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Market Smarter: The Performance Marketing Efficiency Playbook

Use this playbook to build, optimise, and scale highly-profitable campaigns across Search, Shopping, PMax, Display, Video, and Social.

The Secrets to Generating Qualified Leads with Paid Social with Hallam

Are your paid social channels performing as well as they could be? In this conversation we’ll break down some common paid social challenges and provide tips on how to boost authentic ad engagement, clean up your funnels, and drastically reduce your cost-per-acquisition for genuine leads.

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Driving Marketing Performance in a Privacy-Centric World

Join Rand Fishkin, Anu Adegbola, Nick Handley and Neil Andrew for an interactive webinar on the future of digital marketing in 2022!

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Mastering Audience Targeting: Eliminating Invalid Traffic

Find out how excluding invalid traffic from your programmatic channels increases the accuracy of your audience targeting and campaign performance.

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The State of PPC Report 2022

Get the latest insights into the world of PPC advertising from our 2022 global survey.

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Advertising in a Privacy First World 2022

Get the marketer’s guide to staying ahead of the competition in a privacy-first, cookieless world.

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Advertising Data Transparency Guide 2022

All about advertising data transparency in 2022. See what's missing from your marketing data.

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Rinse and Repeat: How Fraudulent Ad Traffic is Spinning Campaigns Out of Control

With many businesses increasing their online footprint, there’s been a boom in the ad fraud industry. After all, where the money goes, fraud will follow. Watch the webinar to find out more.

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Turning Advertising Insights into Action

Find out how to leverage advertising insights to improve ROAS and how insights from non-converting clicks are just as valuable as converting clicks.

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Empowering Data Driven Marketing with Click Fraud Prevention

Find out how to increase campaign performance through click fraud prevention and how to leverage clean data across all marketing channels.

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How Bots Destroy Your Marketing Budget (Netecea Webinar)

The impact bots have on marketing cause significant problems for your ad budgets, strategy, optimizations, and ROAS. Watch the webinar to find out more.

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The Next Generation of Click Fraud Prevention

An in-depth look at the future of click fraud prevention, blocking bad clicks across EVERY ad network and acquisition channel.

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102 Free Google Ads Scripts

Google Ads scripts can save you hours of time & stress doing repetitive tedious tasks. Discover the best Google Ads scripts to save you time here.

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