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Europcar Mobility Group is a French car rental company, operating in 140 countries across several continents.

824% return

on investment

14.4% increase

in traffic quality


Award-winning PPC management agency. One of only a handful of Google Premier Partners in the UK.

6.1% increase

in traffic quality

£32,700 saved

in ad spend per month


Norwegian startup Legevisitt specializes in providing digital health services.


invalid traffic

$410 saved

per month


LAGERBOX provides secure storage units to both consumers and businesses.

Over €1000 saved

in ad spend per month

2.4% increase

in traffic quality


A fast-growing independent airline based in the beautiful Spanish city of Barcelona.

£44,000 saved

in ad spend per month

18% clicks

invalid per month


Optimyzd provides digital services, including paid search, display, and paid social advertising.

£3,800 saved

in ad spend per month

1.8% increase

in traffic quality


Romania’s leading online stores for home decor & furniture.

£9,500 saved

in ad spend per month

19% increase

in traffic quality


Clickoo is a multilingual PPC agency in Manchester, UK, and Los Angeles, USA, that specializes in paid media.

8% clicks

shown to be illegitimate

£16k ad budget

saved in one quarter

Interface NRM

Interface NRM provides a range of certification services to clients from ISO 9001 to ISO 45001.

Over £340

saved per month

5.83% improvement

in traffic quality

Pure Energie

Pure Energie is a green energy supplier that provides wind and solar-generated electricity to domestic and commercial customers. 

Over 5% ad spend

saved per month

4.5% increase

in traffic quality


Marmalade is the UK's best-known insurance provider for young drivers, providing affordable insurance to 17-24-year-olds.

35.71% decrease

in invalid activity

Saved £2,018

in the first month


PixelRush is a digital agency based in Melbourne Australia, that specializes in paid media, SEO, and conversion rate optimization.

67% improvement

in click quality

11% of

ad budget saved

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