Blendjet Get The Most Out Of Their Ad Campaigns With Lunio

Based in sunny California, BlendJet is the #1 selling brand of blender on the internet. Their portable blenders can be used anytime, anywhere to create delicious smoothies, protein shakes, or whatever you like. Established in 2017, the company has taken off like a rocket ship and now has millions of customers around the globe. During the holiday peaks in 2021, one BlendJet was sold every 3 seconds on, and there were over 100,000 searches on Google for BlendJet's branded keywords.

$4000 saved

per month

3.6% increase

in traffic quality

BlendJet’s Co-Founder and CEO Ryan Pamplin has many years of experience in Digital Marketing and has been aware of the problem of invalid clicks for a long time. Ryan explains: ‘If you have competition and you’re at a meaningful percentage of clicks overall, for sure, some of those clicks you don’t want. And they may be fraud, BOTs, competitors, or haters.’ 

Ryan points out that Google Ads are designed to look like organic search results, something which presents another source of invalid clicks. BlendJet has a large community of followers who regularly check into the website and search the database of recipes. 

‘We get existing customers who love our brand,’ says Ryan. ‘And they don’t realize that every time they click, they cost us money.’   

Whatever the source of illegitimate clicks, BlendJet wanted a platform that could identify and block users from seeing their ads. 

Ryan became aware of Lunio through the ProfitWell Stimulus Package during COVID-19 – BlendJet signed up for a free traffic audit and has never looked back.

How Lunio Has Helped BlendJet

BlendJet has had Lunio in place since April 2020, and the results have been significant. 

‘Just this last week,’ Ryan says, ‘the platform identified 1000 invalid clicks a day. And the summer holidays mean it’s not even a very busy time of year for us.’ This translates into 9% invalid or suspicious clicks being blocked each and every month.  

‘Lunio has blocked clicks from locations where we are not even actively advertising,’ says Ryan. 

Thousands of dollars are now being saved on ad spend. Even better, the company has seen a 3.6% improvement in traffic quality. Now BlendJet can reinvest those savings in campaigns optimized by clean traffic. 

Ryan thinks it’s clear that the real benefit of Lunio is its long-term impact on profitability and return on ad spend.

"There’s no downside with Lunio. It only takes minutes to implement, and you just set and forget. If you have a meaningful amount of search volume for your branded keywords, there’s zero chance that you won’t save enormous amounts of money with Lunio."

Ryan Pamplin - CEO & Co-Founder

BlendJet’s Success Story

‘We’re saving around $4000 per month on ad spend that otherwise would have gone down the drain,’ declares Ryan.

And while reducing ad spend is always a bonus, it’s the improvement in traffic quality that’s making a real difference to BlendJet. Ad campaigns are now shaped and optimized on clean data only.

For a Google-facing business that’s heavily reliant on PPC advertising, this means a huge increase in profitability.

Ryan sums it up nicely by saying: ‘The ROI with Lunio is many times over what the platform costs.’

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