Mabo Safeguard Their Client's Campaigns With Lunio

Based in Middlesbrough, Mabo is an award-winning PPC management agency. One of only a handful of Google Premier Partners in the UK, Mabo specializes in helping e-commerce businesses. Mobo has a growing base of 350 clients across a broad range of industries.

6.1% increase

in traffic quality

£32,700 saved

in ad spend per month

According to Managing Director Lee Mableson, the team at Mabo had long been aware of invalid and suspicious clicks. However, they didn’t know the full extent of the problem. 

“Google gives you invalid click statistics, but we didn’t believe them entirely,” says Lee. “For example, we had accounts spending £50k, and we were getting £1.26 refunded for invalid click activity!

Mabo’s clients were spending anywhere between £1,500 and £250k plus per month. Across all client accounts, that meant significant amounts of ad spend were potentially being wasted each month on non-genuine sources.

Lee came across Lunio at a trade show. Although he researched a couple of other solutions on the market, Lee says Lunio’s offering was the most comprehensive.

How Lunio Helped Mabo

Lee signed up for Lunio’s free traffic audit and was immediately impressed with the results. 

“We were able to share the results with our clients, and they could see for themselves the difference,” he says.  

The Mabo team was also thrilled with Lunio’s responsive customer service. “It’s very easy to work with you guys,” Lee confirms. “The response time has been instant in most cases, so we’re not waiting around for answers to questions we need to pass on to our clients.” 

With Lunio in place, Lee says clients don’t have to worry that their ad spend is being wasted. “It’s very reassuring for them. Lunio is like an insurance policy,” he comments.

And for some of Mabo’s clients, the savings have been significant. Lunio has identified 11.6% of clicks invalid or suspicious per month.

“There’s a variation in fraud activity across different sectors, so often we bundle in Lunio as part of our general service because we know it will make a difference,” Lee says.

“Lunio is now a valued partner of ours. We see the platform as being a necessity for online advertising on Google. Ad fraud is rife throughout most industries, which makes having Lunio in place a no-brainer. It’s great to have the protection as part of our arsenal to improve results for clients.”

Lee Mableson - Managing Director

Mabo’s Success Story

Since installing Lunio, Mabo has seen an average of £32,700 saved in ad spend per month. Lee says that clients use the savings in ad spend to reinvest into other revenue-generating campaigns. 

Plus, Lunio has led to a 6.1% increase in traffic quality for Mabo’s clients. According to Lee, campaigns are now optimized on clean data, genuine traffic, and better-qualified leads.

“It means we can refine our clients’ spend so that they get the best from it. Lunio is a standalone tool that helps us achieve that more easily,” he concludes.  

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