices, and our slightly more vibrant (yet still purple) colour scheme.

Of course, none of this takes away from the core of our product – a genuinely market-leading, cutting-edge technology platform.

On a more practical note, we’ll also be moving away from the nordic names used across our suite, with things like Asgard getting a new name, updating our social handles, and swapping over our URLs. In most cases, you can simply change ppcprotect to lunio, but we’ve been hard at work to ensure all the old URLs correctly redirect. 

Find one that doesn’t? Let us know and we’ll plant a tree as a thank you (yes, our reputation as the tree planters is going nowhere!).

How does this Impact Me?

We’ve always put our users first, and this new direction is us doubling down on this. We feel we now better represent the wide range of individuals our product serves, inspires, and enables in their day-to-day life.

Whilst we ultimately envision an internet built upon trust and transparency, it should also be built upon equality. It’s this melting pot of different cultures and ideas that helps online businesses to excel.

As we evolve in the future, our brand better represents what we are, but we’ll still have the same core offering – market-leading invalid traffic prevention. Our new identity isn’t us moving away from that, but us building a brand that supports the ideas we have to further enhance our product.

Whether you’re already on this journey or want to become a part of it, either as a client or an employee, we’re excited to have you be a part of the Lunio community. After all, Vikings are soooo 1066.

PPC Protect becomes Lunio

Neil Andrew,
CEO of Lunio.

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