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The Best Paid Search Reporting Tools For Agencies

March 30th, 2021

When it comes to PPC management, every manager hates the dreaded end of the month. Time-consuming and frustrating, many PPC managers spend hours creating their own custom PPC performance report in Google Analytics and Data Studio only for them to break every month.

If only there was an easier way!

Thankfully, it turns out there are plenty of managers out there who also hate creating PPC reports. That’s why they decided to build their own automated reporting tools to speed up the process and get perfect results every time.

If you’re a PPC marketer who’s fed up of having to manually crawl through various PPC campaigns reports at the end of every month, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’re taking a look at the best PPC reporting platforms out there for both agencies and enterprise companies who are looking to make things more automated. Not only will these platforms save you from frustration and using built-in reports, but they’ll also offer a great ROI for all the time you save!

With so many favourites out there, here are some of our top PPC reporting tool picks.

The Best PPC Reporting Tools


swydo ppc reporting tool


  • Automated PPC report scheduling
  • Customized branding
  • 14 different languages available
  • Add custom relevant metrics to reports
  • Share reports via PDF or online dashboard

One of our favorite PPC reporting tools by far has to be Swydo. Very lightweight and built with PPC managers in mind, the software lets you combine various data sources such as Google Ad accounts, Facebook Insights and Bing Ads to create incredibly customized PPC reports for all of your clients.

With Swydo you can easily set and monitor key performance indicators and customize data points based on a client’s business and goals. These detailed reports can then be automatically scheduled to run every month, week or day to save time. All reports can then be shared as either a PDF file or sent a direct link to access them online.

Prices for Swydo start from $64 a month for 20 clients and users can save themselves 15% if they opt for an annual plan instead. With competitive pricing and the ability to have 20 clients on their lowest package, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better PPC reporting tool.

Reporting Ninja

reporting ninja


  • Standalone and combined PPC reports
  • White label options
  • Scheduled PPC automation reporting
  • Create detailed reports from scratch in minutes

Another great marketing reporting, this PPC software includes everything a paid search manager could ever ask for. A huge upgrade from Google’s Data Studio, it’s easy to use, full of templates, and enough integrations to please even the most demanding users.

Reporting Ninja currently has over 16 different integrations available and can make standalone client reports as well as combined ones. Every report can also be automatically scheduled to be run and emailed to clients, saving you precious time. Agencies can also provide customers with a white label client portal to access all of their reports on a custom branded subdomain.

With prices starting from $20 per month for 10 reports, this software is a good low-cost solution to end your reporting nightmares. Not only will it take care of your PPC analytics, but can also be used to tackle SEO and conversion reporting as well.

Report Garden

report garden


  • Combine valuable data with beautiful visualizations
  • Single-click report generation
  • White label PPC reporting tool
  • Plenty of pre-made templates

Generating client reports, setting up call tracking, monitoring budgets and new PPC campaigns all while trying to grow your agency can be very overwhelming. Luckily, Report Garden allows anyone to combine valuable PPC data with beautiful visualizations, offering a refreshing change to the data-heavy alternatives.

With a big focus on customized reporting and single-click reports, users can take advantage of Report Garden’s predefined templates to quickly and easily produce PPC reports clients will want to read. For the more demanding clients, Report Garden also has a range of interactive dashboards so clients can watch every click they’re getting in real-time!

Prices for Report Garden start from $250 a month for 10 clients and offer both unlimited reports and unlimited dashboards for clients. Similar to other software in this list, Report Garden also covers various social media marketing insights including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to show clients how they’re performing.


dashthis ppc reporting


  • Reports available as PDF reports or HTML
  • Connects with over 30 digital platforms
  • White label branding and custom report URLs
  • Extremely customizable marketing dashboard

Managing large paid search campaigns with a lot of data can be a real challenge for many agencies, especially when using multi channel data from various advertising platforms. To help make the end of month period less stressful for everyone, DashThis offers a range of powerful features to please every paid search marketer and customer.

With over 34 integrations available, PPC managers can use DashThis to cover all of their paid marketing reports from Google Ads to LinkedIn and Twitter Ads. A cool feature is that it allows you to even add your own custom data sources making the options virtually endless.

Pricing for DashThis starts at $33 a month for their individual plan which offers three dashboards and a generous discount if paid yearly upfront. With unlimited client accounts, data sources and users per account, its very easy to get a lot of value from this PPC reporting software.




  • Over 50 integrations
  • 200+ ready-made templates
  • Unlimited everything
  • Host white label reports on your host

Octoboard is a PPC marketing tool for agencies and large scale enterprise businesses that want to get the most from their PPC reports. Jam-packed full of features, Octoboard allows users to integrate over 50 different data sources into their reports and choose from over 200 predefined templates.

Their white label feature also allows agencies to add their own branding and host any dashboard or report from their own website. Included in their pricing is unlimited everything, which really means everything. Reports, dashboards and users are all unlimited it a solid choice for any digital marketing agency.

Pricing for Octoboard is split into two different structures for businesses and marketing agencies. The business plans start from $9 a month while marketing agency plans start from $30 a month. Users can also save 30% if paid annually upfront which can result in some serious savings.

Agency Analytics

agency analytics reporting tool


  • Over 50 data integrations
  • Automatically monitors KPI metrics
  • White label PPC reporting tool
  • Includes SEO reporting metrics

Agency Analytics is a featured packed reports platform that will help anyone get the most out of their PPC ads and digital marketing campaigns. With over 50 integrations available, the software connects to all types of platforms from social media to paid advertising.

With the ability to set up dashboards that show various PPC data such as ad spend from Google and Facebook ad campaigns, any PPC manager will quickly fall in love with its simplicity and ease of use.

An essential campaign performance tool for anyone who wants to get the most out of their PPC campaign or PPC advertising in general, the platform also includes an SEO tool making it a great all in one option for agencies.

Pricing for the service starts from $49 a month with discounts of 20% available for annual plans. The basic freelancer plan gives users 5 campaigns, 500 keywords to monitor and a limit of 10,000 site audit pages.


strategybox tool


  • Simple dashboards
  • Specific advertising channel metrics
  • Automated reporting
  • Hundreds of integrations

Understanding where your customers are coming from can be a big challenge for many marketers. With PPC, organic search, and social all feeding into your overall marketing strategy, segmenting which brings in the most conversions can be tricky. Not to mention with each platform having its own dashboard, cross-referencing reports is a huge task.

Thankfully, StrategyBox helps advertisers get the most out of their marketing campaigns by tracking customer’s journeys in one spot. With all the data in one dashboard, it makes it incredibly easy to see how platforms are performing against each other and which are the optimal channels.

With over 140 different integrations available including DoubleClick, TikTok, LinkedIn, and HubSpot, advertisers can have all their important data metrics in one place. Not only does this make seeing your overall marketing performance and KPIs easier, but it also saves hours on creating manual reports.

Prices for StrategyBox are bespoke to the client and can vary depending on what type of data and how much data they want to track.




  • Multi-channel data monitoring
  • Automated report delivery
  • White label reporting
  • Custom data integrations

Keeping track of multiple marketing metrics from different channels can be very time consuming. And in today’s marketing landscape, using multiple ad platforms is very common for any medium to large agency or business.

To help make the reporting process easier for businesses and clients, Whatagraph helps marketers consolidate all their essential metrics and KPIs into one simple to read dashboard.

Including a range of helpful features such as white labeling, automated report delivery, and custom data integrations, anyone can quickly set up an impressive dashboard thanks to their pre-built templates.

Pricing for Whatagraph starts from $119 a month for their professional plan, which is suitable for 1 user and allows up to 15 data sources. The more expensive plans allow users to white label their reports as well as access their API.

Bonus Resource: Agency Vista Hub

agency vista hub

Agency Vista has grown into the world’s largest marketing agency ecosystem (currently 44,692+ members) where businesses can discover verified marketing agencies, review trending agency tools, and connect with top agency experts. The Agency Vista Hub provides businesses with the top tools used by agencies to help marketers scale-up during new projects, campaigns, and seasonal demand with on-demand services from content creation to paid media, to analytics support.

With more repetitive tasks being automated, marketers have been looking towards business software review sites for guidance on which tool to buy. Unfortunately, these sites tend to focus on ranking their providers by reviews which are generally paid for by the tool to their top clients and lack objectivity. The Agency Vista Hub only lists software that marketing agencies have verified that they use allowing for more trust and transparency.

The Agency Vista Hub allows tools to get their product in front of their ideal target audience of marketing agencies looking to automate their daily tasks across multiple clients. Agency Vista also enables platforms to launch partnership programs for their marketing agency customers and award them with verifiable badges. When the agencies join this program they also join a growing ecosystem of 44,692 other agencies on Agency Vista. These agencies then get to build up their profile beyond just a partner badge.

As you can see, there is a whole range of PPC reporting software out there that can help agencies automatically produce their reports. Each platform has its own unique take on creating reports and their user interface, so it’s important you try as many tools as possible before you make a decision.

Hopefully, this list will give you enough suggestions to try and find the PPC reporting tool that’s best for you and your business.

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