Circus Gets The Most Out Of Their Paid Ads With Lunio

Established in 2009, Circus PPC is one of the UK’s leading PPC agencies. The company specializes in retail and e-commerce and also has clients in the financial, gaming, and B2B sectors. Circus works with several high-profile brands, including DotcomBlinds, and Nordic House.

£10,850 saved

in ad spend per month

10.2% increase

in traffic quality

Circus PPC’s diverse range of retail clients invest several thousand pounds in PPC advertising every month. With such large ad spend, invalid and fraudulent clicks significantly impact budgets and lead generation.

According to Circus PPC’s Commercial Director Ahmed Chopdat, there is a widespread belief that Google takes care of click fraud. ‘A lot of people take at face value Google’s claim to deal with suspicious and invalid clicks,’ he says. ‘Many of our clients think we don’t need to worry about it as Google will sort it out.’ However, Ahmed says that invalid and suspicious clicks are a major problem for online retailers in particular.

Circus was on the lookout for click fraud protection software. A client who was already using Lunio and making significant savings recommended our platform. ‘We could see Lunio was doing a great job for our client. And we have never really looked back,’ declares Ahmed.

How Lunio Helped Circus PPC

Circus has opted for a referral partnership with Lunio. ‘We’re not experts in the Lunio platform, we are experts in PPC’ explains Ahmed. ‘We will always know less than you guys when it comes to Lunio, so a referral partnership works best for our clients and us.’

According to Ahmed, a referral partnership makes it much easier for Circus PPC’s clients. ‘They have direct access to Lunio and can come to you with any issues or queries.’ Clients simply add Circus as users to the Lunio platform. This allows Circus to keep an eye on clients’ ad campaigns and input their expertise when necessary.

The referral process itself is easy, reports Ahmed. ‘We recommend Lunio to all our clients and refer them to the guest blog you contributed on our website for background information. If they’re interested, we make an introduction and handover to you. It’s that simple,’ he explains.

Many of Circus PPC’s clients signed up for a free traffic audit and were surprised by the amount of suspicious and invalid traffic. According to Ahmed, seeing the Lunio platform in action and the potential savings made the decision to go ahead easy for clients.

"We believe in Lunio and the difference it can make. And because we believe in the platform, we always recommend it to our clients. Lunio offers a really responsive service, and all our clients are very happy."

Ahmed Chopdat - Commercial Director

Circus PPC’s Success Story

Some of Circus’ clients have chosen to bank the money saved on their ad spend. Others have reinvested in their ad campaigns.

Either way, the results for Circus PPC’s clients have been significant. For one of their clients alone Lunio has identified 18% suspicious or invalid click activity per month, leading to monthly savings of £10,850.

Plus, Lunio has helped Circus improve its service to clients. Eliminating bad traffic means Circus uses clean data to optimize ad campaigns and generate higher conversion rates.

According to Ahmed, Lunio’s software is an easy win-win for Circus and its clients.

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