Google Ads Certification Study Guide: How To Pass First Try

February 16th, 2021

It’s no secret that Google Ads is the biggest of the PPC networks out there, with billions of clicks up for grabs every day, millions of businesses are taking advantage of Google’s paid ads.

But learning how to use Google Ads is no easy task, and with thousands of dollars on the line, a simple mistake can be very costly.

Luckily, to help users get to grips with Google’s complex PPC network, there are plenty of certifications out there with the most notable one being from Google themselves.

If you want to learn how to use Google Ads and prove your proficiency to others such as your boss or clients, then getting Google Ads certified is a must.

No matter if you’re a local business owner just getting into Google Ads, or you’re a digital marketing looking to expand your skillset, the Google Ads certification is great for everyone.

To help you get Google Ads certified as fast as possible, we’ve compiled a comprehensive of everything you need to know. From what the certification involves, to how to pass it, here’s how to pass your Google Ads certification the first time: the ultimate Google Ads certification guide.

What Is the Google Ads Certification?

The Google Ads certification is a program that is run by Google and awards certificates to successful applicants who prove their Google Ads knowledge in specific topics.

To get a certificate, applicants must complete all the modules and exams in the Google Academy with a score of 80% or more in each module. The exam will last 75 minutes with the option to repass it if you fail.

The certification will be valid for one year and will have an expiry date on the certificate. Once expired, individuals must re-take the assessment to prove their level of knowledge is still up to date.

There are no costs for these certifications, and they can be taken for free by anyone. All that is required is a Google account and lots of motivation!

Currently, Google offers 6 distinct Google Ads certifications which are:

Google Ads Search Certification

google ads certification

An entire program dedicated to building and optimising Google search campaigns on the Google Ads network. Certified users will display their ability to use features such as smart bidding and audience solutions to boost campaign performance.

Google Ads Apps Certification

google apps certification

With the growing trend of ads in apps, this course specifically focuses on running ads in mobile apps and how to optimize them. Once finished, users will be able to optimize campaigns to meet specific marketing objectives.

Google Ads Display Certification

google ads display certification

A detailed program that highlights the use of Google Display ads on the Google display network. Certified users will be able to demonstrate their ability to build and develop effective display strategies and campaigns.

Google Ads Video Certification

google video certification

A specialized program that focuses on YouTube and Google Video advertising solutions. Certified users will demonstrate an understanding of how to tell effective stories on YouTube with video advertisements.

Shopping Ads Certification

shopping ads certification

This program is specifically for Google Shopping ads and how to develop and optimize them to create successful shopping campaigns. Certified users will also be able to demonstrate knowledge of how to maximize reach and conversions.

Google Ads Measurement Certification

google measurement certification

Unlike the other certification courses, this measurement certification focuses on analyzing Google Ad campaigns in general. Certified users will be able to demonstrate their ability to measure and optimize Google Ads campaign performance.

These aren’t the only certifications that Google offers, but they are by far the most popular compared to the others. Other Google certifications include the Google Cloud & Google Developers certification programs.

With so many certification programs to complete, you’re probably wondering why people even bother, it’s just a piece of paper right? Well there are actually numerous benefits you get from passing these certifications and they can do wonders for your career and business.

The Benefits Of The Google Ads Certification

There are many benefits to passing the Google Ads certification for both individuals and businesses which might not be obvious to everyone.
The main benefits for individuals are that it helps them demonstrate their Google Ads skills and abilities to clients and employers.

Since everyone who completes the course gets a personalized certificate with their name, it is a great addition to an individual’s CV, especially if they work in digital marketing. It also shows that they have a good knowledge of Google’s products and have been certified by Google themselves.

There are also plenty of benefits to businesses that take part in the certification program as well. In order to become a Google Partner or Premier Google Partner, businesses must have at least one of their members to be Google Ads certified. But in reality, if a business really wants to become a Google Partner, then they should ensure that all of their PPC staff are certified.

So in order to become a Google Partner (which is a big achievement in itself) businesses must show that they can use Google’s services and products effectively.

How To Pass The Google Ads Certification Exam

pass exam

Attempting to pass the Google Ads certification exam can sound tricky, but as long as you put in the hard work, you’ll pass. Even if you’ve never used Google Ads in your life, if you spend enough time studying, then you will pass.

Each certification module in the exam centre comes with a complete study guide so you’ll have all the information you need in front of you. Each module can take 10 to 15 minutes depending on the length of the module. This means you should expect to spend around 2 hours studying before taking the exam. Our advice would be to also take down notes for quick and easy reference. Although there is nothing stopping you from going back to the module information and finding the answer, having the important pieces of information jotted down is a real time saver.

If you ever find a question that you have no idea what the answer is then you really have 2 options, guess, or spend the time going back through the module study guide. Depending on how much time you have left, the 2nd option might be viable, but remember, if you do fail the exam you can always take it again.

If for whatever reason you do fail, then think about the hardest questions you got during the exam and read up on those specific modules again. By fixing your weak spots you’ll be in a much better position the next time you take the test. Remember, you only need 80% to pass the exam!

Taking The Google Ads Certification Exam

Before taking any Google Ads exam, be sure that you are logged in with the right Google account. The last thing you want to do is accidentally take it on your personal or a client’s account! If you have a business email that wasn’t made with Gmail, then you’ll most likely need to set one up at:

Once logged in with your Google account, you’ll have to head over to where you’ll be greeted with all the certification courses available.

google certification course

Each course will have a study pack that will provide you with all the information and concepts you’ll need to understand before you take the exam. Be sure to spend enough time studying the modules or you might fail the test and have to re-take it!

Once you’re ready to take the exam just look for the module marked with the blue flag like the one below.

google assessment

Clicking it won’t start the exam, but it will bring up a new screen to tell you how long you have to pass the exam. It will also tell you how many questions there are in the exam and what percentage you need to pass.

start certification page

Once you feel confident that you know enough to pass, hit that start button and answer the questions. If you’ve spent enough time studying and jotting down notes then you should pass first time. But if you don’t it’s not the end of the world, just take your time and think about every question before picking an answer.

Common Google Certification Questions

Are Google Certifications Worth It?

Yes! The Google certifications are free courses that teach anyone of any experience everything they need to know about Google’s vast collection of platforms. No matter if you’re brand new to digital marketing or just new to Google’s tools, these certifications will turn you into a pro in no time!

Is The Google Ads Certification Free?

All Google Ads certifications are free of charge and don’t cost anything, only your time to study them. Considering the information included and what you can learn from them, they are exceptional value!

What Can You Do With Google Ads Certifications?

Google Ads certifications benefit everyone no matter if you’re a beginner or experienced. For newbies, Google Ads certifications are essential if you’re just starting out and looking to land a job. Showing that you have taken the time to pass the certifications shows you are committed and have a good understanding of the platform.

For experienced digital marketers, the certifications are great to show clients to let them know they are in safe hands. Since you have to re-set the exams every year, they help keep you up to date with all the latest changes and new features.

Take Your Google Ads Knowledge To The Next Level

After passing your Google Ads certification exam, you’ll probably be feeling super confident about your online advertising abilities. You’ll officially become a certified professional who has a good grasp of online advertising concepts and who can leverage automated solutions to improve Google Ads performance. You’ll be able to showcase your certification status on your LinkedIn profile and demonstrate your mastery of building and optimizing Google Search campaigns to a potential employer. But when it comes to Google Ads, the learning never stops. Not only does Google continually introduce new features to the platform and network, but your competitors will also be trying to outperform you every day.

To ensure you always keep up to date with the latest trends and changes, your learning should never stop. Continue your Google Ads studying by taking a look at the top Google Ad examples and how the pros are dominating the SERP results with their ads.

Or learn how to write better ad copy and attract more clicks with these best books on digital marketing.

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