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A collection of free tools you can use on your click fraud prevention journey!

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Advertising in a Privacy First World 2022

Get the marketer’s guide to staying ahead of the competition in a privacy-first, cookieless world.

Ad Fraud Calculator

Find out the impact of ad fraud on Marketing KPIs and how much ROAS you can unlock with Lunio.

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102 Free Google Ads Scripts

Google Ads scripts can save you hours of time & stress doing repetitive tedious tasks. Discover the best Google Ads scripts to save you time here.

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60k Display Exclusion List

Download the list of 60,000 Display Exclusions for 2022 and get an instant uplift in performance.

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103 Paid Search Terms & Acronyms Every Marketer Should Know

Discover the most important PPC terms and PPC acronyms every digital marketer should know in our essential PPC glossary.

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