The Best Amazon PPC Tools & Software For Sponsored Ads 2021

February 5th, 2021

Known for its vast marketplace, Amazon is quickly becoming the go-to store when it comes to online shopping.

With 66% of users starting their search on Amazon, having your products listed on their marketplace is a surefire way to increase your exposure and sales.

But with competition on Amazon being as cutthroat as ever, using Amazon’s PPC ads to promote products is becoming more and more common.

Amazon might only have the third-largest PPC network, but with CPC’s being much lower than Google and Facebook, they’re a hidden gem for many businesses.

To help you save time and take your Amazon pay per click ads to the next level, we’re taking a look at some of the best Amazon PPC tools available.

No matter if you’re an Amazon seller, vendor, or agency looking to expand your digital marketing stack, these are the must-have Amazon PPC tools in 2021.

Best Amazon PPC Management Tools

Seller Labs

seller labs dashboard

Seller Labs Features

  • Pricing from $39 a month
  • Automated AI algorithms to boost PPC results
  • Stores up to two years of historical data for optimizations
  • Includes other keyword research and management tools

Seller Labs is an all in one Amazon management platform with a smart PPC algorithm that will help automate your ad campaigns. Their Ignite tool specifically helps users grow and optimize their PPC campaigns on autopilot to get the most out of their ad spend.

Aside from Amazon PPC management, Seller Labs also includes various other tools to help with the running of an FBA store. This includes their keyword research tool as well as their automated buyer-seller messaging tool, which is included as standard.

Seller Lab’s pricing is based on annual third party sales and starts from $39 a month when paid annually. Depending on how many sales you make per year will determine the pricing with higher plans going up to $399 a month.

If you’re looking for something more than just PPC optimization for your Amazon ads, then Seller Labs is a great tool for any store owner. With helpful tools covering the whole journey from keyword research to after-sales support, Seller Labs is a solid choice.

Ad Badger

ad badger amazon ppc

Ad Badger Features

  • Pricing from $87 per month
  • Sophisticated daily bid optimization
  • Daily automated negative keyword updates
  • Includes various training modules and an active community

Specifically designed to help reduce the cost of advertising on Amazon, Ad Badger is a powerful tool for anyone running PPC campaigns. Complete with various automated features, Ad Badger will automatically run several tasks to help reduce your advertising cost of sale (ACOS).

One of the best features of Ad Badger is its daily negative keyword updater that will automatically scan search terms every night to find unprofitable keywords based. Combine this with its automated bidding feature that applies new bids every day based on campaign data, and it’s clear why Ad Badger is a powerful tool.

Some users who use Adbadger have reported their ACOS reducing from 100% to 18% in 4 months of use. With every subscription, users also get access to their Amazon PPC training videos which has over 5 hours of actionable steps sellers can implement in their campaigns.

Pricing for AdBadger starts from $87 per month for less than $5k a month ad spend. Their higher plans for over $25k a month ad spend start from $450 per month.


perpetua ppc tool

Perpetua Features

  • Pricing from $50 per month
  • Advanced analytics and reporting tools
  • AI-powered algorithmic bidding
  • Keyword & ASIN automated harvesting

For many Amazon sellers and brands, having the latest digital marketing tech is essential for reducing costs and keeping campaigns profitable. With Perpetua, users get access to the latest in AI technology that will help them increase the profitability of their ads campaigns.

Suitable for brands, agencies and individual sellers, Perpetua lets users grow on autopilot thanks to its algorithmic bidding, targeting, and campaign automation features. Perpetua also comes with its own video ads generator which allows users to create their own branded ads in seconds and keep their campaigns optimized.

With large brands such as Crocs already using Perpetua to grow their Amazon profits and reduce the time spent managing campaigns, why aren’t you?

Pricing for Perpetua starts from $50 a month for users who spend less than $1k a month on monthly ad spend. Anything over $10k a month ad spend and pricing changes to a fixed fee plus a percentage.


downstream ppc dashboard

Downstream Features

  • Pricing from $359 per month
  • Advanced automation and machine learning
  • Detailed analytics for important KPI’s
  • Enterprise level management for agencies

If you want to stay one step ahead of the competition, then using an enterprise level platform like Downstream is a surefire way to manage your campaigns effectively.

Downstream optimizes your Amazon advertising campaigns to maximize performance and efficiency by using a range of AI and machine learning tools. One of the key features of Downstream is their sales maximization via goal-seeking, where their algorithms fine-tune campaigns and bids to meet defined KPI’s.

Other key features of the software include keyword harvesting, dayparting, shelf planning, custom reporting, and team roles for PPC teams with large teams.

Pricing for Downstream starts from $359 per month when paid annually, although they do have a free tier which allows users to learn more about the software. The free tier has very limited features compared to the paid plans but can give users a good idea of what the software is capable of.

If you’re a large agency or in-house team looking for an all in one solution to your Amazon reporting and optimization needs, then Downstream is certainly worth considering.



RevenueWize Features

  • Free version available
  • Ad spend & impressions analysis
  • PPC analytics data suite
  • Helps reduce ACoS

Many people often think Amazon PPC tools are expensive and only for agencies, but that’s definitely not the case. With RevenueWize, pretty much anyone can take advantage of their impressive features within having to spend a cent.

Suitable for both individual sellers and agencies, RevenueWize helps users get the most out of their budget with its smart optimization features. Including plenty of PPC analytics and AI features, any Amazon seller will have everything they need right at their fingertips.

Also including keyword tools to boost your advertising, you’ll never miss a relevant keyword or ASIN again!

For users interested in RevenueWize, they offer a completely free version with no trial period, meaning users can take advantage of the platform without risking anything. In addition to the free version they also offer a pro plan that starts from $89 a month and unlocks a range of new platform features.


sellics amazon ppc tool

Sellics Features

  • Pricing from $89 per month
  • Ad scheduling and dayparting
  • Autopilot AI with transparent reporting & changelogs
  • International support & strategy recommendations

Maintaining profitable ad campaigns on Amazon is all about on-going daily optimizations. But in order to make lots of optimizations, you either need lots of time or an automated platform like Sellics.

Sellics is an all in one Amazon management tool that is split into several platforms. Aside from their all in one management platform for sellers, they also offer their Amazon advertising tool separately.

One of the biggest features of their Amazon software tool is its transparency. Many other AI platforms offer black box solutions which can be hard to see what the software is changing (if anything at all!). But with Sellics, every change is entered into a changelog, so you see exactly what it’s changing.

Sellics starts from $89 per month on their starter plan, which covers up to $2.5k a month ad spend. Their other plans increase the monthly ad spend with their Premium plan covering over $10k a month in ad spend for $749.


sellozo dashboard

Sellozo Features

  • Pricing from $149 per month
  • Campaign ad scheduling and dayparting
  • Visual campaign keyword discovery tool
  • Extremely fast automated repricer

Sellozo has created a fully automated Amazon advertising platform that enables anyone to improve their conversion rate and brand awareness in just a matter of weeks. Powered by automated machine learning as you’d expect, all users have to do is select their campaigns and enable the optimizer.

One of the key features of Sellozo is its ability to visually customize any campaign keyword discovery strategy by dragging and dropping. This allows anyone to quickly set up complex campaign structures and keyword movement rules in record time.

Another incredibly useful feature is being able to schedule ads to only run during certain times of the day. This means budgets can be saved, and opportunities can be maximized during those busy periods.

If that wasn’t enough, then Sellozo also has one of the fastest automatic repricers which will keep you one step ahead of your competition.

For those interested in Sellozo, pricing starts from $149 for up to 10 items with their pricing for 1000 items increasing to $299 a month. Each plan also includes a one one one setup call with the team and a free training session.


sellerapp amazon tool

SellerApp Features

  • Pricing from $89 per month
  • Product research and trends tools
  • Automated negative keyword optimization
  • Deep keyword targeting insights

Ask any Amazon PPC manager, and they’ll tell you that the key to a successful campaign is managing keywords. SellerApp understands that most managers spend most of their day optimizing keywords across ad campaigns, so they built a very useful tool to help!

One of the main features of SellerApp is their negative keyword optimizer. By regularly identifying keywords that don’t bring in sales, the software can automatically blacklist them and decrease your overall ACOS.

At the same time, SellApp also doubles down on your campaign’s winning keywords to help increase visibility on keywords that are making you sales. Combine all of this with their enterprise level analytics and SellerApp is an excellent choice for any FBA seller.

Prices start from $89 per month when paid annually on their lowest pro lite plan which covers up to 50 different products. Prices increase to $149 a month if you want to track up to 100 products, but you also get access to their priority support and success coaches.

PPC Entourage

ppc entourage software

PPC Entourage Features

  • Pricing from $47 per month
  • Sales driven optimizations
  • Automatic sponsored brand ads creation
  • Harvest untapped keyword opportunities

Grow your profits on Amazon with this impressive Amazon tool from PPC Entourage. The software efficiently optimizes and expands your campaigns to increase profits, leaving you to focus on growing your business. Complete with reporting, optimization, campaign management and listing improvement modules, this tool combines plenty of features to deliver a truly automated system.

Get rid of spreadsheets and headaches with their easy to understand data of key metrics such as ACOS and conversion rate. Locate untapped search terms that customers are using to purchase products just like yours and add them to your campaign with a click of a button.

Aside from PPC management, PPC Entourage also has some useful tools to help with organic search rankings. The software includes a listing improvement module, which helps sellers track and find keywords to optimize their product listing pages.

Pricing for PPC entourage starts from $47 per month but is limited to 5 SKU’s for one country. Over 52 SKU’s and pricing increases to $247 with additional non-USA accounts costing an extra $29.99.


trendle amazon ppc software

Trendle Features

  • Pricing from $10 per month
  • Improve ACOS with automated campaign changes
  • Inventory forecasting
  • Detailed profitability reporting

Anyone who’s new to selling on Amazon, or just wants to test the waters with automated PPC tools, Trendle is an excellent choice to get started.

Featuring a range of different features, Trendle can supercharge your sponsored product campaigns using its automated analysis. This involves setting specific preferences and watching as it decreases your ACOS while increasing your market share.

In addition to its automated PPC management capabilities, Trendle also has great reporting data which includes inventory forecasting and profitability. This makes Trendle much more than just an Amazon PPC tool, with plenty of helpful features packed into the platform, you’ll never have to do anything manually again.

Pricing for Trendle starts from $10 a month for their newbie plan, which is only available to sellers with less than 1000 orders sold.

Once reaching 1000 complete orders, you’ll have to upgrade to their starter plan which includes up to $2.5k monthly ad spend at $50 per month. Anything other $2.5k monthly ad spend is covered under the pro plan, which is $100 per month.


bidx dashboard

BidX Features

  • Pricing from $74 per month
  • Fully automated Amazon advertising
  • Continuous bid adjustments
  • One-click campaign creation

With only so many hours in the day, automating as much work as possible is the key to being super productive. With BidX, you can automate various tedious tasks that will save you time and let you focus on the important stuff.

BidX’s one-click campaign creation feature is up to twelve times faster than creating a campaign with Amazon’s seller central. And to save even more time, campaign settings can be made for multiple products at the same time.

Once the campaigns have been created, good and bad performing keywords are recognized and have their bids automatically adjusted for maximum ROI.

Included with their seller plans are regular strategy phone calls and email support to discuss ad performance and how you can improve brand awareness.

Suitable for individual sellers, vendors and agencies, pricing for BidX is split into three categories for different users:

  • Sellers – from $74 per month
  • Vendors & agencies – from $449 per month
  • Managed services – from $2,500 per month

Hopefully, this list has given you a nice introduction to the many Amazon PPC tools out there. As a relatively new market, there is plenty of new software popping up all the time with some exciting features.

One thing’s for sure, if you manage pay per click ads on Amazon, then you’re definitely missing out if you’re not utilizing the power of automation. Not only does it save you a tremendous amount of time, but it can also usually do a better job than humans!

With tools to help you find search terms while optimizing your conversion rate, decision making has never been easier.

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