Independent Airline Volotea Wins With Lunio

Google Ads is a massive part of Volotea’s online marketing strategy accounting for up to 80% of their overall ads budget. With such a significant investment, maximizing ad performance and optimizing campaigns are top priorities. Even more so given Volotea's super-competitive and challenging operating environment.

18% of clicks

invalid per month

£44,000 saved

in ad spend per month


Traffic Quality Index

One of the fastest-growing independent airlines in Europe, Volotea is based in the beautiful Spanish city of Barcelona. Volotea’s primary markets include France, Italy, Spain, and Greece. Since taking to the skies in 2012, Volotea has carried over 30 million passengers between 14 countries and 90 cities.  

Volotea’s Problem

Volotea’s Online Marketing Director Silvia Vallespinós was aware of the problem of invalid clicks because they’re a Google-facing business that relies heavily on PPC advertising.  However, while Silvia knew invalid and fraudulent clicks had an impact, she had no idea of the extent.

While researching click fraud detection software, the Lunio sales team reached out to her. It was perfect timing! Volotea signed up for a Free Traffic Audit and has never looked back.

According to Silvia, there was no point in looking at other options: Lunio was the solution Volotea needed.

How Lunio Helped Volotea

The results of the Free Traffic Audit were a wake-up call for Silvia and Volotea. Lunio categorized 18% of their clicks as invalid or suspicious, highlighting how much of the company's marketing budget was being wasted.

“A direct benefit of Lunio’s software is the money we’ve saved. And that has directly impacted our ROI and other key performance measures,” says Silvia.

Volotea has also seen improvements in the quality of their ad traffic; since implementing Lunio, Volotea has seen a 13.2% increase on the Traffic Quality Index. This is a measurement created by Lunio to demonstrate the uplift in traffic quality you can achieve with our software. 

“Clean data now drives our campaigns,” says Silvia. “We have definitely seen an improvement in traffic quality to our website. And we know for sure there's been a reduction in bots.”

Silvia was also impressed by how easy the Lunio platform is to set up and use. “We have Lunio on autopilot now,” she declares. “We check the data regularly, but otherwise, it just runs by itself.”

“Implementing Lunio was super easy. The onboarding from the team was great, and we saw the difference in the numbers straight away. Lunio is a no-brainer for Volotea!”

Silvia Vallespinós, Online Marketing Manager, Volotea

Volotea’s Success Story

Thanks to Lunio's automated software, Volotea saves on average £44,000 in ad spend per month. Increased revenue is, of course, always welcome. However, the improvement in their traffic quality has been even more significant.

Volotea is now investing these savings in campaigns optimized on valid clicks and genuine leads. And in the competitive and challenging airline industry, that's a major advantage. 

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